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Google PageRank Update – Internal Pages and Top Content Analysis

After each Google PageRank update, bloggers find themselves pondering the value of PageRank in relationship to their blog, and what really made the difference between whether their site got its first PageRank, a huge jump, a deserved increase, an undeserved decrease, or the infamous no information available rank.

While most are concerned about their main site in comparison to others, I found myself curious about the internal PageRank of posts on my site, since my root domain PageRank has remained steady for the last several updates. So I decided to do a little analysis of top content using pageviews, comments, tweets, and other factors in comparison to the PageRank of those posts. Here is a sampling of that analysis, including my own posts from this site, guest author posts on Kikolani, and a post I did for my company website (since I have access to their analytics).

After each Google PageRank update, bloggers find themselves pondering the value of PageRank in relationship to their blog, and what really made the difference between whether their site got its first PageRank, a huge jump, a deserved increase, an undeserved decrease, or the infamous no information available rank.

While most are concerned about their main site in comparison to others, I found myself curious about the internal PageRank of posts on my site, since my root domain PageRank has remained steady for the last several updates. So I decided to do a little analysis of top content using pageviews, comments, tweets, and other factors in comparison to the PageRank of those posts. Here is a sampling of that analysis, including my own posts from this site, guest author posts on Kikolani, and a post I did for my company website (since I have access to their analytics).

Icon Key
Date Post Date, Views Lifetime Page Views, Time Average Time Spent on Page, Comments Comments,
Tweets Tweets, Links Backlinks (Except From This Domain), Delicious Delicious Bookmarks, PageRank PageRank

Valuable Comments vs. Comment Spam3-20104025:1640369604
Benefits of Duplicate Content3-20101575:049234114
Getting Overwhelmed? Get Organized2-20109564:082712990154
Social Media for Non-Profits3-20101963:5316206914
Top 10 Ways to Make Your Blog Socialble3-20103,8202:48794178304
Reasons to Love CommentLuv Blogs1-20107274:5872279123
How I Got 200 Subscribers in One Month1-20104884:1214351413
Unlock Your Marketing Genius2-20109273:38255410283
WordPress Plugins to Increase Traffic1-20105241:10592690103
Link Building Resources3-20103,0885:3835287224873
Social Networking for Blog Promotion2-20092,9144:2891391,246213
Twitter Lingo and Tips4-20094,9574:484814267373
New StumbleUpon Features10-20092,4754:5837275042
Akismet Spam Filters9-20094884:124732812
Twitter Direct Messages12-20091,4164:524613112872
Social Media Browser Bookmarklets5-20095241:10433851122


Popularity does not equal PageRank, and neither does age. You can see that posts with the fewest comments and tweets have the highest PageRank, whereas posts with the highest traffic and tweets do not. You can see posts with the most amount of backlinks do not necessarily have the highest PageRank either. Newer posts have higher PageRank than older ones.

What Does It Mean?

What does all of this mean? Simply put, it depends on your goals. Do you want your posts to have the most traffic? The most tweets? The most comments? Then you do not necessarily need to be concerned with PageRank, because I can almost guarantee that the highest burst of traffic, tweets, comments, and bookmarks came before any of these posts gained PageRank, not after.

My personal opinion is not to be focused on PageRank. Instead, focus on creating the kinds of posts that provide the most value to your readers, attracting all of the traffic and social reactions as possible, as those are the factors that truly a blog successful.

Your Thoughts on PageRank

What are your thoughts on PageRank? Did you gain PageRank and feel it was more valuable, or lose PageRank and think less of it? Do you believe that PageRank benefits your blog or harms it?

By Kristi Hines

Kristi Hines is a freelance writer, professional blogger, and ghostwriter who specializes in business and marketing topics.

111 replies on “Google PageRank Update – Internal Pages and Top Content Analysis”

I think PageRank is important for backlinks. If my blog’s pagerank is high, people and company websites/blogs will definitely seek an opportunity to get a backlink from my site. The concept of Text Link Ads comes into profit in this situation; I mean, when you get a high pagerank.

