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How to Improve Your Website Rankings in Search Results

There’s no secret that the amount of traffic depends on the position in the search results. In its turn, company’s profit depends on the amount of traffic. Many SEO specialists at the beginning of their careers are struggling to find some additional sources for promotion. Sometimes even experienced SEOs face this same problem.


In this article we will focus on how to fix site’s flaws and errors, improve site’s positions in the search results, and acquire considerably more traffic.


How to make an optimization plan


Starting with self-improvement, you make the environment better. Therefore, our plan of the site’s improvement aims to identify sources for internal promotion, namely:


  1. determination of functional and technical errors of the site;
  2. elimination of this errors by order of priority.


After detecting the site’s problems, we will identify external sources of traffic:


  1. we will find perspective competitors who rank high in the search results;
  2. analyze their resources and highlight interesting chips and solutions;
  3. borrow rivals’ ideas and implement them on our website.


In order to carry out both parts of our promotion plan (internal and external optimization) we will use Serpstat.


How to find and solve internal problems of the website

Registering on the site and creating a project to work on is enough to conduct an audit of defects. After login, we are going to List of Projects section, which is located in the upper right corner of the home page. Go to Serpstat and click the Create New Project button, then add the domain address and the name of the project.

Serpstat - Analyze. Optimize. Maximize - Dashboard Projects


Now click the Start Audit button and configure the settings. In our example, we analyze the site We carry out an audit of 1,000 pages, including subdomains.


Time of audit depends on the chosen configurations but usually takes no longer than 20 minutes.

The first page with results is a summary, which shows how well a domain is optimized. Our sample domain contains a lot of errors and more than 25% are critical. It will take lots of time to fix them all.

Serpstat - Analyze. Optimize. Maximize - Dashboard Projects

To find out how problems are allocated by the website’s functionality, we scroll down the page. We see that is experiencing problems mostly with Headings, Redirects and especially with Meta Tags. - Dashboard Reports

First of all, let’s figure out what sort of problems we are having with Meta Tags. We know that these tags are used by search engine to compile snippets (text blocks that describe the theme of the site, and present it in the search results). 

In our sample case, most of the shortcomings are connected with titles that are too long. Our second biggest problem (or rather Shopify’s) is with descriptions that are either too long or too short . Issues with missing descriptions and duplicating titles aren’t so widespread, but still need to be fixed given that these types of errors are of high priority.

All the detailed information can be found by pushing More details button under the extended description of each issue. - Dashboard Reports

Moreover, you can download it in any convenient format to ease the future working process. - Dashboard Reports

Next, we focus on problems with Redirects. As we can see there are no critical problems but it still requires attention for better performance. Pushing the More details button, you’ll find a links list with all the wrong redirects. - Dashboard Reports

Now, lets move on to the errors with Headings. All flaws here are marked with the highest priority level. So it is necessary to fix them immediately. Again, to find out what specific pages are missing H1 headers you can click on the drop-down list’s icon and click on the More details button. - Dashboard Reports

Eliminating all major SEO errors on the regular basis is the key to the long-term development of a website. If it’s convenient for visitors, your website credibility and the brand awareness will increase. Thus, increasing the site’s traffic and positions in search results.

How to find good ideas and implement them on your site


Now it’s necessary to add something that was not presented on your website before. A completely new useful and functional feature or a design solutions.

The best source for such ideas is your direct competitors. They will always push you to self-improvement because you will always have to be able to perfect them.

To find all the good stuff and original ideas of your competitors on any topic we will reserve to the keyword research. What? Keyword research? Bear with me, ok. Let’s take the phrase “electronics us” as our broad match sample.

Let’s navigate to Keyword Research —> SEO-analysis —> Top Pages. We got the most prospective pages that are relevant to the queried keyword. Now if we sort our results by the level of their potential traffic likeso:

The list of pages

We will have the top pages that use the original functionality and design to get promoted in the search. Our next step would be to go for it and borrow the best ideas from these pages.

For example, let’s pass through the very first link in our example. The site attracts attention with its design and functionality: minimalist style; easily accessible contact number; beautiful fonts; comfortable placement of the site sections; big beautiful picture etc.


Bonus Tip: Choose an Ace-in-the-Pocket Niche

Justin L. Morgan, dental SEO specialist says,”Each niche is different. For instance, in the dental niche, almost no one is actively building backlinks to dental websites. If you’re the only one creating link-worthy content, and you’re the only one building relationships with bloggers and journalists in the dental field, you’re going to have an ace in the hole as far as outranking other dentists in your area.”


