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Lenovo ThinkCentre M90z Review & Chance to Win

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how I chose products to review, and one of the main reasons I chose to review the ThinkCentre M90z is that I would be able to give one away to a lucky reader. I am excited to say that the time has come!

Review of the Lenovo ThinkCenter M90z

First of all, let’s start with my own personal review of this computer.


The first thing I absolutely love about this machine is the design. Now I no longer have to be jealous of my husband and his iMac.

Lenovo ThinkCentre M90z Workstation

As many of you know, I’m not a big fan of clutter and I feel that too much clutter can actually be counter productive. There’s nothing like a desktop that is built right into the monitor and only really requires a power cord plus cables for the keyboard and mouse. And the latter two can be eliminated easily enough with a wireless keyboard and mouse set.

Tech Specs & Performance

Next, let’s discuss the specs. The machine I am reviewing came with a lot of hard drive space, Windows 7 64-bit operating system, 4 GB of ram, and a Intel Core i5-650 3.20GHz processor. The screen resolution is a kick-ass 1920×1200.

This machine definitely gets the job done as far as speed. Especially since I have been getting into photography, one thing I learned is that you have to have a high performance machine with a great display, otherwise it makes processing your photos with four different pieces of software a real challenge.

Update: The contest has ended. Please continue reading for my review of this desktop.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how I chose products to review, and one of the main reasons I chose to review the ThinkCentre M90z is that I would be able to give one away to a lucky reader. I am excited to say that the time has come!

Review of the Lenovo ThinkCenter M90z

First of all, let’s start with my own personal review of this computer.


The first thing I absolutely love about this machine is the design. Now I no longer have to be jealous of my husband and his iMac.

Lenovo ThinkCentre M90z Workstation

As many of you know, I’m not a big fan of clutter and I feel that too much clutter can actually be counter productive. There’s nothing like a desktop that is built right into the monitor and only really requires a power cord plus cables for the keyboard and mouse. And the latter two can be eliminated easily enough with a wireless keyboard and mouse set.

Tech Specs & Performance

Next, let’s discuss the specs. The machine I am reviewing came with a lot of hard drive space, Windows 7 64-bit operating system, 4 GB of ram, and a Intel Core i5-650 3.20GHz processor. The screen resolution is a kick-ass 1920×1200.

This machine definitely gets the job done as far as speed. Especially since I have been getting into photography, one thing I learned is that you have to have a high performance machine with a great display, otherwise it makes processing your photos with four different pieces of software a real challenge.


Ok, as anyone knows, no computer is perfect. No Mac, no Dell, no laptop, no netbook, etc. Every machine has it’s little quirks.

Keep in mind that I’m not sure if it’s the computer or Windows 7, as I didn’t have a lot of Windows 7 experience before this desktop, but here are a few little “fun” things I have encountered with my M90z.

  • If you leave a flash drive, external hard drive, etc. in the USB drive when it’s booting up, it will try to boot from that USB drive and not find a bootable partition. And then just sit there till you power it down and unplug the USB drive.
  • If the computer has gone to sleep, it takes a moment to wake up. Sometimes the mouse will move and you can see everything on the screen, but can’t click on it.
  • If you have cats, you may want to disable the touchscreen feature. My cats often walk up and rub on the monitor, thus clicking on links and moving windows out of place.

That’s really about it in the way of quirks I’ve run into so far, and with my history with computers, I’d say that’s pretty damn good!

What I Have Installed on My M90z

So what’s inside my toolbox for blogging, social media, and photography? Here’s what software I have installed on my desktop. Please note that premium product links are affiliate links to Amazon or other vendor sites – I love each piece of software and would highly recommend any of them.

General Stuff


SEO Stuff

Website Stuff

  • Gimp – Free image editing software I use for screenshots mostly.
  • Notepad ++ – Free editor that works well with coding.
  • Filezilla – Free FTP utility.

Photography Stuff

Enter to Win a New Lenovo ThinkCentre M90z

Now what you’ve really been waiting for. Here’s your chance to win the ThinkCentre M90z for your own home, office, or home-office. The only people not eligible to win are the people who have won in previous giveaways of this computer. For everyone else, all you have to do is the following:

Comment on this post and tell me why you want to win this desktop! Entries (and comments) are now closed!

If you want some additional bonus points, also do the following and include that you did it in your comment. Standard blogging contest procedures.

#1 Click to tweet this post with the hashtag #kikolaniM90z.
#2 Like this post on Facebook using the social sharing buttons up top or below the post.
#3 Signup for the Kikolani mailing list (or let me know if you are already subscribed).
#4 Subscribe to posts via email (or let me know you are already subscribed).
#5 Like Kikolani on Facebook (or let me know if you are already a fan).
#6 Follow me @kikolani (or let me know if you already are).

And for my photography fans…

#7 Subscribe to my photography blog via email.

Simple enough, yes? Each one of the above items and the comment count as an entry! So don’t miss out on this great opportunity. Entries (and comments) are now closed! Entries will be accepted until Thursday, May 12th at 6 PM MST (Arizona time). The winner will be has been announced in this week’s Fetching Friday post!

