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Help with reputation management: Retain customers with instant feedback

With comments and testimonials at the bottom of most websites, an online business whether it offers a service or a product is in a precarious position. It is possible to make or break a brand through comments on social media or other places where a product is featured. With customer review software you can get alerts of customer reviews and feedbacks immediately on one dashboard and can respond in real-time. It gives you the opportunity to supply and end up with a satisfied customer rather than a person spreading negative comments about your business. This also helps in reputation management.

Negative reviews are powerful

Negative reviews may cause four out of five customers to reverse their purchase decision. TripAdvisor, Yelp, Google, Facebook, and Zomato play a major role in the way consumers make purchases. The latest research claims that 80 percent of customers look at online reviews before making a purchase. They want to know what other people say about the product or service and if the company is legitimate. These customers will even pay up to nine percent more for the product when they see a positive review. Good reviews inspire twice as much trust in a company than general social media likes. Finally, good reviews will give a business a higher rank on search engines.

What Are review monitoring best practices?

When a business has a profile on the sites mentioned above, they have a better chance of controlling what people say about their product or service. This is very important in the process of reputation management.

While it may not be possible to delete or censor reviews, you will be able to see what people are saying and accurately gauge customer feedback. You will be notified when new reviews are posted and be able to respond to any negative feedback. This is one way to protect your brand reputation.

It is also important to respond to reviews by thanking the customer for his or her feedback and offering service to improve their experience. About 80 percent of consumers are more willing to engage with a business that they feel cares enough about its customers to respond to negative reviews and try to make it right. This shows that customer satisfaction is important to the company. Not only the particular customer gets satisfaction, but also other people reading the reviews see that you value feedback.

What not to do

Honesty is still the best policy and customers will soon discover and spread the word if a business is trying to manipulate reviews. An owner may try to buy positive reviews or hire someone to flood the Internet with positive reviews. No matter how many false positive reviews the business generates, if it is not honestly giving good service to its customers, it will become known online and have a seriously detrimental effect on the company. Not only because the service is not good, but also because the business lied about it. This practice will not give good long-term results.

Sometimes negative feedback may cause you to get angry and immediately sit down and write an angry response. This practice will not work out well. It will drive away customers fast because it is clear you do not value feedback to improve your business.


As an example, with review tracker software your reviews on more than 80 review sources will be monitored and you will be notified of bad reviews, allowing you the opportunity to take action. Reports on the reviews can be sent to you every day, week or month. The software will allow you to determine the locality of the reviewer, which is great if your business has several brick and mortar locations. You can get more positive reviews when you ask your happy customers to post a review. When you see the feedback from happy and unhappy customers, you will be able to identify trends and performance and improve your overall online presence. Your business will be in a better place and you will have more control.

By Deborah Anderson

When Deborah Anderson is not busy writing articles for popular, influential internet sites (yes, ghostwriting on behalf of some of your favorite thought leaders), she is finishing up on her dissertation on white-collar crime in the Los Angeles financial district, while completing her doctorate in Psychology.

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Hey Deborah!

Customer reviews are so powerful. They definitely can help your business grow. The positive and negative reviews are important.

As a business owner, you should always look to improve and grow. Negative feedback is that constructive criticism that you need in order to get better and deliver better.

Thank you for sharing your advice on this topic here! 🙂

Best regards! 😀

Good point, Freddy. We may not want that negative feedback, but you are right about the constructive criticism or potential for it. If we have the right attitude about it, we have a chance. Thanks, Freddy. -Deborah

Customer reviews are important, and I think most customers can tell if the reviews are fake. Most people realize that if you have some bad review, it’s probably legitimate, but if they’re all positive, they tend to get suspicious.

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