By the way, you forgot to tell us about Kikolani’s PageRank after the recent update.

My blog has got PR3. Should I be happy? πŸ™‚ / πŸ™
.-= New from Aminul Islam Sajib Google PageRank Updated: is Now PR3! =-.

Kikolani has been maintaining a PR 4 for the past several updates. And yes, PR 3 is good. I always consider maintaining or moving up a good thing – the only really bad thing is dropping down in rankings.

Yes, what does it all mean? I hear what you say about it depending upon one’s goals – but you would have thought that there would be some correlation between backlinks and page rank – and if not then what are all the SEO experts talking about when they say that this is so important?

Perhaps if you dig deeper and look at the pagerank of the sites from which you have the backlinks, and whether they are dofollow or not, more would be revealed?

I considered doing that kind of analysis – dofollow links, higher PR links, etc. I really wanted to make this a quick post, so maybe in the future I’ll go more in depth. Mostly my point on this was to show how your popular posts are not the ones with the highest PR, and if popularity (comments, shares, etc.) is more important, then focusing on PR really shouldn’t make much difference to bloggers.

I have come to the conclusion that time spent trying to work out whats happening with page rank is better spent creating more unique quality content. I have tested dozens of sites in the same niche using the same process and the results differed greatly. Some were successful and other were a disaster.

I didn’t even know a PR update just took place, but my main page is still at PR3. I’m satisfied though, wouldn’t mind getting higher up, but PR3 seems like an acceptable level πŸ™‚

Didn’t really think about monitoring my internal pages though, so I have no idea what PR they were before the update πŸ™
.-= New from Klaus @ TechPatio Review: Sony MDR-NC300D Noise Canceling Earbuds =-.

I don’t really keep track of them… I just noticed this time because I thought it was a fluke at first that one of my recent posts was already a PR 4.

Way to much emphasis is still put on PR but no matter how much everyone says its not important we still are curious to see that little green bar go up, down or stay the same. I think we are all just fascinated with numbers and stats. I still think it is a good thing to have a higher pagerank but not something you should focus on or concerned with.

Like you mention Kristi focus on building quality content, if you do that your PR will take care of itself.
.-= New from Danny @ Blogs About Everything Blogging mistakes to avoid =-.

Higher SERPs bring in the traffic, whereas higher PR really only draws the attentions of link builders and SEO’s, so SERPs are the most important thing to focus on for most sites.

I thought about including bounce rate into the chart, but decided the average time on page was a little more important, as that shows whether or not people find the content useful once they land there. I think most of the bounce rates on these posts were similar, percentage wise.

I think Pagerank is overrated and too many people abuse it. I truly think if you create great content, you will get the links you need because people will link from forums, blogs, simply because you have great content. But if there’s competition, it will be hard.

Very interesting study Kristi and thanks for the linkage!

While I sure didn’t write it up as well as you did, I checked my own innards when a commenter mentioned my about page was higher then the index (I’m running tests now).

I come to find out approximately half of my inner single posts pages scored 1-2 each. Phenomenal if you ask me considering newness, but who knows. Sometimes doing really well out of the gate means a drop next time…more then ever it’s time to step up the quality! πŸ˜‰
.-= New from Dennis Edell @ Direct Sales Marketing Comment Contest and Bonus Winners – March! =-.

I’m not sure why I didn’t Google backlinks in my analysis above, but just checking your site showed 18 links to your index vs. 154 to your about page. That may have something to do with it. πŸ™‚

On the site you listed as increase they lurk on wp forums 24/7 spewing their links 24/7 so I definitely don’t want or need to do that. Page rank requires skill and or luck neither of which I have so I will just HAVE FUN πŸ™‚
I did do a post about topic analysis in terms of page rank but the bottom line is Google sends the traffic so I guess it’s relevant somehow. I told Matt Cutts recently maybe I will get my own blog ranking system Friends rank 10 everyone below that
Sometimes I think people at google hand edit PR but then again if that was true I would surely have a zero. Ah who cares it’s all a game anyway
I did care and was disappointed but got over it ALMOST LOL
.-= New from John Sullivan Tom and Jerry Blogging =-.

