Blogger Outreach ~ Make it tough for Influencers to ignore you!

You know as well as I do that blogging has grown into a real business and its success largely depends on the quality of your readers and the people you interact with. So if you connect with top bloggers and influencer, that’s sure to expand your reach big time.

One of the main issues we face as bloggers and online entrepreneurs is being able to connect with the right people and get them to stick around our blogs for a long time.

In other to help bloggers and online businessmen to find and connect with the right people, some smart entrepreneurs have come up with products to facilitate what is popularly known as blogger outreach. The unfortunate thing is most of these tools cost money.

However, hope is not lost. In this post, I want to propose a working method that will help you locate and connect with top bloggers in your industry.

The prerequisite – > be attractive

Every other thing will fail if you miss this point. The first thing you must do before trying to connect with someone is to be attractive.

That means you must have a blog that’s appealing and your content must be of some standards. Avoid free templates (though some are good) and be sure to use professional graphics.

First impression counts a lot

If a blogger drops on your blog for the first time and becomes uncomfortable, chances of having him around again are very slim.

There is never a second chance to make a first impression!


  • Get your own gravatar picture
  • Get a premium theme
  • Use professional images
  • Host with a reliable host
  • Use your real picture and identify yourself clearly.
  • Showcase your social media presence
  • Etc

In real life, if you want to create a relationship with someone, you must try as much as possible to look good before making any first move. This is because you are NEVER going to have a second chance to create that first impression.

So you can’t go trying to connect with people when you have characters in you that repel them. You must first of all kick out anything that can compromise any attempt to build a community of influencers.

Now, you think everything is fine – you have a professional blog and you’ve gotten some exciting content in place. Where do you find these top bloggers to connect with?

3 places to find bloggers to connect with!

This is where it becomes more interesting and I want to show you the steps to take. If you’ve never done this before, try it this week and come back to this post to share your experience.

Forget about anything that makes you spend money. This method is completely free and the results will be amazing –

1 –  Go to a very active blog in your niche

It begins here! You have to have 1 or 2 popular blogs in your niche. A list of many is not required at all. If you start with too many blogs, you end up being less productive.

Go to any blog post (on your favorite blog) that has many comments and try to pick someone to connect with.

Here are two things to look for:

  • Gravatar image (top bloggers usually don’t hide their faces)
  • Quality of comments (They often take time to make reasonable comments)

Once you are ok with these two points, click over to his/her blog and make sure the blogger is in your niche.

If the blogger in question is someone you’d like to connect with, get back to his/her comment on the other blog and leave a reasonable reply

You may want to drop another comment on the blog post, this time, not a reply. Make sure your comments contribute sense to the blog posts.

Now you have a blogger you want to connect with. You’ve replied to his comment on your favorite blog. The next thing now is to go to his blog and interact.

While on his blog, pick any of his latest posts. It’s very important you comment on a post that’s still fresh.

Drop a comment on his blog, pointing to how you came to his blog. It’s important you create that link between his blog and where you first met him. Don’t forget to drop a reasonable comment.

Next, share his article you just commented on social media. Make sure to tag and mention him while sharing.

Check to make sure you follow him on social media platforms where he is active. If you followed him on Twitter, tweet to him mentioning you are glad to connect. Do same on other social media platforms.

If he’s building a list, you may want to signup to his list.

By this time, you must have sent some interesting signals to him.

2 – Roundup posts

Apart from scouting the comment section of active blogs, more places to find top bloggers to hook up with are roundup posts. Most of them are contributing content on blogs here and there. You don’t just read those roundups like others. One of the things you should be looking for are bloggers to connect with.

Once you’ve found a blogger that’s attractive, check out his blog, drop a comment making mention of the round up post where you found him. Interact with him as I suggested above.

3 – Guest posts

Sometimes you read a guest article on a favorite blog and you like the content. Act smart and check out who really is the guest author. If he is someone you’d like to hook up with, start by doing the things I recommend above to draw his attention.

Now, these are some three places to find and locate top bloggers you may want to connect with in your niche.

There may be other places but we are going with these for now.

Once you’ve acted on your top blogger’s blog, it’s time to get even more serious by sending a friendly mail.

Send him a friendly mail

This is important step but it’s also where most bloggers fail.  The mail you send to any blogger for the first time should be short, clear to the point and attractive.

Note that most top bloggers are very busy with their businesses so your mails trying to connect with them may not be a priority.

Last week, I got a mail from someone trying to introduce himself to me and my reply to him was “Please summarize”  He sent a very long boring and poorly formatted mail and the only good thing I could do for him was just to ask for a summary.

I don’t think starting off with a long email is the best way to go. You need to be very creative to get someone to read those long mails.

What I propose you do in the mail is:

  • Proof that you are human not a bot. Introduce yourself clearly
  • Let the blogger know you already read something about him
  • Let him know you like his content
  • Don’t try to sell anything
  • Don’t brag – It should not be about you
  • Don’t try to attract pity
  • Personalize the subject of your mail – try to use some
    trigger in your subject that will show him you know him well.

Here is what happened when I first met Brent Jones. I found him on a round up post, checked his blog and said to myself, this is someone I’ll like to connect with. So I sent him this mail:

blogger outreach

Now, that’s the first ever mail I sent Brent. Before now, I had products for bloggers I was promoting but my intention was not to sell them to Brent. I wanted a blogging relationship.

Here is Brent’s response:

blogger outreach

Two things you notice from that reply from Brent

  1. Brent recognizes I was not there to try to sell something to him
  2. Secondly, he was already interested in making the relationship stronger by adding me to his round up post. Isn’t that awesome?

What was the result?

blogger outreach

I was on the list and a link back to my blog. You can see the post here

NB: Each time you take the first step to connect with someone, avoid trying to sell something. Don’t even try to impress him because if your trick fails, you end up being stupid.

It’s important to present yourself and show your interest in him and what he does. Let him know you want to learn from his knowledge and allow him discover your worth.

Making the relationship stronger!

Now, Brent and I are connected but that’s not enough. I have to make the relationship stronger by doing something to promote Brent. He’s a great guy with powerful content so what do I do to connect more with him? Here are a couple of things I do:

First, I wanted to know more about Brent. So I offered to feature him on my blog. This helped me with much more information about him and introduced him to my community. Check out his featured post here

Here are other things I do to keep going with Brent

  • First, I signed up to his blog so I keep getting notified each time he has an update
  • I will read, comment and share his content
  • Sometimes, I will reply to his newsletters

Don’t aim too high!

Most often, it is a fruitless effort to try to connect with those that are on top of the ladder. For better results, reach out to those that are just steps ahead of you. It’s most likely to get them to notice and give you part of their time.

Take action now

I hope you didn’t just read this post for some pleasure. Here are three things I recommend you do to put these tips to practice:

  1. At least, start by dropping a comment here to let me know what you think.
  2. Once you’ve commented, share the post on social media. Show it some luv
  3. Set out to connect with someone. You may want to start by looking at the comment section here below you’ll find some interesting bloggers to connect with.

Over to you…

By Enstine Muki

Enstine Muki is Affiliate Marketer, Blogger and Serial Entrepreneur. Author of Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers Ebook, BlogExpose, BroadedNet and MyCommentAuthors. Check out his blog here

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