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Top 10 Ebooks for Beginner and Intermediate Online Marketers: Neil Patel, Moz, Rebecca Churt & More

We’ve looked through 50+ related online e-books and created this top 10 selection just for you. You will find all sorts of SEO e-books made by top notch companies like Neil Patel, Searchmetrics, HubSpot, Hobo and successful entrepreneurs like Neil Patel. These e-books are a great opportunity for beginner and intermediate marketers to spike up their knowledge of Search Engine Optimization.

We are starting off with the number 10 on our list!

10. 11 Marketing Lessons from Neil Patel – by Rebecca Churt

neil patel

Neil Patel is one of the best-known marketers out there, so this collection of his tips is a great read.

If you have already gotten your hands dirty in the world of content marketing, read this book to grow your knowledge and hone your abilities. Learn the seven practical tactics for generating an infinite number of clickable ideas for your marketing strategy, how to plan your content for maximum productivity, how to write engaging content like a pro, including 12 content writing secrets of professional writers, overcome common content marketing roadblocks, and much, much more!

If you need more info, read this Neil Patel review by

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9. Beginners Guide To SEO – by Hobo

Number 9.1                                             

Get to know you way around SEO with a quick and easy introductory course. Learn the SEO basics such as keyword research, the best practices for page title tags and meta keywords, how many keywords to use, and keyword density. Read on to find out which is better, absolute or relative URL’s, the advantages and disadvantages of subfolders and files, PHP, HTML, and ASP. Finally, learn to avoid some crucial mistakes, such as unnatural links and link schemes.

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8. Introduction To Search Engine Optimization – by HubSpot

Number 8.1           

Get a quick introduction to SEO, and then take a dive into learning about on page SEO, including your website content and URL structure, pictures, titles tags, meta tags, and internal linking. Choose the best long tail keywords to drive traffic to your website using web analytics and keyword research tools. Measure your success by monitoring your traffic, ROI, and inbound links, and getting started building the ultimate campaign for your website!

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7. Mobile Ranking Factors – by Searchmetrics

 Number 7.1                               

Get ready to learn all about how Google is treating the rise in mobile search traffic, and how it will affect your SEO efforts. Learn about top Google mobile ranking factors like mobile friendliness, the effect of mobile friendliness in top 100 visibility, the effects of the mobile update. You will discuss the importance of content ranking factors, social signals, building backlinks and backlink age, and many technical variables such as file size and loading times.

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6. Using Inbound Marketing To Generate Leads And Sales – by Tone

Number 6.1                         

Follow the steps in this guide to optimize your inbound marketing strategy. You will begin by learning the types of content used for content marketing to generate leads, including blogging, ebooks, videos, and podcasts. Next you will talk about how to attract traffic to your website, convert that traffic into leads, convert those leads into sales, turn those sales into repeat buyers, and finally, you will analyze the entire cycle so that you may continue to improve the process!

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5. Moz Beginners Guide To SEO – by Moz

Number 5.1

This awesome Moz Guide gives the reader insights in the ins and outs of Search Engine Optimization. You will learn about Keyword research, Search Engine tools and services and Measuring & Tracking success. Also How usability, user experience & content affect search engine rankings and a variety of Search Engine Tools. So this is the ideal E-book for beginners and experienced marketers as well.

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4. SEO Myths 2015 – by Rebecca Churt

Number 4.1                 

In this book you will learn to avoid some of the common myths of the SEO world. Learn why you do not need to submit your site to Google, my more and better content is better than more inbound links, why SEO is not all about ranking, the impact of meta descriptions on search rankings, why SEO is not just a job for an IT department, the actual importance of the H1 tag, how much content is too much when your homepage is concerned, and much more!

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3. The Past, Present And Future Of SEO – by Hubspot

Number 3.1

Take a look at how SEO is changing by getting examples of how we used to think about SEO, and the 4 problems with old SEO, and some things we can learn from the past. Next, take a look at modern SEO, and a brief explanation of the things you need to succeed in the modern SEO world, including 10 tips to rock at SEO today. Finally, get an idea of where SEO is headed in the future, and keep that in mind so that you may be successful both now and in days to come!

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2. The SEO Survival Guide – by Weidert Group

 Number 2.1     

Use this handy guide to ensure you get the best results for your business with AdWords advertising campaigns. Get the basics right by understanding how to structure your account, how to choose the right keywords, and how to write attention grabbing ads. Expand your reach by targeting customers browsing on sites other than Google search. Finally, measure and understand your success in order to get the best possible results for your small business!

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1. Search Ranking Factors And Rank Correlations – by Searchmetrics

Number 1.1

Searchmetrics made an outstanding E-book of their study to Search Ranking Factors And Rank Correlations. This rank #1 E-book of our choice focuses on the following categories: technical, user experience, content, backlinks and social signals. The study also offers answers to the following interesting questions: “Which ranking factors are the most important in 2015? How have these factors developed compared with previous years? And what values for the individual factors can provide useful insights? What are the benchmarks for top 10 search results?

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