I think PR is done by some kind of algorithm or bot… but sometimes I think SERP’s are hand edited, because sites can be penalized by Google and lose their keyword ranking and still have PR. It’s strange, but I have seen PR 4 – 5 sites that are de-indexed from search results altogether, yet hold their PR. Glad to know you got over the PR thing though – in the end, it’s traffic, comments, and social shares that mean the most!

I’m still learning about PR, it just seems like there are many different opinions out there (which I’m learning is the case for a lot of SEO in general). After the updates, my “main” older site went from a 1 to a 2, and a newer site I just started 3 months ago went from a 0 to a 1. While some of you more experienced bloggers and people who use SEO are probably doubling over in laughter from my small gain, I’ll take it since I’m new, and was happy to move up at all! πŸ˜€ Also, my Alexa ranking has gotten steadily better over the past 3 months that I’ve been working on SEO. But, I heard that the ranking is based on who has the Alexa toolbar installed….so does this even matter? Again, it seems like there are SO MANY opinions out there about what does and doesn’t matter. I’m starting to learn it’s just seems you have to find what works for you, and go from there. I really hope I’m doing the right thing, I’ve had some good people lately give me good advice (I think :P). So yeah, yay for each of my sites moving up one ranking! And congrats on yours staying 4, it’s kind of obvious why. πŸ™‚

There are I’m sure many sites that have been up for months that have gone through one or two updates and still received no PageRank at all, so having one that is only a few months old get in the PR game is nothing to laugh about at all!

I think that, while there are tried and tested ways of getting PageRank, the algorithm changes so frequently that whether you are a seasoned SEO or a new webmaster, both would have to stay on top of the latest news to find out what is working now.

Nice job Kristi, what I got from your test is fresh posts with the least links out tend to rank better. Am I right? Newer posts equal fresher content and fewer comments equal less links out. Or do you think the type of links might matter?

I know we all say page rank doesn’t matter much and Google just told us that same thing recently but I have a different take on it. While I know page rank isn’t a huge factor in the serps, at least until we get way up in the rankings, there’s another reason to be concerned with it. That’s simply popular opinion. As long as the majority of traffic that knows what pagerank is think it’s important, it’s important.

I just read a post or comment from someone that uninstalled the toolbar because they didn’t want to know the PR of the pages they visited anymore. I wish I could remember who that was because they deserve a little credit for that. Most of us, even though we know it doesn’t matter, subconsciously grade or rate sites we visit by the numbers on that bar. That includes Google and Alexa. Until popular opinion changes, page rank will always matter, no matter what Google thinks about it.

Thanks for the link BTW πŸ™‚
.-= New from Brian D. Hawkins Are You A Blogging Friend To The Extreme Ezine? Get On The List! =-.

That’s a good way to look at it. To be honest, I really need to take the time to actually analyze the backlinks, which I may do the next time I have a few hours to spare. Maybe the higher ranked posts have better quality backlinks than others.

I think PageRank will matter until they stop updating it – I just hope that it doesn’t stop someone from blogging or maintaining their website simply because they didn’t get the PR they wanted.

I think pagerank is dieing a slow death. It definitely holds some weight in google’s overall algorithm when choosing two sites w/ the same keyword it will side on the PR 6 site over the PR 5 site for certain, however it’s no what the focus should be.

The focus should be on building content, building backlinks, commenting on blogs, being more social, networking, getting your name out there, even if it’s bad publicity, like i’ve gotten this past week. In the end it’s all about content, being real, not fake, not spamming, providing a real service, marketing via facebook and twitter, and other social media hubs.

