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How to Contact Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Other Social Networks

Do you have a burning question you want to ask the support team at a popular social network, but you gave up because you couldn’t find the actual contact form through the endless maze of self-serve support documentation? If so, then you’re in the right place. The following are links to the contact information for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, and Reddit.

Do you have a burning question you want to ask the support team at a popular social network, but you gave up because you couldn’t find the actual contact form through the endless maze of self-serve support documentation? If so, then you’re in the right place. The following are links to the contact information for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, and Reddit.

How to Contact Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Other Social Networks

How to Contact Facebook Support

Out of all social networks, I would guess it is likely that you have had a question for Facebook at some point and eventually just asked another Facebook user or expert to get it answered because Facebook Help is probably one of the worst to find the right contact form for a support issue.

The reason? They have over 150 contact forms! Probably more, but here are the ones I discovered.

Signup and Login Issues

Account Issues

Disabled Accounts

Name Issues

Email Issues

Identity Issues

Children’s Accounts

Personal Profiles


Photos and Video


Facebook Pages

Facebook Ads

Business and Merchant Requests

Charges and Payments

Reporting and Violations



You can also discuss issues with other users in the Facebook Community Forum.

How to Contact LinkedIn Support

LinkedIn may be one of the simplest social networks to contact. Once you find it through the help center, you can use one form for most LinkedIn issues. This includes everything from account settings to technical support with the site. You can also discuss issues with other members in the LinkedIn Help Center Forum.

How to Contact Twitter Support

In order to contact Twitter, you have to jump through some hoops (answer a bunch of questions) in order to reveal the right contact form for your needs. The starting points for each contact form are as follows.

Account access

API, Apps and mobile

Settings and features

Report a violation


The question that led me here was “Can I claim a username that has been inactive for years?” Apparently Twitter plans to release inactive usernames in bulk, but they have not set a date on it yet. You can’t ask unless the name is trademarked and just have to follow Twitter @support to find out when the release date is.

You can also post issues in the Twitter Customer Community powered by Get Satisfaction.

How to Contact Google+ Support

While Google+ does not have a linkable contact form, they do have specific directions on how to contact them about any issues you are having.

You can also discuss issues with other members in the Google+ Help Forum. If you need help with other Google products, check out this post on How to Contact Google.

How to Contact Instagram Support

Instagram has a simple Email Us form for account, trademark, copyright, privacy, business, and other issues. Since they were acquired by Facebook, you can also contact them using the following Facebook help forms.

You can also tweet @InstagramHelp for support.

How to Contact Pinterest Support

Pinterest hides their contact form in their Help Center. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for, you can use the Submit a Request form to contact Pinterest support for a variety of issues from problems logging in to deactivating your account. You can also tweet @Pinterest and tag any tweets for help with the #pinteresthelp hashtag.

How to Contact StumbleUpon Support

StumbleUpon has a simple Email Us form for questions about using StumbleUpon, Paid Discovery, and business tools. You can also post issues in the StumbleUpon Help Center powered by Get Satisfaction.

How to Contact Reddit Support

Reddit has a Feedback page that directs logged in users to help for submissions not showing up, advertiser questions, moderator issues, bug reports, and feature requests. You can also discuss issues in the Help subreddit.

Have you had luck with contacting these social networks or others? Please share your social media support experiences in the comments!

By Kristi Hines

Kristi Hines is a freelance writer, professional blogger, and ghostwriter who specializes in business and marketing topics.

72 replies on “How to Contact Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Other Social Networks”

Hi Kristi,

Awesome post, something that ALL of us need at some point of time or the other 🙂

You won’t believe it, but I’ve just had recent login issues on Facebook, and it was just today that I was able to login into my account, after a period of 10 days! These past days were horrible because as you rightly mentioned – they have no proper way to contact them as there are so many forms you have to choose from, which no one ones unless you explore their help nice and proper.

It was surely a testing time for me, and I was beginning to think about creating a new account, but stopped because they might penalize me again for using two accounts as my earlier one wasn’t terminated. And all of this problem arose because I forgot to update my new mobile number in the FB settings! They kept sending me some code that I had to fill in my mobile number (old – expired one), which I wasn’t able to do. After a lot of struggle of sending them my ID proofs and documents was I able to retrieve my account and the first thing I did was remove my cell number, which I’d put up for additional security, from there.

