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Backup Your Blog for Peace of Mind

Don’t let a server crash or hacker destroy your hard work – backup your blog for security and peace of mind.

A month ago, I came across this post from a favorite blogging resource of mine whose blog was hacked, and all the content was lost. Fortunately, the author was smart enough to have backups, and was able to restore things quickly.

After reading that post, I downloaded the WordPress Database Backup plug-in and started having my database backup emailed to me daily, to two separate addresses, just in case. I also download all of my files (images, pages, etc.) via FireFTP.

This morning, my backups paid off in peace of mind. At 10:30, I tried to open my site, but nothing happened. After attempting to access my account through the hosting site’s FTP, and failing, I called support. That is one thing I love about GoDaddy – the company is local in Scottsdale, AZ, so when I call, I get fast service, as opposed to other services whose support is buried in layers of teleprompters in another country. Within about 20 minutes, they fixed their server issue and my site was back up and running again.

Although I did not have to use my backups, just the fact that I had them gave me the piece of mind that I would be able to get my site back up today if the whole thing was really gone. So thanks to Yan at Thou Shall Blog for his post on the importance of backups, and also including in the same post, a checklist of ways to restore a WordPress blog.

Don’t let a server crash or hacker destroy your hard work – backup your blog for security and peace of mind. Without having the backups and the list of what to do, I would have been in a much greater panic than I can even imagine.

By Kristi Hines

Kristi Hines is a freelance writer, professional blogger, and ghostwriter who specializes in business and marketing topics.

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I’ve developed a habit periodically downloading the xml file using the inbuilt export wizard. Then I store it all on Sky-Drive.
I think it’s also a bad idea to store all pictures and video on your server and instead use thirdparty services like Zooomr and imageshack.

My hosting provider is “A Small Orange” – I’ve been loving their service ever since I signed up with them two years ago.
If my blog does not load or throws a “Database Error” all I do is go to and check my server status.


Jaffers last blog post..Poverty’s vicious face – As mirrored in India

I’m so glad you’re backing up!! It is the most important thing to do. I use the same plugin, backup daily and have them emailed to me. Since I use gmail I also have the backup emails filtered to the trash. Since gmail keeps items in the trash for 30 days I always have a month of current backups but I don’t have them clogging up my inbox.

Kim Woodbridges last blog post..(Anti) Social-Lists 10/19/08

Hey Kristi

Again and again, I can’t stress further how important it is to backup your file daily. In any case, even if you don’t need to restore from it, it sure does give you piece of mind.

Well, being prepared is one thing, knowing how to restore it is equally important..

Good to see that everything is well here at kristiville and thanks for the shout.


Yan Shall Blogs last blog post..A – Z Blogging Guide for Beginners

Hello. I regularly back up my files, but not often enough. I use to do it like once every fifteen days and now I understand more and more the importance of regularly making backup of our files. This happened to a friend of mine and he had to start from scratch. Fortunately, he did not have a lot to “restore”, but if this happened to me, I will totally freak out.

Thanks for the reminder. Sometimes, we just do to many things and often forget about the basics.

ditescos last blog post..Feedburner Migration To Google

I am using that WordPress Backup plugin too to backup my wordpress database weekly.

One important step for blogging is always remember to backup your blog just in case for emergency.

Sorry for the delay in replies, but here goes…

@Jaffer: I have all my photographs hosted on Flickr. The images I keep on my server are just the icons and little pictures.

Your host sounds nice. GoDaddy treated me well when my site went down… it was back up quickly, thank goodness.

@Kim: Good idea with the Gmail trash. Less inbox disturbance and space usage!

@Yan: I backup my files anytime I make a change to them, and of course, the DB daily. I had your restore tips handy, during the 20 minutes I wasn’t sure if it would be coming back or not. That made me feel a bit better about the situation. πŸ™‚

@Haroun: Losing everything like that does make change a refreshing option. I’m glad it worked out, and that you came out better than before!

@ditesco: I never think about backup until there is a scare. Like one day my laptop didn’t boot, and I realized it had been months since I’d backed up all my stuff. Thankfully it turned on again, and I backed it up immediately!

@jesse: Very wise indeed.

@Dennis: My only fear with using the domain mail is if it went down with the site. That’s why I like keeping my backups forwarding to two emails, just in case.

@kuanhoong: I have to go with daily. I’d be crushed if I lost a week’s worth of posts, because with my luck, I’d run backups on Monday, post Tuesday through Saturday, and things would crash Sunday.

@Sandra: You’re welcome.

The CommentLuv plugin doesn’t work with everyone’s comments. I think the commentators have to sign up on CommentLuv’s website first. That’s what I had to do with mine at least.

@Vered: Exactly. Granted, I’d have my RSS copy of all articles, but I still would lose comments and other things that could never be replaced.

@Sire: I never thought you were the pervy type, but I do appreciate being the inspiration for your newest site plugin. I will have to try that one out too!

@irtiza: I was confident in having my RSS emails with my posts, but then I considered the fact that I would lose all the wonderful comments I have on here as well. That was why I went with the daily backups!

@Mitch: Hmm, that’s interesting. Are you using the same plugin? Mine only offered them as a zip of some sort, I think.

Thanks for the mention on your newest post too! I love the Great Smiles site.

@Madhur: The plugin definitely creates a extra sense of comfort, knowing that if I forgot to do it, it would remember.

@Dutch: Thanks for adding me. I love the subscription exchanges. Probably because I love reading new things!

How true, and important, backing up everything brings the peace of mind. One day it can be needed and it can be even tomorrow. I don’t only back up database, or edited files on my server, but also all daily changes on my pc at home. Loosing any chunk of work isn’t easy.

Convert tos last blog post..Energy units converter

You are right about backing up, it is really important, but a lot of people don’t learn that until it is too late. I didn’t know there was a plugin for wordpress. I usually just do it manually, so I will have to check it out.

@Dennis: What kind of issues are you having with Gmail? The only strange thing I have encountered is one email that I know with certainty I didn’t delete has vanished from my inbox. It wasn’t even in my trash, and I know it wasn’t too old to be automatically deleted permanently. Other than that one message, everything has worked smoothly.

@Convert to: Very true. Anything you have to go back and do again makes you lose valuable time that you could be doing something else.

@Mitch: That’s what I have. Maybe our WordPress versions are different, and that affects it as well.

@fahmi087: Today is the best day to start!

@Steve: Yes, the backup plugin makes it simple, and anything automated will be sure to keep you as up to date as possible.

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