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What Do the Best Bloggers Have in Common?

If you haven’t read about that many blog success stories, you may or may not know that it is in fact, the blogger’s attitude which plays a major role in the success of any given blog. As a blogger, your mindset defines your attitude.

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In any case, a blogger must always identify the end-goal before beginning a write-up.

  • Am I doing this out of passion?
  • Do I want money or fame?
  • What’s the purpose of my blog?
  • Am I really educating my audience with this?
  • Or I just need to make money by putting spammy ads and links and if the readers irritate, let them be.

All established bloggers like Kristi Hines, Ann Smarty, Ann Hadley, Jeff Bullas, Lee Odden and others have certain common traits that make them stand out. There is no “Secret” behind their success, they follow some things that most of the bloggers ignore.

Let’s discuss some of my observations and the things that what we can learn from their success stories.

They Follow Their Passion

Not every blogger aims to monetize their blog early; some do it fairly late in the process. Though, there is one thing you will find common in pretty much all of them – a raw passion for what they do, without any need for making money.  For this, they believe that there are hundreds of options available to make money online, let’s keep blogging aside.

They blog because simply put, they enjoy writing about subjects they are well-versed in and getting an entire community to revolve around that discussion. You will see many examples where people start writing out of sheer interest and don’t give a second thought to things like advertising or what SEO is. Someone you might call a “hobby blogger”.

They Know It’s a Game of Patience

It could take months. It could take years. In any case, patience really is needed as a key trait here since you never know how long it takes before actual traffic starts flooding your blog. The greatest bloggers out there have honed their mindsets to play this game of patience and keep the blog posting juices flowing until that happens.

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And this shouldn’t come as a surprise: believe it or not, they’re primarily doing it out of passion, rather than a raw motivation for making money.

It’s All about the Audience

The greatest bloggers never write for themselves. They rely on their passion to fuel the writing and their audiences are always the center of focus. Successful and adept bloggers are always thinking questions out aloud, questions like:

  • “Will my readers find this enjoyable?”
  • “How can this make my readers’ lives easier and more fun?”
  • “Will this trigger their buyer persona?”
  • “Will my insights help the reader to do something in a far better way?”
  • “Have I written enough? Will this help my readers or should I add more?”

They closely analyze the comments, emails and social response they receive after publishing posts and find out the learning stage of their audience. On the basis of this analysis, they make their future strategy to fulfill the need.  They get the clear idea that their audience has become matured and now they don’t need guides or tutorials to start on social media or the basics of SEO any more rather they will look for insightful researches, case studies, in-depth information, unique hacks and tweaks, latest trends that are actionable and can produce positive results.

They also consider the kind of posts their audience likes. On the basis of analysis, they come up with:

  • How-To post
  • List-based post
  • Slide share post
  • Video posts
  • Round-up post
  • Newsjacking posts

This is something that makes them standout from the crowd and helps them grow.

They are Experts in Their Subjects

Again, reiterating on the subject of passion: if you don’t have genuine passion for what you do, you can forget about topping the best bloggers list. You will do it, irrespective of the money, and display an unnerving willingness to dig deep in order to uncover as much detail as possible on your content.

This is why readers keep going back to a specific blog because of the unique insights which seem to quench their thirst for information every time. For example, say, you’re writing a blog on men’s fitness and wants to be like Kris Gethin. Put yourself in the reader’s shoes; what do they want to read, given the age we’re in and peoples’ demanding schedules? Go the extra mile and provide them with every bit of relevant information, right down to meal plan details and best time to work out, workout duration, detailed fitness plans, causes of injuries, remedies to heal injuries, best available supplements, or frequency etc.

They Always Practice What They Preach

All the pro bloggers do this: comprehensively test out guidelines, strategies, tips or tutorials before putting it up on their blog. They take it upon themselves to practice it at length, learn the ins and outs, before letting the world know.

If they weren’t already doing this, their readers wouldn’t take them seriously. Let’s go back to the men’s fitness blog example – if you hadn’t experienced all that before putting it down in words, you’re not only being unfair to your audience, but also doing little to build credibility. Bloggers like Kris Gethin, record the videos of 3 months training programs with everyday exercises, meal plans, number of reps, types of sets etc. Yes, it’s not possible to do this stuff but at least try to touch the standards these bloggers have set.

They Know Marketing

They know how to build themselves a “Brand” and all their efforts and strategies comes out from this context. They neither bother people on LinkedIn nor bombard them with anonymous Tweets and DMs to sound like a desperate spammer.

In fact, they focus on smaller details to make the bigger difference; whether it’s a use of simple and elegant blog theme, placements of email pop-ups, frequency and timings of sending creative newsletters or targeting the right person on social media, all things are planned from the marketing mindset that actually yield results.

They are Helpful

Every niche has its own bloggers community. Successful bloggers always look for expanding the community and prove to be helpful as much as they can. They encourage new bloggers, train them on weak areas, share their stuff, invite them to contribute on their blogs, respond to comments and answer every question that being asked to them.

Their helpful nature attracts new followers and people starts to seeing them as a humble and notable figure who likes to share good things from new faces of the industry.

Pro tip: Triberr is a great community for new bloggers to interact with the influencers and get the attention. Bloggers from almost every niche are active there and the members are growing tremendously.

They Give Importance to SEO

They are aware of the impact SEO can cause on their blogs so they always follow the legit and latest SEO standards to ensure that search engines will love to put them on top of every related query they want to rank for. From meta tags to link building and content optimization to technical SEO, they focus on every aspect and make sure their blogs are visible to crawlers and humans alike.

They also keep themselves updated from the latest search engine algorithmic updates and keep an eye on Search Console and analytics to spot any unusual behaviors to take urgent actions.

They Always Grab Opportunities

Contrary to perception, they always welcome new opportunities whether it’s about participating in twitter chats, G+ hangouts, podcasts, guest writing, interviews, experts round-up posts or speaking at local events. The hardly say “NO” to something but yes if the idea really sucks, they have to…

So don’t get harsh on them, if they said “No” to your invite. Take a step back and analyze what actually made them decline to your offer.  Check out which events they participated in and the ones they are showing their interests on social media.

They Follow Back

They have the habit to connect with new people. They don’t follow the cheap formula of “Follow me back” rather they interact with every second person who help them in a proper manner.

Pro tip: Twitter chats are the great way of connecting with them and grow your followers.

I’ve seen many examples of successful bloggers following people who help/answer their queries on social media. If they find the suggestions helpful, they certainly endorse and follow back even a person has handful of followers.

These are some observations of mine that I am seeing in every successful bloggers of every industry. If you want to be like them, I guess it’s a right time to start working on these things immediately.

Do let us know under the comments section who your favorite bloggers are and what things that you like them about. Let’s learn from their success traits and make the difference.

Good luck!

By Umar Khan

Umar oversees digital strategy at FAM Properties , a leading real estate agency in Dubai. He is a columnist for famous marketing publications and love working with people all over the world. Get in touch with him on Twitter.