My twitter page alone has a PR of 6, which is more than my blog. It’s safe to say that many of my social profiles are likely to rank higher than my main blog. Do I care? Not really – I just want exposure one way or the other.
.-= New from Patrick Curl@Facebook Marketer Facebook Miracle: How to get a Kidney Donation in 20 Minutes Flat! =-.

Even bad publicity helps build backlinks. For example, I remember coming across sites that would post the full emails from link exchange requests, and when they did so they linked back to the site in the request even though they were complaining about how awful it was. So one way or the other, the link builder got their link in.

My Twitter profile has a higher PR than my site – I think part of that is the power of the root domain though. Usually, the higher the PR of the homepage, the higher the PR of its internal pages.

Thanks for the post Kristie and for sharing the stats. My PR went from 3 to 4 and it was nice to see. I know that is important to some but for me it’s just something fun to follow along with. I think the stats that you shared are interesting and can be used to spot some trends. For example look at the posts with low time spent on site. It appears that people might be scanning these posts but the comment counts are still high?? Some trends are easy to spot and others not so much.

You’re doing a fantastic job with this blog and I really enjoy reading your posts.

.-= New from Ileane@Blogging SEO Site Tools Finds Google Page Rank =-.

Thanks! I didn’t think about the correlation of time spent vs. comments. The two posts with the lowest amount of time spent on the page were easily readable though. You either needed the resources listed or not, but there were not enough of them to be overwhelmed by.

Your site is probably the best example of reader interaction I have seen – you reply to all of your commenters, and the comment count for a lot of your posts always impresses me!

Very useful insights. Thanks for sharing some of the data from Kikolani. Interesting analysis of how high levels of traffic and visibility don’t necessarily translate to higher PR.

One factor that I believe can impact PR is Where the backlinks come from. Stated another way, “Not all Backlinks are created equal.”

My understanding is that a backlink from a PR 8 site will carry a lot more weight than a backlink from a PR 2 site. It seems Google places a much higher Authority level on the higher PR site. So 10 backlinks from a mixture PR 5-8 sites can carry significantly more PR weight than say 125 links for a mixture of PR 0-4 sites.

One other area that can be a little vague is the impact of DoFollow links on PR. I have read from some sources that a a page with a large number of DoFollow links to other sites can drain some of the linkjuice or PR value from the page.

On my own Tech Tips blog the Gods of PR smiled on me and I bounced up to a PR3 from a PR2. Persistence pays off. πŸ™‚
.-= New from Mike @ Computer Tips Apple iPad Tablet – Perspectives =-.

From what I understand, the outgoing dofollow links on a page share the PageRank of that page. So if you have a PR 4 page with 100 outgoing links, each link is getting 1/100th of the PR 4 juice, whereas if you have a PR 4 page with 4 outgoing links, each link is getting 1/4th of the PR 4 juice, so it would be better to have your link on a page with less outgoing links. But either way, getting 1/100th of the link juice on a dofollow site is better than getting none from a nofollow site.

Congrats on the PR jump!

In my opinion, PR is not important for search engine ranking. However, PR is important for others when evaluating our website. The website with high PR will be considered as a good website with higher authority. Yet, i will not focus on the PR. The content is still the most important thing for a website or a blog.
.-= New from KS Chen @ Google Adsense Tips Win the Prizes for SEO =-.

KS Chen has got a point. I agree PR don’t mean coming out on top in search result. In a way, there must be a solid reason why google is giving points to site. Maybe they really do use PR to judge something from a site but they never disclose the secret sauce :).

Ok, I experience, therefore understanding, of PR is this. It’s just a calculation of a value been passed between pages, but it actually does very little to your SERP, which is a lot more important than PR. And to achieve better SERP, you need links from relevant pages, not necessary for a high PR page.
.-= New from Chris@ custom logo design How to run a successful logo design contest =-.

