Increase Twitter Engagement with Hashtags and HASHCORE

Did you know that tweets that include one to two hashtags have a 21% boost in engagement according to Buffer? This could be due to the topic of the tweets, people who follow specific hashtags, trending topics, or the apps that pull tweets based on topic such as

If you’d like to incorporate the power of Twitter hashtags into your blog posts without making readers leave your website, then HASHCORE is a great tool to try. It’s built specifically for bloggers who want to add more Twitter engagement to their content.

HASHCORE in Action

So what does HASHCORE do? Here’s a good example. People who talk about Twitter tools on Twitter often use the hashtag #twittertools. HASHCORE allows me to just type in the hashtag without manually linking it to Twitter. When you click on the link HASHCORE creates, a nice popup appears with real-time search results for that hashtag as shown below. Or you can click the link for #twittertools and try it for yourself.


So what can you do in this window for the hashtag? You can do three things. Aside from review the latest tweets about the hashtag, you can use the button at the top right to follow me on Twitter or you can click on the “Join the conversation” box at the bottom. This will give you the standard Twitter status update box, complete with the hashtag and a link to your post.



As a blogger, this benefits you in three ways.

  • Readers don’t have to leave your website to check out a hashtag you are talking about in your blog post. I used this most recently in my post on how to prepare for NMX – readers of the post got to see the latest tweets about the event without going to Twitter.
  • You can grow your follower base as people can follow you from the hashtag window using the official Twitter follow button.
  • You can get more tweets for your blog posts associated with the hashtag you used.

As you can see, it’s a great way to keep people on your website while giving them some ways to engage about a topic on Twitter. The bonus? You’ll get some good tweets too!


Publishers (bloggers) can sign up using the registration form on the HASHCORE site. You can choose from a free plan (with ads) or a $9.99 plan (without ads). It is free to use without ads. WordPress users will install a plugin and then enter their publisher code in the settings for the plugin. Those using other platforms like Blogger will get a piece of code to add to their website.

The settings for the plugin are really quite simple. Just enter your publisher ID provided when you register and your Twitter handle for the follow button that appears in the hashtag window.


Then you’re all set! You can start adding hashtags to your posts and pages by just typing them in. Whether you want to tweet about the #AusOpen finals, the #Grammys, the upcoming #SuperBowl, or anything else, just add the hashtag to your post. It’s a fast and easy way to add a little Twitter action to your content!

Features I’d Love to See

I have no complaints about this plugin. But I would love to see two specific things added to the functionality.

  • An option to add UTM parameters to the links tweeted (such as ?utm_source=HASHCORE) so you can track clicks from tweets sent by people using the HASHCORE window.
  • A via @useranme to the tweet.

Those two tweaks would add extra benefits for bloggers, including tracking and additional exposure for your username across the Twittersphere when people tweet your post from the HASHCORE platform.

In Conclusion

If you’d like to boost your Twitter engagement on your content, definitely give HASHCORE a try. You can learn more on their website or sign up here.

Let me know what you think about this tool in the comments! And if you do try it out, come back and give us your feedback. πŸ™‚

By Kristi Hines

Kristi Hines is a freelance writer, professional blogger, and ghostwriter who specializes in business and marketing topics.

16 replies on “Increase Twitter Engagement with Hashtags and HASHCORE”

Great review Kristi!

I’m using the hashtag #LinkHarvesting a lot for my upcoming book so this will be perfect!

Thanks again for always keeping me posted on the latest technology to make my site more successful!

Twitter has been the best traffic source for me after i actually came to know the details about using hashtags in a better and effective manner. I am now able to brand my website #TangoAds. com and my clients website as well. A great post indeed.

It also works quite well on Facebook and LinkedIn, though the Linkedin hashtags are much different compared to Twitter and Facebook. Actually G+ automatically detected the category of article, which I quite like.
I recently implemented hash tags on my social network, though not many members are using it yet.

Kristi, I did not know about Hashcore, so your article was extremely enlightening. I can see the value of this tool and you made it easy to understand. Is this tool available for wordpress dot com blogs?

A very interesting plugin indeed. This could be very useful for blogs that regularly uses specific hash tags for their events, hangouts, Twitter chats etc. Thanks for this great write up of the plugin.

Hey Kristi! What an awesome tool πŸ™‚ It fits very well with my belief that Twitter Marketing actually happens on your website and not within your twitter account!

Any tool which motivates people tweet more is a very good thing πŸ™‚

However I’m not a big fan of hashtags, so I’m not the target audience for this kind of tool. Yet it will be very interesting to check their internal stats of how many people actually tweet stuff via that tool πŸ™‚ let me know if they give you any πŸ™‚

PS: since we’re talking Twitter here, would love if you go skim through my latest post on BloggerJet “Twitter Marketing For Dummies That Don’t Even Know They Are Dummies” – I wonder if you support me or not πŸ™‚

I heard first time about HASHCORE. Twitter has been my third biggest traffic source for last six months. Surely I’ll try this awesome tool so that I can add hashtags to my blog post easily. Thanks for the share.

Hello Kikolani

I use Tweetbot to engage. Using hashtags can make you more visible and increase integration. Thanks for the share πŸ˜‰ Keep up the good work

Now that you’ve been using Hashcore have you seen an increase in engagement from your readers? It looks great on paper but I wonder if readers really do interact with your content more when the hashtags are hyperlinked in this way.

I never heard about Hashcore before, but after reading your valuable review. I think I should give it a chance to explain and boost my interaction with audience over Twitter.

Personally, I use variety of paid tools to keep an eye on the upcoming situations in specific niches, but hashcore appears to be a very easy to use tool.

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