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How to Successfully Tweet a Call to Action

This is a guest post by Brandon Williams.

call to action tweets

Photo Credit: Scott Beale / Laughing Squid on Flickr

Twitter is an amazing tool for promotion and marketing for every aspect whether it is for business purposes or for blogging.

This is a guest post by Brandon Williams.

call to action tweets

Photo Credit: Scott Beale / Laughing Squid on Flickr

Twitter is an amazing tool for promotion and marketing for every aspect whether it is for business purposes or for blogging. Another successful method is using a “call to action” in order to get people to check out what it is you have to offer. So, how do you take two successful tools in marketing and add them together to form a tweet that successfully puts out a call to action to users on the social media network?

Well, here is where you, as a business executive or blogger, get to be creative in deciding which technique you’d like to go with when tweeting a call to action.

There’s plenty of potential for you to get people to follow your call to action instructions with techniques that make it more likely for users to do what you need them to do. Start off by figuring out what it is you want to accomplish with your call to action. Do you want users to retweet your blog, or maybe even go to the blog and interact? Or as a business owner, do you want users to make a purchase on your website?

Now that you know what you want to accomplish with your tweet, here is a guide on some techniques you can use in order to reach your goal for your call to action.

Make it Clear

Your call to action should be clear to all users who are going to see your tweet. Users should know what you want them to do without having to decipher some kind of secret coding in your writings. If you want them to retweet something, tell them. Same goes if you want them to click on your link and check out your website.

Make your call to action clear so that it appears something like this:

“Retweet this website (link)”

Of course something that simple doesn’t have the same chance of being effective as something that is much more creative, but that is where the next tip comes in.

Give an Incentive

Everybody loves when they can get a little something for completing that call to action that you ask of them. So, what better way to reach your goal than to offer users who complete your call to action something that you can afford without losing too much in your revenue. Say you have the opportunity to give away an iPad that you either bought specifically for this call to action or someone donated to you, here is the chance to alter your tweet with the call to action and the incentive to look something like this:

“Retweet this website (link) for a chance to win a new iPad!”

That little change increases your chances of having your call to action completed.

Add Urgency

You don’t want this marketing campaign to drag on too long, so adding urgency to your call to action will get more people completing the task in a shorter amount of time. Whether it be a set deadline or something more generic like “offer ends soon”, giving people a sense of urgency will make it so they don’t pass over your tweet to come back to it later. They’ll see the call of action, the incentive and the deadline and complete the call of action immediately.

This alters your tweet even more and will look like this:

“Retweet this website (link) for a chance to win a new iPad! Offer ends tomorrow at 1 P.M.”

It’s a simple addition, but results will come quicker. Of course, any deadline you set is up to you.

Stand Out

The best part about using Twitter as part of a marketing campaign is all the resources that the social media network leaves to your disposal. The main tool is the hashtag, which changes font color and signifies the main attraction of the tweet to what you want to stand out and make more noticeable for search results. In this case, your call to action and incentive are perfect candidates to become hashtag terms.

Using this tool will enhance the call to action and incentive to the forefront of your tweet, making it clear what you want the user to do and exactly what they will get for doing so. It is also useful to adding topics to the tweet. In this case, say you’re a blogger writing a blogging advice column; this is what you would tweet to users.

“#Retweet this website (link) for a chance to win a new #iPad! Offer ends tomorrow at 1 P.M. #blogging #tips”

This will increase your search query results and give everyone the perfect idea of what your blog is about.

In Conclusion

It all boils down to this: use your call of action to get things done. What other tips would you suggest when it comes to call-to-action tweeting?

By Brandon Williams

Brandon Williams writes for, a part of the AdMedia network which helps developers monetize browser extensions.

11 replies on “How to Successfully Tweet a Call to Action”

The strategies that you’ve mentioned here are applicable to pretty much any CTA, Twitter included. In my experience though, with Twitter, you need to work on getting a fairly-large following initially (i.e. number of people following you), and I feel that given how Twitter functions, you might also need to ‘spam’ the same tweet – by this I mean send the same tweet every other hour or after every 2 hours, for instance, since a potential customer who might not have seen your tweet the first time around might see it when it goes out again. HootSuite and Buffer and great tools to schedule tweets.

Hi Brandon,

Great tips, I know a lot of people are struggling with getting their followers to take action, whether it’s retweeting or clicking the link in the tweet.

But I think the key to this is to actually build a community with your followers, always engage with them. If you help them their more likely to help you by retweeting or by reading your blog posts or something.

Thank you for posting this Brandon, have a great day.Take care.


Incentives is what I was thinking about too. That can have a profound effect on your followers.

I always like to make it clear and add “Please reTweet” to the tweet I send out.

Gives them a little command 🙂

Offering an incentive will generally get more interest and help you see more action. Sometimes they work, and sometimes people don’t spend more than 2 seconds with it because they are primarily interested in whatever the incentive happens to be. If you are looking for tweets or retweets then it certainly can get you this.

Thanks. Glad you liked it! Hope it helps.

And yes, building a fan base is essential, which is a part of the RTing process on Twitters. More views = more potential followers.

Great tips but not everyone has a free iPad or whatever to give away and even fewer have enough to give away with every tweet.

Unfortunately there is only so much you can do with a limited amount of characters. I would say the call to action would be to get them to your blog or squeeze page where you’re not limited by s any such character limitation. Of course the iPad would help but not having one at had I’m going to have to be a lot more creative. Nothing much I come up with has worked all that well lately 😉

Sire – That is a great point, but you can improvise. The iPad is just an incentive, but you can always offer something else. A free service, free tips, etc. Something that you know you can giveaway without hurting your budget.

For instance, I saw a tweet in which the person was giving away three ghost written articles or their service as a blogger. It got quite a bit of responses.

This is just another example of one of those things that seems really difficult but it is in fact is very simple. If it still doesn’t help you then you might have more bots following you than real people. 🙂

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