I don’t spend much time following pagerank, but I do know that many other website and blog owners do. They view a sites pagerank as a determining factor in including the site within their blogroll, etc. I wish more site owners would view a site’s content over pagerank.

I think that some people see PR as a determination of whether sites are good quality. Like many MFA sites don’t have PR, but at the same time, quality good sites that are newer may not have PR either, or just not many incoming links. So it’s hard to determine a site’s greatness just based on PR.

I still contend Page Rank is pointless unless your in the business of selling links. I don’t sell links on any of the websites I run so it’s more of a pointless stat to me.

I’d much rather have a website garnering an additional 100,000 visits a month than the difference between a PR7 and PR8 for example.
.-= New from Chris Guthrie@Make Money on the Internet Proliferation of Misinformation =-.

Amen to that. I was talking to someone who has a PR 5 blog and 4 million visitors… she didn’t give any thought to PR because the traffic was what mattered and made the most difference.

It’s funny. People keep saying they don’t care about PR, and yet we (most) want more backlinks, especially from high PR sites. So, if backlinks help PR then PR still important. ??
PR is one way show how a site is doing with linking.

PR shows that Google gives the site some credibility or authority, which is why links from a higher PR ranked page count for more. There’s a ranking chart out there that shows how it takes less PR 4 links than PR 1 links to give a site a boost, for example.

I would be interested to know the weight advertisers place on page rank. I equate page rank with traffic, the higher the rank the more traffic, the more traffic, the more advertisers want to be on your blog. Is there any truth to this?
.-= New from Dick Word of MouthΒ Marketing =-.

It depends on what the advertiser wants. If they just want more clicks to their site / products, then it’s all about the traffic. If they are trying to buy a text link for backlink building (yes, paid links still happen) then they don’t care about traffic as much as the PR of the page they are getting their link on.

Very interesting. It seems like social media magic and Page Rank operate on different assumptions. I was surprised by the distribution of backlinks, but I suppose that if Yahoo doesn’t differentiate between Do Follow and No Follow links, then those numbers are hard to use to judge the correlation.

This is an interesting analysis and thanks for sharing it!
.-= New from Mark Dykeman Someone stole your toolbox – what do you do? =-.

Yeah, ever since doing this post, I have really wanted to dive into the dofollow / nofollow and PR analysis of the backlinks themselves. Just haven’t gotten around to it, but I’m sure it would reveal what happened even more.

I think that in the case of lower ranked PR sites, you should put more focus on telling your advertisers about your traffic, loyal readers / subscribers, Twitter followers, Facebook Fans, etc. so they see that regardless of the PR, you get enough traffic to give the advertisers what they really want – more clicks.

Just how many times a year and when does Google update? Or is that a closely guarded secret too? I already know the formula (alogorithm) or whatever name it goes by, nobody seems to know that? Sometimes I don’t think Google knows!
.-= New from Dick@paysonweb Word of MouthΒ Marketing =-.

I noticed an uptick in traffic on my site starting a few weeks ago, and it seems to have coincided with the reassessment. My blog went from 2 to 3, my home page went from 3 to 4.

I look at it as an overall indicator. PR4 is great, but I think it indicates the culmination of the efforts, not an increase in my positions. Besides, I compare my business to other PR4 sites in my industry, and there are companies outperforming me in some key word searches by ten pages. We both target the same key words, we both are PR4, and they are kicking my butt. They have ten more years of building back links; it has nothing to do with PR.
.-= New from Gomez@Auto Glass Should electronic billboards be banned? =-.

It might not be necessarily due to the PR, but to your keywords in SERPs positioning higher. If your page was recently cached, or Google recently found more backlinks with good anchor text, then that would contribute to the traffic spike more than a change in PR, considering that many people lost a bit of PR but still have the same amount of traffic, or in my case, stayed the same PR and the traffic has been fluctuating due to other sources.

