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Best Free SEO Tip for 2016


           Sometimes the abundance of work to be done make me wanna weep silently surrounded by trees. But I do love my job, and in years, working with eCommerce businesses, dancing around the Pareto principle, and falling asleep in the middle of 15k+ list of keywords, I’ve devised some effective strategies organically boosting SEO. One of the best strategies I’d like to share with you is knotted around a keyword research and a competitors research. It has a massive impact on organic traffic. One of it’s biggest advantages is that it saves time tremendously. 


The Core Question

           But before we even start I’d like to say a few words about semantic core. We know that our site’s semantic core is much like our planetary one – center of attraction. It’s our central point of traffic. Expand it and you’ll increase the attraction. But if gravity is merciless force attracting anything within its reach, your site’s pull should be more selective. We all know that building our semantic core is labor-intensive task. You can’t just fill it with Google keywords tool. On top of that, the only way to succeed is to constantly expand it, and here comes the hateful time-consumer that is keyword research. 

          This step by step guide is about how you can select pages and keywords those pages contain that can be easily pushed to the top of organic search and gather you more targeted traffic.

          I’ll show you how you can use your competitors’ success to your ow advantage and how to easily identify your under-performing pages. 


  • Step #1. Identify Missing Keywords and Pages with Potential 

         Go to Serpstat and type your domain in search box. (As our example I’ll use                                                       Kikolani_serpstat

          The reason I’m using this tool is because it can analyze and compare URLs like they were domains. We’ll use URL analyzing abilities of this tool later, now it’s time for the next step. In “SEO Research” section of the tool click on “Tree View” option:                                                 Serpstat_2

           Now you have the full list of  site’s pages with keywords ranking in top-100 of search. The “Pos.” gauge shows the position of the keyword and its dynamic. Other metrics for keywords would be their level of competition, CPC, and Volume.

           But our focus here should be on the keywords’ positions which leads us to the next step. Sort pages by clicking on “Filters” on the top of result screen:


          Now filter out your results to show only the pages that are ranked for keywords with SERP’s position from 11th to 20th (a.k.a. Google’s second page):


           We’ll have our results:

            Now we have a list of pages with keywords that have great potential to be pushed on top of search.


            With our list of pages with keywords ranked 11 to 20 we shall use simple internal linking with those keywords as anchors. Some pages have a lot of keywords in 11-20 ranking bracket and can bring a lot of organic traffic. Just have a look at this page:


           In terms of organic SEO, this page has great potential to be on Google’s first page as it contains 16 highly potential keywords. 

           Now it’s time for some serious accretion. Run one of these pages (remember I told you about URL analysis) through the tool and in “URL Analysis” section click on “Missing Keywords“:


             The results you now have is a hidden treasure. Missing keywords enables you to identify all relevant keywords that similar pages from top-20 are ranked for but your page misses out. Use them to increase your semantic core.

                 Congrats! We’re halfway through. Unfortunately, we cannot disregard said Pareto principle: 20% of work give 80% of results and vice versa. So we’re actually just 20% through (sorry for sensationalism).  But now it’s just for technical work as our “smart” part is almost done! Naturally, to manage our internal linking (using our keywords in anchors) we’ll gonna need new content. That brings us down to the remaining 80% of the work.

  • Step #2 The Brainstorming

          Generate ideas to your content using auto-suggest tools.  I use AnswerThePublic because it’s has many databases and it’s not just about “what'” but also about “how”. While giving you suggestions from Google and Bing, it also has great visualization.

              Our first keyword from the sample page was “easy ecommerce platform” ranking 12.


              To maximize our suggestions we’ll run the body of this keyword – “ecommerce platform” – through Google US database and have you list either a) the fun way:


            or b) the common way:


           Either way we’ll have our list of searched keywords to start generating ideas for content. (I urge you to do it the fun way for you’ll have the opportunity to stretch your neck a bit).

With your ideas ready to hit the world you should start transforming it into great content. Naturally, you could set up a task to your copywriters or write it yourself or…


  • Step #3 The Blackhattery

          … or you could buy your content. I’m sure you know that there are places where you can buy quality SEO-friendly content. There are many platforms for this. Fiverr and UpWork are first that come to mind. Yet despite its notorious name, BlackHatWorld is my to-go service for that. Simply because it’s one of the most active forums where you can buy top notched copywriting services from pros.




          With our list of pages to boost and content ready we’re heading towards the finish. Our last piece of action is to set up internal linking with said keywords as anchor text and compare results.

Now you know how to boost traffic like a PRO.


By Ivan Filimonov

SEO/PPC specialist at Netpeak Group, marketing consultant for ecommerce.

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This is so great. I been using one that is not on your list but it has a fee, I just took the free trial though.
I should have seen this blog before so that I can explore more tricks to boost up the page rank of my page. Thanks for sharing a free and very useful tool.

Hello 39 Development Group,
Thanks for commenting here, to boost your rankings your link building strategies should be natural and unique, don’t spam on blogs.

~ Vijay

Yesterday i read somewhere about CTA in your blog posts can increase your rankings like a miracle. And yes it worked for me as i was on 3rd page of google for some keyword and then using that technique i came to 2nd page in just 3 hours. By the way all above tips are amazing too and thanks for sharing them.

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