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Split Testing Made Easy with the ConverThis WordPress Plugin

If you have a sales page on your website for products or services, chances are you want to do everything possible to ensure that it leads to more sales. And if you have a squeeze page to grow your mailing list, you want to do everything possible to ensure that it leads to more opt-ins. The questions is, how do you do this without having to dive too deeply into website development and expensive tools?

Split Testing

The answer: split testing. Split testing is simply putting two or more variates against each other to see which one performs the best. For example, you might want to test two sales pages, each with a different headline, to see which one leads to more sales. Or you might want to test two opt-in pages, each with a different video, to see which one leads to more opt-ins.

The benefit of split testing is, of course, an increase in conversions. And who wouldn’t want their sales page to convert more visitors into customers or their squeeze page to convert more visitors into subscribers.

Now if you’re like me, split testing sounds like a pretty complicated process that requires expensive tools and loads of analysis. But thanks to ConverThis, it no longer has to be expensive or time-consuming.

ConverThis is a WordPress plugin that makes A/B testing simple. How simple? Let’s find out.

Setting Up a Campaign

To get started, you will need to have at least two versions of the page you want to test with different variations of text, media, pricing, etc. The Lite Version of the plugin (one-time fee of $29.95) allows you to test up to three pages at a time, and the The Premium Version of the plugin (one-time fee of $49.95) allows you to test up to six pages at a time.

Once you have your pages and variations ready, you can start by setting up a New Campaign with ConverThis.


Next, you will select the pages you want to test, assigning them names, descriptions, colors (for Premium Version users), and traffic split percentage. For example, if you’re testing two pages, you’ll want to split the traffic 50/50 so that half the visitors will receive one page, and half will receive the other.


Once you have entered the pages you want to test, you will click the Publish button to complete the campaign.


Then you will grab the campaign URL. This is the URL you need to give visitors in order to start testing your two pages.


That’s it! Once you start receiving visitors using your campaign URL, you will start gathering data for your split test.

Analyzing the Results

To check your campaign’s progress, you will go to the All Campaigns portion of ConverThis.


Here, you’ll find a listing of all of your campaigns.


When you click on your campaign, you can scroll down past the campaign settings to see a graph of the results, along with the campaign statistics.


At this point, you should know whether you have a clear winner between your variations, or if the variations have an equal conversion rate. When you have a clear winner, you’ll know which one to keep as your final sales or squeeze page.

In Conclusion

ConverThis is a great plugin for WordPress that can help you do some simple split testing. It’s easy to set up and offers easy to understand results that can help you increase conversions on your sales and squeeze pages.

By Kristi Hines

Kristi Hines is a freelance writer, professional blogger, and ghostwriter who specializes in business and marketing topics.

6 replies on “Split Testing Made Easy with the ConverThis WordPress Plugin”

I heard first time about this WordPress plugin. Really like the features of it. I don’t have a sales page on my site till now. But very soon I’ll add one. Thanks for the share Kristi.

Hi Kristi

Being an affiliate marketer i understand the importance of such plugin. I run a web hosting blog to promote some top hosting providers and to convert my visitors to customers i use sales pages. Hope this plugin will help me judge which page is working better and which page is not working for me.

Tauseef Alam

How do you feel about ConverThis vs. Google Content Experiments? I think this looks incredibly easy to set up but if you need to use a specific campaign URL to send traffic to you wouldn’t be able to do split testing from organic Google searches or referred users, and those are huge traffic sources for a lot of sites :/

Personally, I am a big fan of split testing. Many people use it to boost their sales, and numbers. But I always take it as an option to deeply understand your audience, and get to know what they are looking for at your website.

It allows me to quickly understand the nature of projected audience. Thanks for sharing this valuable plugin.

Hey Kristi

A very well written Review with full explanation. It almost covered each and every topic which is required by this plugin. I really loved reading your post. Although I am not going to use this plugin, but still it looks great after reading your review.

Have a Nice Weekend ahead.

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