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How to Double your Income and Turn your Website into an Evergreen Automated Business While Working Less

Hey guys!

This is Hernan and first off I want to say a big THANK YOU to Kristi for the opportunity of letting me being part of this blog and adding value to this awesome community.

Today I wanted to share some of my experience when it comes to doubling your income, cutting work in half and pretty much turn your website into an automated income generator.

I know this statement sounds a bit bold, but it’s completely possible and attainable if you’re willing to do your homework.

I did it with several of my companies so far and it’s a repeatable process that can be followed step by step.

Turning your website into an automated income generator that you can scale is not that complicated. Actually it’s quite simple. These are the 4 steps to accomplish that:

  • Step 1: Send traffic to your website where you provide free value.
  • Step 2: Ask the visitor to subscribe and grow your email list.
  • Step 3: Keep providing value to that email list with follow up emails.
  • Step 4: Present them with an offer they can’t refuse.

That’s it! It’s that simple. However, simple doesn’t mean easy.

You need to work hard to turn your website into a cash generating machine that runs on autopilot 24/7.

And that’s why I’m here today: To help you in every step of the process so you can actually make this a reality.

So let’s dive right into it.

Step 1: Sending Traffic to a Super Valuable Website

Over the past 9 years I have been focusing mostly on SEO. That’s what I do and what I’ve done for clients and my own affiliate projects.

And I love it.

However, I understand it can be a bit of a pain to actually get it work. And with Google’s algorithms changing every couple of weeks, it makes it even harder and confusing.

Another issue with SEO is that it’s hardly scalable.

You can rank for more keywords, of course, but you cannot determine exactly how much traffic you’ll get from the big Search Engines.

Don’t get me wrong, I love SEO and I think it’s a source of traffic you need to leverage if you want to grow your business.

However, over the past 2 years I’ve been diving more and more into alternative sources of traffic, such as Google AdWords and Facebook Ads.

And that’s where my businesses skyrocketed.

Combining SEO with Facebook Ads can be deadly strategy, since you have the scalability and short term results PPC can give you, while you can still grow into the future with organic traffic and SEO.

We have traffic sources from all over the place. Leading are SEO and Facebook ads
We have traffic sources from all over the place. Leading are SEO and Facebook ads

So my advice is that you don’t think in terms of “Either OR” but rather in terms of “All and Everything”. Use every possible source of traffic out there and your results will multiply.

However, it’s not about the traffic. But rather how you manage it and convert it once it lands on your website.

Conversions - Optins - Based on traffic source
Conversions – Optins – Based on traffic source

Most of the time you don’t need more traffic. You just need to make your website convert better.

And one of the most impressive conversions techniques that I’ve found is actually providing value to the visitor the minute he or she lands on your website.

That’s why blogs, podcasts and video channels have so much success.

They provide the visitor with the opportunity to get to know you, read your valuable free content and subscribe to your email list.

And that’s where step 2 comes into play.

Step 2: Building your Email List from the Ground Up

This is where the magic happens.

While you are sending traffic to your website and sharing real world value for free, you are already positioning yourself as an authority in your niche.

However, I see many marketers that don’t have strong enough Call to Actions on their websites so that people can actually subscribe and get more awesome free value on their emails.

One of the main issues for that is that the typical “Subscribe to Get Updates” just doesn’t cut it anymore.

You need to give something in return for a visitor’s email.

This “something” is called Lead Magnet and it’s a piece of content that will elaborate on what you are saying on your blog.

In fact, your Lead Magnet should solve a specific problem on the spot. It should be something so valuable that you should be charging for it. Yet you aren’t.

It can be a report, an eBook, a pdf or slideshow. It can also be a blueprint, a cheat sheet or a mind map that will help you audience with a specific need they have right now.

For example, if you are in the dog training industry a lead magnet could be “10 Ways to Improve your Dog’s Health” or “The 5 Most Toxic Foods you can Give to your Dog”.

As you can see, these kinds of titles solve a specific issue with a set numbers of steps. And they work like a charm.

This is how our list started growing organically. By now we have around 2000-3000 new subscribers every month.
This is how our list started growing organically. By now we have around 2000-3000 new subscribers every month.

So go ahead and start brainstorming about your lead magnet and actually share them on your blog to see which one works best.

Step 3: Here Comes the Big Guy

So now you have a visitor turned into a subscriber. What happens next?

Besides being more intelligent with your traffic (by retaining a portion of it for later usage), you can actually start creating rapport with your subscriber.

And that’s the main point of this sales funnel.

As Frank Kern says: “The money is not in the list; the money is in the relationship you have with your list”. And I couldn’t agree more.

You see, when you start collecting emails you have a big opportunity to make someone’s life better, easier or more fun.

And that’s for me is priceless.

Now it’s the time to share real value with your audience. And you’ll still be doing it for free.

This is the Indoctrination Sequence after the Lead Magnet. We send 1 email in the morning and 1 email in the afternoon for the first 5 days.
This is the Indoctrination Sequence after the Lead Magnet. We send 1 email in the morning and 1 email in the afternoon for the first 5 days.

So over the past 3 contact points you had with a potential client, you gave away free value:

  • You gave away value when the visitor landed on your website.
  • You gave away value with your Lead Magnet
  • And now you are providing value with your email sequence.

In my opinion, the best thing you can do is to actually tell people that you will be sending out value from time to time.

In fact, I usually start with something called “Indoctrination Sequence”.

These 5 emails during 5 days sequence will help your subscriber know who you are, why should they trust you and how you can help them with your information.

Full disclosure; also tell them you will be selling them stuff at some point, so that they are not surprised. You don’t want to fake this or surprise anyone, do you?

