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Dreaming of Birds

Details on two recent dreams about birds.


Recently, I have had two very memorable dreams about birds. The first dream, a few weeks ago, I had this bird in my hand that I thought was dead. But then, it came to life again. Just as I was feeling the joy that my little bird was alive, it fell out of my hand into a storm drain in a parking lot. I was left feeling sad because I did not know if the bird would have survived the fall, and if it did, could it get out. If not, I knew it would starve to death and die in the drain.

The next dream, a few days ago, was about this bird that flew into my vehicle while I was driving. I left the window open, hoping it would fly out again, and it did a few times, but then flew back in. When I held my hand out to it, it would hop onto the back of my hand and just sit there. So I took it inside my house, and fed it. It ate seeds right off of my skin. I left it for a little while, I think to get something out of my car, and came running back home because I felt it was in danger. I found it sitting on the ironing board, and held my hand out. It jumped onto the back of my hand again, and I took it outside, cupping my other hand around it to protect it from bees that I thought were nearby.

The second dream affected me the most. I woke up and spent the entire day really missing this little bird.

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I love having dreams like that. They’re so real and personal. It’s one of those dreams you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

Thanks for sharing it, I thought it was beautiful. Makes me hope to remember my own! lol

I think dreaming about birds is supposed to represent freedom I’m not so sure about dropping a bird down a storm drain though. Its interesting that you have had 2 separate dreams about birds and both of them that you are trying to protect. I don’t tend to remember very many of my dreams if I do have any. I have had in the past the same dream continued for 2 night consecutive nights which was very weird but good (it was a nice dream).

That’s really interesting – I was reading Dickinson today and a ton of the poems are about birds and her speaker relating to them one way or another.

Your discussion actually brings to mind the poem “If I could stop one heart from breaking,” which I was rereading today. The speaker says she’d be thrilled if she could help “one fainting robin unto his rest again.”

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Thanks to several dream journals and a few good college psychology teachers, I have done my fair share of “dream interpretation” in the past. The symbolism of the bird is very important, but what is more important are the emotions these two dreams spurred. If you really want to get technical, you need to get a good notebook (college style composition book works great in this capacity) and keep it at the bedside and then as soon as you wake up, you write down EVERYTHING you can remember. Sometimes you will find that the more you write, the more details you can remember about the dream. The details are very important such as the colors, smells, shapes, emotions or things that were out of place or other-worldly.

Birds represent freedom of the spirit, but are also a reminder of just how quickly things fly in and out of our lives. It can also be said it is a reminder to enjoy the time you have with this little bird, because all things come and go with time. Flight or the ability to fly is positive and uplifting. Your bird falling into a drain and not knowing what happened to it brings up the age old fear of not knowing what tomorrow brings – it is a dream that is tempting you to answer questions that you may or may not have the answers to at this time.

Drains go down and absorb much of the intake from the world around it. They have a beginning and an end and could represtn life or worse, oblivion – depending on the feelings that were spurred when the bird fell down the drain…

In time, you will come to master your dreams and manipulate them to your liking. It’s interesting to get to play inside your own head for awhile but also very empowering to the point that your confidence in yourself and your abilities really begins to take hold of you. Believe it or not, your dreams are a part of your unconscious mind that really can be controlled. Once you get the hang of it…

What is more important, never give up on your dreams because they will never give up on you! Good luck and keep looking up!

With Love,
Uncle Pete

Hi Kristi, I don’t know how accurate this is but I found a dream interpretation site that may be able to help you with giving an interpretation. Perhaps you can relate to some of it’s interpretations. I don’t know how accurate these sites are as I’ve come across several others and they tend to disagree on certain things. I don’t use them personally but I thought that it may be interesting.

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@Wayne: Even now, almost two weeks later, I still remember these dreams in nearly the same detail. And I have a greater appreciation of birds.

@Gennaro: I’ve read about that, but I can’t really put my finger on what I felt the freedom from at the time I had the dream. Some kind of subconscious release maybe?

@Khaled: I’ve had recurring series of dreams of the past several years. The themes are the same: same location, same goal or outcome, same people. They come and go, but each time I have the dream, it’s like I know better how to get out of the situation involved from previous “experience” in the past.

@Ashok: That poem reminds me of maybe the source of the first dream. Outside of a grocery store I shop at, there was this brightly colored little bird lying on the ground. It had apparently flown into the glass. I felt very sad about it.

@Uncle Pete: I like the part about enjoying things as they last, and not knowing about tomorrow. That has been a subject on my mind recently. I should get back to recording my dreams… I’m sure there is something they are trying to tell me subconsciously.

@Sire: Thanks, I’ll definitely check that out.

@Kim: I have good dream phases, where every night I dream something that I remember the next day. Then I’ll go a week or two without remembering any dreams at all. I think I feel more well rested when I have dreamt than when not.

Why don’t I have such types of dreams in which I’m driving a car or something? Seems though you’re in s good state of mind, your dreams are something I’ll really envy…lol

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