Hi Kristi,

I have been fortunate, seeing as I just moved from blogger to WP a month ago I thought and hoped it wouldn’t effect mine too much… it was 4 a year ago, then dropped to 3 about 4 months later, so I was only wondering which way if any it would go… luckily it went back up to a 4, so that’s just a relief for me really, as I am not personally bothered about PR, but others are. πŸ˜‰

I don’t think it really means anything in terms of what it does to a website, blog, ie traffic.

Thought google already said it was lowering the value of what PR stood for?

Like others said, till then, it still counts for something.

The biggest thing I feel is, I don’t try to “optimise” my site really, not for PR, and certainly not that clued up on SEO… and I think those who do try are the ones who end up feeling the hit more… after all it’s gaming it.

You know they watch those closer, so it’s noticed more, while everyone just slides along… πŸ˜€
When something changes, those “gamers” are looking for it, we aren’t, so we don’t notice it… then it has the flip side of the gamers know when and how to change a little thing to make a positive jump…while we miss it. (think google notices that too?) πŸ˜‰

By the very fact of measuring effecting any measurements, we should just not worry about any of it to much… over-analysing only causes hassle.

I don’t and haven’t used the google toolbar for a few years, think you are better off without it.

Just do ya thing and do it the best ya can, stick you on the screen, be real, be genuine and roll with it. πŸ˜€
.-= New from rob sellen My first real month on WordPress =-.

There are certain bits of optimization that you should do, not just for Google, but for visitors such as having good page titles and URL structure. Meta descriptions are important for when people are bookmarking your pages, as sometimes that will get pulled into the description of the bookmark. Including tags & keywords on posts helps visitors find other posts on similar topics. Really, so long as your optimization is intended for your visitors and not just for search bots, you are going to be ok.

One thing I use the toolbar for is access to my Google bookmarks from the browser toolbar. It’s a convenience thing. πŸ™‚

Hi Kristi,

Thanks for the reply, yeah i agree, there are things I do, yet, on blogger we were very restricted in that sense, so now I am on WP I am seeing what more we can do, so I am still learning and finding these things, exciting too, so I can ONLY improve things really πŸ˜‰

Yeah, readers first, machines second. πŸ˜€
Would you do all those things with the all in one seo?
.-= New from rob sellen Time to write for people, not machines… =-.

All in One or Platinum SEO Pack. I like Platinum because it counts the number of characters in your descriptions, since you’re not supposed to go over a certain amount, but both plugins work for optimizing your pages.

PageRank might not mean ‘Great Important’ if you are blogging as your hobby and enjoy with what people read on your blog and comment. But when I wish to make some money with my blog so that I should not bother the hosting and domain renewal costs, PageRank matter most. Because advertisers would hardly look upon any website that has no rank yet.

Recently one company paid me $130/year for one link in one of my post. It is because my site was PR 6. Would anybody be interested to pay money for a site that is PR 1? I doubt.

That’s where the importance of PR comes and SEO counted. I am afraid there aren’t much bloggers that are rich enough to bear all the costs by themself just for their ammusement.
.-= New from Suresh Khanal An Interview with Yousaf Imran ( =-.

Really that sums up all that’s wrong with it, your domain has no keyword, if the advertisers woke up to this then they would realise PR means nothing… I would rather advertise on a PR0 if it was focused, has massive traffic and delivered eyeballs and clicks, way before advertising on a site with PR and crappy keyword focus, crappy results.

Which is why I say it doesn’t matter to those who know, only those advertisers seem to think it counts for something.
Crazy, one reason I can see google dropping it is this false perception.
.-= New from rob sellen Commentluv, more than links, comments, traffic, and why you should use it =-.

Hi Kristi you are really great, you have mentioned some good point here and just same happen on my blog. My blog PR remain the same that is PR3, but some of my internal pages even gain PR3. The pages gain PR 3 do not have so many backlinks, just same of other pages, so my opinion is that PR is completely indentation of backlinks.

But one thing I get different on those pages that I have been getting many google traffic on those pages, so might be this will be one reason for getting PR on those pages.
.-= New from chandan@work at home jobs Make money blogging take time =-.

