How Bad Emailing Can Impact Your Business


Running email campaigns acts like a source to add new clients to the business. Emailing has always remained one important consideration when it is about growing your business in the evergreen online sphere. However, a number of service providers totally go wrong by indulging in bad emailing practices.

This impacts the business in a number of ways. Bad emailing includes all those practices that anyhow impact your email campaigning. Right from the spelling mistakes to not structuring the layout properly, all these practices lead to a bad business impression on the minds of your clients, which is, of course, an ultimate loss to the business.

Why is bad email a no for business?

Time travels fast in the ever increasing internet world and users have got a little time to keep pace with it. Since there is no time with users, they do not wish to waste whatever they have got in reading poorly written mails. It additionally hampers the brand image and it is an ultimate loss to the business only.

The sole aim of creating and sending emails to the clients is to generate leads for the business and if your client is just not willing to read the email, all your efforts go in vain. This is an ultimate loss to the business, which in no case can be taken for granted. It additionally harms the count of business prospects that are yet to take your services.

When used properly, email marketing campaigns can do wonder for your business. It is the best professional medium of getting your clients’ attention and making your brand image. Although you need to practice the skills really well in order to forward an outstanding experience to the readers. As much has been talked about the practice of sending bad emails, here is a demonstration of actual points.

How Bad Emailing Can Impact Your Business

1.Negative brand presence

Words have power either to make or break an impression. And, it matters the most when you need to showcase your brand presence in the market. In the case, you have not generated a well-structured nicely written email, there are fair chances of your email getting unnoticed by the clients. It is a well-known fact that your clients must be receiving a number of emails on a daily basis. And thus, your email need to be a bit different to get noticed by the clients. You need to select the words carefully and be very specific while writing for the brand.

2.Losing important clients

A badly written email not only hampers the brand image but also plays a vital role in losing important business clients. No user would like to come across an email that has been written badly. In the case they encounter any such email, users are sure to opt for the services. If clients opt out from the services, it is a complete loss of the business. Emails have been rewarded as the best communication medium but they can result adversely if not generated well. No business can afford the loss of the clients just because a badly written copy of the email. Hence, pay proper attention while generating email copies.

3.Increased business cost in order to retain the clients

Bad emailing practice not only has a negative impact on the potential clients but also affects the practice of retaining the clients. It is an additional cost that has incurred just because of faulty emailing practices. Loss of clients is directly related to the loss of business revenue and thus, it is worthy to create a campaign to retain the old clients by offering them some valuable gifts for free. This would ask for spending a considerable amount of money to regain the clients. It thus sums up for additional costing to the business.

4.Decreased business revenue

Creating new email campaigning for getting your clients’ interest back in the business needs to spend in the practices. It is an additional business cost, which may result in decreased business revenue if results are not in the favor. Thus, the impact of bad emailing goes beyond just making a bad brand presence and losing potential clients. It also decreases business revenue in case there is no robust result of the campaigning. The decrease in business revenue may further serve as a cause to the overall business loss. Hence, be specific while indulging in the emailing practices.

5.Decreased client engagement

Email marketing is all about communicating with the clients in order to convey them important business information. At times when service providers fail to generate an engaging email and pass on the business information to the users, it becomes a complete loss to the business. In the case your email is not able to deliver the required information to the clients, further your clients will not bother to reply upon the same. It is a clear sign of decreased client engagement in the email and ultimately in the business. Thus, a bad email goes way beyond hampering the image of a business.

Now that much has been discussed on the bad emailing and its effect on the business, now it is time to talk a bit about the ways that can help you retain the clients.

1. Paying attention to the details

While generating your emails, you need to be very particular about typos, grammatical errors, and other such elements that may hamper the professional look of your email. Thus, after drafting your message, keep an eye on the details and review the same prior to sending it to the users. It is very much important to send a well-written, properly reviewed copy of your emails to the clients. It is extremely important to impress your clients with your message as it will help in generating the much-needed lead for the business.

2.Adhering to renowned emailing practices

There are certain emailing practices that service providers need to adhere to when creating an email for brand reputation. Right from the correct details of the users to the email body, service providers need to adhere to the best emailing practices. Try to be as precise as you can with the messages. Provide all the required information to the clients talking to them directly. Email is a professional way of communication and thus, it needs to offer a similar impression on the minds of the readers.

3.Using brand name to offer insight of the business

While talking to the clients, it is important that you talk more and more about the brand so that clients can know more about the business. Of course, the emailing practice is a way to generate business leads; however, talking about your business will help to gain those leads in a quick span of time. You can be creative while doing the practice. Clients always love to know more and more about the business they are investing their time and money into. Hence, this opportunity can be taken as a chance to offer the insightful business information.

4.Being polite with the clients

Being a service provider, you need to be polite with the clients. Of course, email marketing practices are all about forwarding business information; however, remaining polite along with being professional will make a good impact on the clients. As it is known that emails are a way for you to get those business leads, remaining polite in the approach will help in getting clients’ attention towards the message. Words like “Thank You” will play an exceptional role in generating leads for the business.

Sending good emails is now much easier

As the technology matures, we have got a number of user-friendly tools and techniques to create exceptional emails. Right from the personalizing technique to creating a user-friendly email, several ways are there to accomplish the job with ease. Among these techniques, personalization matters the most as it will provide an outstanding experience to the users who are going through the email. By personalizing the experience for the users, your emails appeal greatly to the users and create a greater impact on them.

Personalization is not only limited to the names of the users only but also goes to personalize your business. Instead using the name of the company, a real name from the members of your marketing team can offer effective results of personalization.


This was all on the effect of bad emailing and the practices to avoid the same. It is all in the use of the technique that proves to be profitable for some and causes loss for others. At one hand, where emailing is a proven method of generating exceptional leads, indulging in the bad practices, on the other hand, can prove to be fatal for the business. Hence, do check your emails in order to make a good impression on the readers. A bad impression may result in a complete loss of clients, which is further a loss to the business. Thus, practice the ways that could help you gain important business leads.

Author bio:

The author Andrew Hudson is a skilled professional working at EmailChopper. He has researched and wrote extensively on successful email marketing tips. He also keeps the readers informed about the effectiveness of emailing through engaging posts.

By Andrew Hudson

The author Andrew Hudson is a skilled professional working at EmailChopper. He has researched and wrote extensively on successful email marketing tips. He also keeps the readers informed about the effectiveness of emailing through engaging posts.

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Hey Andrew,

Email marketing can be really helpful for a business if you do it the right way. But if you send any bad email then it would break everything.

The brand value of your company won’t be the same after that. You would lose many important clients.

You have listed some great points.

An Email campaign is another effective marketing tool for start ups and also sometimes for corporates. Email marketing considered as the catalyst for building new relations and expanding the business online.

So a good email holds the ability to develop a relationship whereas a bad email can destroy that relationship online. The above-discussed points on the impact of bad email marketing campaign on business is an eye-opener for the email marketers. Thanks a lot Andrew for sharing such an informative piece of content

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