I’m bookmarking this page, and thanks so much for all the efforts and pains you must have taken to compile this list – much appreciated indeed, and I am surely going to share this with all my friends, just in-case they ever need it 🙂

Hello Kristi,
Facebook log in issue is a major problem sometime as most of Facebook users don’t think of it. But when it happens, he feels in deep trouble. In Facebook site, there are lots of help link. But everyone feels confused which one exactly to be used.

Thanks for all the helpful links. So all Facebook users can understand which link will be suitable for him.

Kristi, thank you SO much for compiling and sharing this treasure of a list—it is SO useful, and definite keeper! Kudos to you!

Contacting Facebook people is very tough.

Last month, they abruptly closed my account because it was hacked. I don’t believe it. I was creating FB ads and when I hit ‘submit’, I was locked out of the account.

I wrote to them and even sent a govt ID but they didn’t reactivate it. I lost access to my blog page, a lot of friends and clients (am a freelance writer).

Anyways, I created another account but again, someone seems to have reported it as fake and now I am blocked for 30 days 😛

Maybe others would differ but this is not the way to work. They can have more security systems in place. In fact, if they have such a big team, they can hire customer support reps who can use TeamViewer, verify customer problems and reactivate accounts closed in an unjustifiable manner.

Anyways, thanks for such a support resource.

~ Chitraparna

Great list of contacts. It is very difficult to get a hold of customer service especially Facebook. I have had an issue with a client, who has been handling her own page and have not been able to help her. I have contacted Facebook and did a screen shot twice and it is about a month later and she still has the same issue, along with no contact from Facebook. I become an Admin of her page and able to post to help her stay in contact with her fans. It can be very frustrating!

Anyway, it is great to have a complied list! Thank you!

As always, you bring the goods 🙂 This is a post that I know sooooo many people will benefit from.

A few months ago, it took me 2 days to find out who to contact and how to contact a rep at LinkedIn to answer a simple question on Company pages. Now that you’ve compiled this list, I’ll be able to find my answer quicker AND point others to this post to find their answers quicker!

Thanks Kristi!!!!!

Yipes Rob. I had a problem with my company page too, and it took some half-hearted efforts over a week to finally figure out where to contact them to resolve it.

It’s really difficult to contact these technology giants and many times I got wrong replies from FB and Google. I think it’s just because of too much queries and load of users’ questions. But it’s really awkward. :-/

Few days ago, some of my competitor hack my Facebook Profile Id and due to this painful situation, i got very low traffic fro my blogs. I started to ask my friends in social media.. What i have to do next?? So someone of them gave me a suggestion to file my report in the Facebook help center…
I know that day, It took complete 5 hours to find that single link for hacking my Facebook account.
Suggestion: If your Facebook account is hacked, don’t forget to file the report in cyber crime police station to grab that idiot fellow. (liable for 2 years sentence in jail or 1000$ fine)

Contacting facebook directly is a hard process I guess, Last week my facebook account was hacked I wanted to contact them but I couldn’t I was so desappointed but now I’ve recovered it thanks to their help page 😀
thanks for sharing this great article !

Hi Kristi,

Pretty awesome work. I know finding support on Facebook is very difficult and confusing. You really make this task easy by sharing contact information as per the issues.

I just hope that I don’t have to contact them ever for what ever reason. But I suppose if your account is compromised, you just have to. This is the most comprehensive of all posts related to contacting the services.

Hi Kristi

Great list, well done!

I’ve recently tried contacting LinkedIn to change the name on my company page. That was 3 days ago and still haven’t heard from them.


Kikolani, Thanks for writing this post at a critical moment like this. Sometimes you want to add a friend to your facebook friends list and before you know it, Facebook has blocked your account for some number of days. Now they even ask you why you want to contact the people you don’t know, and one of the options is “To make new friends”, and after telling them you want to make a new friend, they go ahead to block you.
Some of these sites are just run tyranically. You seem to be wasting your time, promoting them, but your right does not really exist.