I have question. About 10 days ago my blog had 0 PR, but suddenly it jumped up to 3. What are the factors involved in sudden jumb? And I personally think PR has nothing to do with age or popularity of the site, I might be wrong, but it is my own perception. Please answer to my query many thanx!
.-= New from Mansoor Apple Blocks Flash in iPhone OS 4.0 =-.

you must have another page with PR3+ linking to you somewhere and that made you jump.
you are right, the age of your site has nothing to do with the PR awarded. The age only becomes a factor when you are competing against another site targeting the same keywords. If your site is older, you then have an advantage. Also, your older site is automatically trusted more by the algorthm.
.-= New from Allyn The Walmart Blog, A HUGE Failure, Here’s What We Can Learn =-.

Hi Kristi, came over from Rob Sellen’s blog.
I did not read all the comments, so my opinions may be redundant, but heregoes…

The reason the PR on newer posts is higher is usually due to the fact they were more recently on the front page where most of the PR juice resides. Also, if there is a direct link from the juicy front page at the time of the update, that post/page will get higher PR but it will drop off on the next update provided that link no longer exists.
In many cases, this link can be simply a “read more” link… but the juice will flow to this internal page.
As far as age being a factor, that has more to do with the primary URL age than the permalink age. Any primary URL that has been live on the net for several years will naturally hold and push juice in a more trusted way according to the G algo.

You are very correct when you say traffic to a page has no effect.

I will say, however, that “chasing links” is very profitable and PR does matter, but only the PR on the sites that link TO you. Your own PR does nothing more than help your site’s new content get indexed quickly, which can be an advantage if you are working trends.
However, sites with high PR that point to you with your keywords anchored, can and do power you to the top of the SERPS very quickly.
Getting high PR to internal pages from both your own homepage and other sites is a winning combo everytime.
Sadly, most bloggers have no idea how to get these links… kinda like it that way. πŸ˜‰
.-= New from Allyn The Walmart Blog, A HUGE Failure, Here’s What We Can Learn =-.

This time around it seems My blog maintained it’s PR3, but last time it went up from 2 to 3. I’m not to worried about not having ‘gained’ anything this time around. I focus a lot more on the community and whether I’m bringing value to my readers than on stats.

Ok, I have to admit, I’ve never been much for yellow for a blog design, but I am loving yours! So tastefully done! Thanks to @ileane for RT’ing the link. πŸ™‚ Looks like we both provide WordPress customizations. I’m not so good at Thesis stuff and never know where to send clients who want their sites built with Thesis. Now I know!!
I’ll be subscribing right away. πŸ™‚
.-= New from Erica Mueller The Best Related Post Plugin for WordPress =-.

Thanks! Since Thesis has a pretty “standard” design that is functional and easily readable, I didn’t want to veer too far away from it, but at the same time wanted to spice it up. Yellow is my favorite color, and the photo background really made it pop but not in an obnoxious way. πŸ™‚

If your goals are more focused on traffic, then PR shouldn’t be a big consideration. What you are focusing on with high quality posts will help the PR go in the right direction naturally – your traffic and popularity will be more beneficial!

Hey, Kristi

I can see here a lot of analysis and hard work. And wow.. your on page SEO rocks: trackbacks, no keyword stuffing, different tags like H3, “strong”, exact main keywords etc
Excellent work, no other words (sorry for being an average congratulator) πŸ™‚

Speaking about Google Pagerank…
Recently I’ve found out that quality links from web pages with PR higher than 0 do a lot of job. Sometimes, I guess, even pages with 0 PR, but with relevant content and some quality backlink to one of your blog posts increase your page’s PR. And I think that’s pretty much logical…
.-= New from iWoodpecker @ blog promotion Google PageRank Update, April 2010: 10 Exciting PR Changes Within the Blogosphere =-.