To promote the site in the search results you need to detect, examine, and correct all of its errors and shortcomings. In order to do that, we first carried out the comprehensive resource analysis. Then we identified our problems and grouped them by a level of priority. 

Site audit and the solution of detected problems will certainly help your site promotion in the search results. That way more actionable than relying on shady schemes offered by shady SEOs in the dark places of the internet.  Always remember that regular inspection of your site is the key to its technical stability and will ameliorate your site’s user experience.

It is also necessary to use both internal reserves as well as external. That’s why you should analyze competitors in the search, find their top solutions, and adopt their best ideas on our site.


By Ivan Filimonov

SEO/PPC specialist at Netpeak Group, marketing consultant for ecommerce.

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About implementing ideas from competitors: what if their design is really not so good (or at least not what I want to do myself), but they simply rank so high because they started so many years ago?

Hi Angelika,
There are no matter that they are started many years ago, You should have good on page and off page seo, social signals and minimum of PA 20 and DA 15.
That’s it You will get ranked in Google on first page.

DA, PA, domain’s age are surely important. But that doesn’t mean you can’t attract quality traffic to your site. If you’re a newish resource, it’s best that you focus on your content strategy. And don’t forget about seo audit.

Hi Evan,
Great post! SERP ranking is the first thing everyone needs to optimize their site for and I guess this guide pretty much sums the process.

Site audits are really necessary as health checkups are for the overall performance of the site.


Hi Ivan,
Thanks for this great article for improve search engine ranking, A good strategy of generating internal and external backlinks is very useful for higher search engine ranking.
Please mention a good backlink generating strategy in this post.

Hey Vijay!
Thank you for your comment. I will certainly add a few good strategies for this matter.

Hi Ivan,
Your ideas is awesome and great. Especially optimization plan in detecting error and eliminating error through priority is nice. Because each and every one has error. It will work perfectly who struggle in beginners. And also our website should look attractive and easy to access.
Thank You,

Long and informative post. Building external backlinks and internal backlinks works really great for me. After building some quality backlinks, now my blog is on Google’s first page for many competitive keywords. Thanks for the awesome share.

Hey Ivan,
Thanks for this amazing important article and thanks for your hard work and great efforts, Keep it up!

Keyword research is very important factor if you want to higher search engine rankings then you should do some keyword research before writing any article.

I am using Google keyword planner!

~ Vijay Kumar

Surely, SEO takes time to produce results. But starting on the right foot, targeting right keywords, and auditing your site’s performance is crucial. If you want quickly assess results for certain keywords, you can try running ad campaigns on them just to know what to expect once you get rankings for them organically.

Does meta tag matter that much.. I mean description may be but meta keywords don’t anymore. Content as usual is the most important thing, part from that having the most searched words (for a particular content) in the title and occurring few times in the content helps.

This is an interesting blog. You have a great tool for SEO and i also like how well it is explained. Analyzing competitors strategy is always good but it is better to come up with your own. Make them behind by following you.

Serpstat is an excellent tool for deep analysis of any site. Thanks a lot for your step by step tutorial. I will follow your guidance to improve search rankings of my blog.

Have a good day !

Amazing tips Bro, it is more valuable post that you have shared past, although those all great too bit it is more beneficial for me to improving my website ranking and search results. Thanks for sharing this and keep posting in future like this. Thanks once again.

Hi Ivan,

The article you shared is really very important for all the website because just having a website will not benefit any business. The customer should know about the website and for that website should rank in the search engine. Thank you for sharing these methods to improve the website ranking.

Well this is one of the best informative blog i have read so far .Thanks for the helping and if you are looking for the Hospital uniforms manufacturer in India then you must visit buttons&bows.

Hi Evan,
Great post! SERP ranking is the first thing everyone needs to optimize their site for and I guess this guide pretty much sums the process.

Site audits are really necessary as health checkups are for the overall performance of the site.


It is very informative article. This SEO audit is useful for beginners to correct their mistakes. You gave good ideas and implementation methods to do on page optimization.

Thank you

Glad to be helpful,

Auditing your site, however, isn’t just for beginners. Established businesses, especially the one with high amount of pages being added and edited, like, for example, ecommerces, rely heavily on SEO audit. They use tools that offer automation in this action and work with scheduled reports on errors all the time to stay on the top.

This post is very informative. Thank you for this amazing article. It has really helped to me to understand how we can improve the ranking. Specially the use of images to make it clear and understandable is really appreciated.

Many capable tools for that. You can try Netpeak Spider or Screaming Frog. Both are dedicated and crawlers. Sersptat is primarily for rank tracking and finding profitable keywords and researching competitors but also has decent SEO audit tool on board so you can also use that.

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