They’re starting to take the approach that LinkedIn has – they don’t want you to connect with people you don’t know. I think you only get blocked when enough people mark you as someone they do not know when they choose to accept your friend request (or deny it).

hello kristi
thanks for this lifesaving post. i have had some serious issues with facebook and whenever i tried to find help i couldnt do this. so thanks for these links.but i would say that we should never take our social media accounts lightly otherwise it can create troubles

Amazing Kristi,
This is really nice research, I was looking for few of the support which you mention here, it’s helpful for me to add as a bookmark for future prospect.
Thanks for such a nice post..

Great post Kristi. We’ve had a couple ads get denied even though we’ve complied with all the listed guidelines and I couldn’t find the contact page. Thanks for providing it!

Hi Kristi,

Gosh, you have pack of valuable information that’s worth bookmarking and keeping. I’m tweeting this for my friends and myself.

Facebook must have been the hardest people to get a hold of. And thank God I haven’t have too much trouble in FB, Twitter, and other social media.

Thank you,

You would think having tons of forms for Facebook would make it easier, except for the fact that they hide them. It took some advanced search queries through Google just to find these. 🙂

I did tried to get in touch with twitter guys for impersonation issues. The company I work for had some major issues with fake IDs giving our official statements and all. We tried hard to get it verified too but all efforts were in vain. I hope the impersonation issue will be sorted out sooner now.

That’s awful. Verified accounts are tough to come by – I don’t think you can request them. You just have to wait for the Twitter team to deem the account qualified.

Hi Kristi,

I just made a comment in your Fetching Friday Mash Up last week and I was kinda hoping I can see another new post but then again, there wasn’t new. And as I was scouting out, my attention was drove to this post. The title was caught my attention. As a trend now a days, Social Media is the focus of almost all people in the planet and each day, people (like me) do have something to say about the services these social media gives. That is why I came to read this post to learn how to properly contact these social media sites when I get into trouble. Well I guess, contacting Facebook and Twitter won’t be relatively easy. Besides, they are on the top of the list in terms of Social Media. Well it can’t be helped but thanks for sharing this helpful information. Can wait to read another good post of yours this week. Cheers.

I made a major change in my strategy here. Instead of just making sure there’s a new post at a specific time interval, I’m just posting when I have something quality to share. I think that’s best for both me as a writer and the readers. 🙂

I hate it how these social media guys always send me a copy-paste reply to my emails. And most of the time, it’s a copy-paste of something I already read. It takes me about a week or two to get a real, human response.

I like this list Kristi! It is often a challenge to connect to the right customer service outlet, especially with Facebook. This article is perfect to bookmark on my computer for future reference. Thank you again 🙂

Wow wonderful that is a really helpful post. Specially I am having all the answers to my problems at one place. Surely will help others too. Now no need to search for these solutions just come to this site and click link and that is it. Thanks once again Kristi for posting this.

If all of our lives are going to move onto our social media accounts, we might as well have access to the people maintaining them to offer input. I think this is very helpful, and could achieve some real change if we take the time to offer solid suggestions. If you have something in mind that could make things easier, take advantage of this!

Wonderful, Kristi!

We often want to contact these social networks for obvious reasons, but couldn’t find any resource. This will definitely help all the people who’re looking for such.

Thanks for building the great list.

You’ve really given a great set of information that will help us. Many of us faced this type of problems while working with these social networks. I will be bookmarking this one. Thanks for sharing such a worthy post.

Wow great list, very usefull.
The other day i was looking around to find the Instagram support, they were so hard to find. Many websites said diffirent things. I Saved this page for later!

Instagram was tough for me to find too, especially now that they’re connected to Facebook. Some support still comes from Instagram direct, but some reroutes to Facebook now.

Great post.I am running some ad campaigns in facebook and i am looking to contact them for some issues with my ads and this article helped me find their contact details.Thank you

Kristi – my FB account was hacked a few weeks ago and it was a NIGHTMARE. took me about 5-6 days to get it restored and password reset. FB kept sending me around this endless loop to get a confirmation text message that I could not receive for some reason. Finally got it restored. This set of resources would have probably been invaluable! Bookmarking this for futre reference if needed. Thx!!

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