So long as you go beyond “great post” you make yourself an above average congratulator. πŸ™‚

It’s funny, I haven’t focused too much on the on page SEO. I do think about putting main keywords in the title and H3 tags, but more so for readability and attention grabbing headlines.

I think that it just takes more PR 0 pages to give you better rankings than higher PR pages. Like backlinks from 100 PR 0 pages wouldn’t be as valuable as one from a PR 9 page. But those 100 PR 0 backlinks could be driving more traffic and social mentions to your site, which helps it in many more ways!

Kristi, the analytics displayed is eye opening. I have never thought beyond the number ever. With the recent PR update, my website’s homepage PR remained the same, but surprisingly few of my inner pages got PR. I thought its no big deal, and I was worried more about the SERPS. I have seen numerous websites top search engines for highly competitive keywords, but they had PR less than 4. Which implies to me that PR is not a major factor at all. I analyzed and found that unique content and reverberating them regularly helped them to achieve those rankings. Thanks for your intellectual insights. You have explained the concept crystal clear. πŸ˜€

PR is definitely not the biggest factor. That’s probably another thing I should have put in – PR vs. SERP for major keywords. There’s definitely a lot to analyze.

Kinda the way I feel about my PR 4. Sure it hasn’t moved up, but at the same time, my traffic has, which is more important to me. Glad to hear your work is staying steady too!

From my experience PageRank is just a tiny factor in the whole ranking algorithm. Now I do care about rankings/traffic but over time you see that PR hasn’t much to do with it.

The advantage of a nice PR on the main page is in my opinion that new posts get ranked higher from the start. So you make a new post and target a keyword and you will show up in the top 20 pretty fast.

Other than who cares about PR xD
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It is very nice to see a post on this topic with data. So many posts just include opinions but don’t back it up. I do think people put far too much weight on page rank. I have several very popular pages (that have stay that way for years – and have pageranks of 1, 2 or even none). They continue to get lots of traffic from google every day and links from lots of sites that link to them.
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Agreed! I would like to know more about the types of backlinks each of these posts had – maybe some are ranked higher because of better backlinks, even though others have a stronger quantity.

Nice job of creating relevant links to past articles by posting the article stats. Particularly interesting to note the lack of correlation to tweets.

Call me a hypocrite, but if my clients’ websites experience an increase in Pagerank, I emphasize that it is an important ranking factor. If their Pagerank is goes down, but their ranking and traffic remains stable, I mention that Google is de-emphazing. It remains an easy metric to utilize in reporting on results.

Hey Kristi,

I agree that PR is not the “silver bullet” when it comes to traffic or popularity of a page/site. I have a site that is PR0 but it gets 5X more traffic than one of my other sites that is PR3. My traffic just recently shot up for the PR0 site, so we’ll see what happens to that Pagerank this month (I was expecting a PR update from Google during the first week of July 2010…??) Anyway, I’ll try to update you on what happens with my PR on the PR0 site. I may end up putting my foot in my mouth regarding the issue of whether pagerank=traffic. We’ll see (=


In my small career in Blogging.. I have noticed that there a lot of people who keep worrying about pagerank and do-not concentrate on creating content which people will like to read!
Even i use to do that before, but once I faced a situation that my PageRank decreased but my traffic went up. This gave me real confidence..

Pagerank comes from links. I wrote a blog post about common myths after I heard some “SEO expert” say that it comes from valuable content and age and whatnot. Just remember that the only factor which influences pagerank is links; nothing else.

This is actually very interesting subject. I have thought about it many times. I had noticed once that the most commented and visited internal pages get Page Rank very easy. But there were exceptions, and your article also proves that this is not true. In theory just backlinks should play a role, but I think it is more complicated than that.
And about the new post having high PR, this can be explained with them being on the front page and having a link from the index high PR page.

It is the page value that plays a very important part in deciding a page rank.But how is this page value calculated is only clear to the search engines.But I would beg to differ and would like to state that Domain age plays a very important age in the calculation of the page rank.

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