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The secret to creating magnetic, high-traffic blog content

It’s not easy to write a viral post on a blog. And competitors are continually complicating this task with their efforts to promote content and advertise their brand – drowning your content out. You can still become a leader if you avoid copying others and use your creativity.

In this article, I’ll share the secret to how you can easily create magnetic, high-traffic content on your blog. Follow these steps and become a blogging superstar!

1. Observe existing blog traffic

Explore the preferences of your blog visitors: count “likes” and shares, read comments on your posts. This information will help you understand which topics on your blog are the most popular among readers.

To save time and get more exact data (as not every reader “likes” or comments on the article he or she liked), you can use Google Analytics. This service will provide you information about traffic and conversion, ad performance, behavioral factors, online site analytics and other factors.

One more source where you can get information about the popularity of the topics is SEO tools, such as Serpstat. All you need to do is enter your site domain in the search box and go to Domain Analysis > SEO Research > Top Pages.

There you’ll find pages in hierarchical order: those that drive the highest traffic are at the top. Look through them and choose one of the popular topics for your future article. Don’t pay attention to the main page of the site; it’s almost always in top.

2. Develop targeted blog content.

You have chosen a popular topic for your post; it’s a good beginning. Now you should develop the text. I feel like this is both the hardest part of creating viral content and the most important.  

Your text should be creative, engaging and easy to understand. Your goal is to use simple words to explain complex concepts in a useful way. Don’t write articles on general topics; there are plenty of them on the Internet. Give some real benefits to your readers.

You can find what people are interested in with the help of SEO tools. Enter the chosen topic in Serpstat search box and go to Keyword Research > Content Marketing > Search Questions.

The service will give you the list of questions on your topic which people search on Google the most often. Take one of them and provide a full and detailed answer. My experience has been that this process guides bloggers on a path to creating high-traffic content.

If we look at the structure of your blog post, I’ve analyzed a lot of blogs and came up with a few styles to help you create killer content. They are:

  • in-depth-articles (useful, detailed);
  • media content (images, videos, music);
  • hot news, facts;
  • lists;
  • interviews, aphorisms, experts’ opinions;
  • life stories;
  • texts where the writer gives some bonuses to the readers.

Don’t forget about the lead paragraph. It should be short but contain the most critical issues from the article. This part of the post should catch your readers.

Texts should be well written not only for people, but also for search engines. Your position in SERP depends on their “choice”.

To hit the TOP and get high traffic, you should include keywords in your texts. Use those that are of high volume to get some profit from them. You can find such keywords at Google AdWords, entering the main keyword of the article in its search box, or use different SEO tools, such as Serpstat, SEMRush, Ahrefs.








Pay close attention to the competition level while choosing appropriate keywords.

3. Analyze your content in the weeks following publication.

It’s not enough to write several posts according to my recommendations and wait for huge traffic and profit. To be successful, you should always analyze your texts, ideas, the whole work.

Observe the reaction of your subscribers to every new post and make conclusions. If you have a little free time to monitor it, you can use Buzzsumo. Enter your site domain in its search box and discover which of your articles are shared on social networks the most.

Hopefully you’ll see your content going viral in the results table. If not, learn which topics are at the top here and try one more time.

In conclusion…

Creating viral content is a painstaking and cumbersome process. None the less, it can bring you significant profits as you increase your organic traffic, backlinks volume, brand awareness, site’s ranking, readers confidence in you, and so on.

Choose the right, popular topic, develop a high-quality text and regularly analyze your work to succeed in creating magnetic, high-traffic blog content. I suggest using different SEO tools to save time and get more actionable insights.

Good luck and happy blogging!

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Hi Inna, well written article with nice conclusion. Good content is definitely a main source but having catchy domain and sub-domains might help too.

Hi Inna, an article with quality content helps in easy understanding. I appreciate your work and your articles are really helpful for me. I got great knowledge from this article.

It is easy to forget much of what you have included in this article – its all common sense I know but we all maybe tend to forget the important things that we learned and maybe try to be to clever or advanced. Keeping content interesting and targeted and engaging to your visitors. Enjoyed reading this and as always well written and presented.

Hi Inna,

Thanks for sharing such great Article. You really shared such a useful Information with us which helped me a lot and I have bookmarked your page so that i can get to learn new things each time you share any great Information to us.
Keep up the Good Work!!

Atul Garg.

Over the years I have observed that people have stopped reading long articles. These days many people will read stuff that is on Facebook but will not visit a blog.

Short, to the point content works better these days and do you know what works even better? Videos, yes, people watch a lot of videos and my of my friends have confessed to mindlessly ending up watching informative videos on Facebook.

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