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Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & Royal Wedding

This post is part of a weekly series, Fetching Friday, featuring the best posts of the week in blogging, making money online, SEO, and social media on

The Resources Mashup

Here are some of the best articles I have stumbled upon, retweeted on @kikolani, and read in RSS subscriptions this week.

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This post is part of a weekly series, Fetching Friday, featuring the best posts of the week in blogging, making money online, SEO, and social media on

The Resources Mashup

Here are some of the best articles I have stumbled upon, retweeted on @kikolani, and read in RSS subscriptions this week.

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Royal Wedding 2.0

Whether you have royal wedding fever and have gotten up in the wee hours to watch the cermony or you could care less, one thing you have to give props to is the way they have used social media to give everyone a piece of the experience.

If you’re looking to use social media to promote an event, take a look at some of the ways social media has played a part in the royal wedding of 2011.

  • First of all, there is the royal wedding blog that has been giving updates about everything to do with the royal nuptials.
  • Next, you can share your excitement with fans of the British Monarchy on the official Royal Wedding event page.
  • Want to watch? You can catch the the live broadcast rebroadcast and highlights of the cermony on the royal Youtube channel.
  • Follow the currently promoted #RoyalWedding hashtag for the latest conversation on Twitter.
  • Want to know what’s going to happen? Download the 27 page official wedding program from the Prince of Wales government site.
  • Ready to see some photos? Head over to the British Monarchy Flickr account to see the latest and best snapshots.

And lastly, it’s not just the royals that are providing us with lots of lovely information. There has been a surge in content about the event, including some great royal wedding infographics created about royal weddings of the past, the cost, and other factoids of interest.

Royal Wedding 2011 William & Kate

At the time of writing this, I haven’t decided whether I’ll get up at 3am to watch this live or just go for a replay later in the day. Will you be watching?

Update: Here is the full broadcast via YouTube!

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By Kristi Hines

Kristi Hines is a freelance writer, professional blogger, and ghostwriter who specializes in business and marketing topics.

43 replies on “Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & Royal Wedding”

I guess I’ll be watching it live since I can’t stop staring at the TV while working – I’m seeing a lot of updates on every channel here and most will have a live telecast of it this afternoon (here in PH).

By the way, thanks for including my guest post on Oni’s blog on your list ๐Ÿ™‚ I see some very interesting titles up there that I haven’t checked this week, I’ll probably enjoy this weekend reading.


@Kristi: you work on weekends? Wow, you are a machine!

@Oni: It’s an honor ๐Ÿ™‚ I was also surprised that it was published right away. I thought that it would take weeks before it gets published, as I have noticed that there were a lot who were sending guest posts over your blog.

Amazing post as usual. Always looking forward to this.
Read some of them and commented on some like you did. Cheers thanks for sharing. Must be tough to pick what is great from so many blog post out there. ๐Ÿ™‚

Hey Kristi, thanks so much for including me in the list ๐Ÿ™‚ I really appreciate it. I clicked 5 posts that seemed the most interesting on the first read here, and I gotta say they were great. Are great. Not that I doubted your choice… You always make such great round ups!

As far as the royal wedding goes, I really didn’t care that much, but there is such hype that even I decided to watch it. Yes, live, it is almost 3 AM here and I believe it is about to start.

So although I would love to stay and chat I am dumping all blogging for a few hours of royal wedding dress and almost 53 mil pounds ๐Ÿ™‚

You’re welcome Brankica! I’m just catching the replay on the side of my screen. Nice to see all of the people celebrating their big day on the streets!

This is a really great mashup and I’m particularly interested in the posts in your SEO section. I have been developing interest in SEO recently due to how power it is and I’ll be giving them a read.

Also, thanks so much for including a link to YoungPrePro, I really appreciate it.


Great time to be getting into SEO Onibalusi – it’s becoming more quality, less quantity oriented. Guest posting is a big trend to, and I think you’ve covered the market on that quite well!

Hey Kristi,

Nice collection of great articles as usual. Thanks for sharing your choices.

We’re so excited here in Britain and will be celebrating all day long. I’m off to watch the wedding as soon as I finish here. I won’t be working today ๐Ÿ™‚

Have a great weekend!

All the best,

hey Kristi. Great list of blogs as always. Gotta say, maybe its a guy thing, but I have largely ignored all the wedding hype myself. Girls get all goo-goo over weddings, but for me, its just not that big a deal.

Hey Kristi, thanks so much for the shout out – I’m honored to be in such good company.

Here’s what I really love about these round-ups: you think you know what’s out there on the web, the who’s who, and then you discover these amazing posts and blogs that you’d never heard of. I love it!

Thanks Kristy. I found a few good resources here.

And that wedding, that’s like almost a million percent more expensive. But, they are the royals.

Thanks for including my post on the impact of watching TV.

Speaking of (not) watching TV, I’m giving the whole royal wedding a miss, just like James Pruitt above. I do wish the happy couple all the best.

You’re welcome John! I’m not watching it on TV – just the replay is open on the side of my screen while I work. Kind of adds a little excitement to the day, listening to how happy the crowds are. ๐Ÿ™‚

Hi Kristi – Thanks for the highlights video! Also, I saw the infographic on Sandy Sidhu’s blog, too. I can’t make out the actual costs for some of the things; the image is too small. Argh! I am obviously way too interested in this stuff!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Wow Kristi hot like FIYAH this week, I pulled six new blogs to connect with (hopefully). I haven’t pulled that many in one week in a while, thank you ๐Ÿ™‚ Now, in regards to the Royal Wedding, I have zero interest in it haha. I couldn’t wait for the news coverage to end so that the regular news would be back to normal. haha.

Glad I got you some good variety this week. I’ve been working on expanding my reading to expand the scope of sites on the mashups. ๐Ÿ™‚

And all I have to say about the royal wedding is trending topics – it never hurts to jump on one!

I saved a whole wack to instapaper and read over a few right away. None of those were related to the royal wedding either. I’m behind from the other week as I just got back from Cancun, Mexico and ready to soak up this info instead of sun.

Very interesting about the google clickthrough stats.

Thanks as usual – can’t wait to catch up on your photos too!


Well now the wedding is done and over. I am sure we will hear about it for a few days yet. For those that got up in the middle of the night to see it must be die hard fans. With all the internet and news coverage these days I sure wouldn’t stay up all night.

Great list Kristi in regards to the Royal Wedding i live here in london so there was no getting away from it the cost wow however one lady said that she hope that they have a child next year and make the birth a public holiday Thanks for the post it is great going through them

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