On the other hand, you don’t want to burn your list by sending offer after offer of crappy untested affiliate products.

Make sure you are keeping your promise of delivering value. Otherwise there is a big chance people will unsubscribe, complaint or worse: they won’t pay attention to your emails.

Step 4: Present Them with an Irresistible Offer

As you can see, we are not pushing a sale up until this step.

By this time you should have an ever-growing email audience that’s warmed enough to be pitched.

It’s something like asking for a date before marriage. That’s exactly what we are doing here.

For this step I like to use webinars, which could be either live or recorded. If you are into full automation (like me) then recorded evergreen webinars is the way to go.

On that webinar you will provide your attendees with, guess what, more value!

You want to actually help people during the webinar, and letting them know you can help them further by actually helping them today.

By the end of the webinar, you can present them with a core offer (your main product or products you’re trying to sell) and it’s also advisable that you give away a deal or discount for attendees only.

This is the Actual Visitor to Atendee Conversion for a Webinar once they've opted in
This is the Actual Visitor to Atendee Conversion for a Webinar once they’ve opted in


And this is the actual webinar revenue ratio. Atendee to actual purchaser
And this is the actual webinar revenue ratio. Atendee to actual purchaser

Once the webinar is over you’ll have people that purchased and people who didn’t.

You want to follow up with those people that didn’t with even more value and reminding them of the offer you made during the webinar.

Let’s say that you want to sell a high ticket coaching program or a piece of software for small businesses.

You can say that just by being part of the webinar, people will get 15% discount only if they stay until the end.

And then on the follow up sequence you will remind them that you still have that offer active for them to take action.

Please remember that people usually don’t have you on their minds, so you need to remind them about your offer and services.

This is the step by step process I’ve used to grow my companies to over 6 figures in 6-8 months.

It’s really simple, but it does require work to set it all up.

Just remember: deliver free value, give away your best stuff and present them with an offer to change their lives.

Once you have your numbers dialed in (visitors, conversions, etc.), it’s just a matter of scaling your traffic and impacting more people for the better.

Hope you enjoyed this article and don’t forget to take ACTION today!

See you soon!


By Hernan Vazquez

I am an internet entrepreneur and SEO professional, helping businesses reach more audience by building highly profitable funnels and marketing strategies. Most of my companies are making well over 6 figures per year applying the techniques I teach at my Facebook group and You can also join me at Semantic Mastery for some groundbreaking SEO training.

23 replies on “How to Double your Income and Turn your Website into an Evergreen Automated Business While Working Less”

I very much like the model of providing value to users and then offering more value to those users for a price. You can build up your community and give those users value and an appreciation for what you can offer.

While leveraging those users/subscribers isn’t easy your suggestions provide a good start. I think many people think this leveraging their users is the hard part, but really they are not providing enough value that people are willing to pay. That is they didn’t invest enough in providing value and just hoped tactics would work by themselves – which can happen but is harder to do.

Nice post full of thought provoking info. I’ve made the newbie blogger mistake of not building an email list, mainly because I couldn’t figure out what to offer readers to encourage them to sign up. This post got me to thinking of several “freebies” to offer my readers.

There’s more information here than I can process at one time, but first things first…create the freebie.

Thanks for the information.

Hey Hernan, that’s a wonderful guide. You rightly said that the process is simple but not easy. The main problem that many face is targeting and attracting the right audience. What you do, what your audience wants, the offer, etc. all have to match with each other and this is not an easy thing to always come. The real value comes only upon understanding the audience.

Hernan, you make my day with this post. More money with less work? Sounds great! Now I have the info and the tools to get to that point thanks to your post. I hope I can get there myself, reading you sounds as an easy task but let’s see. al least I promise to try hard.

Thanks for your comment Isabel! For what I can see you have a huge potential on your blog and your niche to give away free value and implement this strategy. Do let me know how it goes!

Great article. SEO is ever changing, time consuming, and expensive. I have almost completely switched over to Facebook advertising and YouTube marketing. SEO is way easier for YouTube videos. I’m even converting my blogs to being more video centric.

I used to avoid email marketing like the plague. I felt like having a list to work on every day was not the hands free type of business I wanted. However, I’ve come to realize that I was leaving a fortune just sitting on the table. Now it’s at the core of my business.


Hey Mark! SEO is time consuming and expensive IF you’re not leveraging on it. I think it’s a blessing to have targeted visitors looking for your service. But you do need a backend in place to capture all of that traffic and don’t depend that much on SEO. Thanks for commenting!

Email lists can be somewhat problematic if you don’t offer your visitors something interesting when you send them a newsletter or something. As you said in your example, it’s good to base your website on a niche and them go forward with that, but getting users to your website is the big problem in the first place, even with well written articles.

What kind of suggestions do you have for that ?

Hey Linda,

The truth is that no matter what, people that are really interested in what you have to say will stay in your list. The rest will just unsubscribe or won’t pay attention to your emails.

Just be enticing and add value in every email. Write for the loyal people and ask them for feedback on how to make your articles even better. Add value and they’ll come 🙂


I couldn’t agree more! The relationship you build with the people on your list is the most important way to lead them toward purchasing your products or services. I also think – like you correctly noted – not enough people are utilizing intriguing calls-to-action to help them gain email subscribers. They may even have valuable content on their site, but without an enticing CTA, no one will ever sign up. Great post and looking forward to more!

Hey Bob! Thanks a lot for your words. You being a SEO like myself know better than anyone the importance of having a strong CTA and collect emails on your SEOd sites. So as to stop depending on Google to get traffic, leads and revenue so much. Thanks a ton for stopping by!

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