And if you aren’t interested, be sure to let your friends know so they can get in on the chance to win!

A few disclaimers. I’m not quite sure what the specs are on the machine that is going to be sent to the winner just yet. It will be a ThinkCentre M90z, but maybe with a different hard drive size, memory, etc. Also, the winner will be drawn randomly using some spreadsheet sorting and

By Kristi Hines

Kristi Hines is a freelance writer, professional blogger, and ghostwriter who specializes in business and marketing topics.

148 replies on “Lenovo ThinkCentre M90z Review & Chance to Win”

That monitor looks huge in those pictures, Kristi. I like the idea of not having a desktop box to take up space. I’ve had mine under the desk and on it, but it always seems to be in the way. Clearing up all of that space would be a definite plus. My concern would be what happens if the monitor goes out? Can you still use the computer by hooking another monitor up to the computer?

I’d love to win this desktop to clean up the clutter on my desk, and to see if my cat looks as cute as yours do next to it. πŸ˜‰

I’ve already done numbers 3, 4, 5, & 6. Your content is so great there was no need for a contest for me to do those. I’ll be doing #1 & #2 as soon as I hit submit.

Thanks for the great review.

I want to win this desktop because our current desktop is getting old and running out of hard drive space for all the photo editing that I am doing. This would be a perfect replacement.

I have done #1, 2 and 6 for bonus points.

About the UBS device boot-up quirk you mentioned, I believe it’s a configuration in the setup of the machine itself relating to boot-up sequence. If you do not intend to boot from a USB drive that often but needs it to plugged most of the time then you can simply disable it from the boot-up sequence.

And now for the contest, I have done points 1, 2 (this will be my first time endorsing a Like to my Facebook), 3 (I have subscribed since last week), 4, 5, 6 (I’m already an avid follower), and 7. So I guess I have completed my checklist for an early Christmas!

I would love to win this New Lenovo ThinkCentre M90z but not for myself, but for my lovely turning 8-year-old daughter who has been asking me to upgrade her old desktop. So if I win this, it will really be a great birthday gift for her. And on the side, I will have something to blog about. πŸ™‚

Yes, that should be in the bios setup. Try hitting F2? if I remember correctly and you can change which devices a PC uses as boot options. Usually after a set amount of time a boot should move on to the next configured device. That is definitely NOT a user-friendly setup especially for less experienced computer users.

I did all the entries but since I don’t use Windows I would like to pass and let others have a better chance of winning. I would LOVE to do a similar giveaway for a company that sells PCs using Linux Mint or Ubuntu. I know of one but there must be others out there. I’m going to hope they check out this contest and read my comment. πŸ™‚

Thanks for allowing me to join!

I already did the “bonus points” procedures:

#3 Signed up using the same name and email I use here to comment.
#4 Subscribed using the same email I use here to comment.
#5 A long time fan of the blog. I already liked it long time ago ( hope you remember I’m the one who emailed you about the broken link of your Facebook profile posted here at your blog πŸ˜‰ )
#6 A long time follower (mistakenly called you as Karen instead of Kristi)

The reason why I really want to win this desktop is because, I can’t really afford to buy a good desktop like this. Knowing that I am living in a 3rd world country, the salary or compensation here is way low compare to the others.

As of now, I am using a low end pc with a low end internet connection. Even though I am using such kind of machines to do my work, I always do my best to catch up with the deadlines of all tasks given to me.

If I will be lucky enough to win this desktop, I am quite sure it will really help me a lot at my daily work/tasks.

We’ve been subscribers for a short while via Google Reader and have enjoyed many of your recent posts. However, we are first time commenters (I think).

Our old desktop is a 7 year old Sony Tower which is pretty much unfit for working with the video content we like to produce for our puppy training blog.

I’m going to go ahead and complete items 1 through 7 as well to maximize my chances of winning.

Thanks for the review!

I agree – the monitor looks enormous, and I would LOVE a touch screen (no cats either, so it’s a benefit). Not to mention I could stop worrying so much about my kids crashing my laptop (which would definitely damage my blogging for clients for too long). I want to win. πŸ™‚

So, for the record, I tweeted and liked and followed, and I already subscribe to the newsletter via email. I’m off to subscribe to posts via email too. I really love your newsletter and it’s a must-read every week. Thanks for holding this very cool contest!

I’m a teacher and would love to get this into the hands of my junior high math/computer literacy students. On a previous contest site I saw that the Lenovo is very portable considering its size, so I would love to be able to transport it to the study hall at the end of the day for remedial work and/or enrichment.

I could transform my office space into a working office. With this beautiful setup I could free up desk space and quite possibly the second monitor that i work with. Would LOVE a touch screen too!

Hi Kristi,

I do some web design and digital photograpy and my wife does digital scrapbooking. We’re combining our talents to be able to create things like wedding albums that are unique and customized to each couple (as well as other events). We both currently have old 22″ CRT monitors that dim the lights every time we turn them on – not to mention being able to heat the room with them! Anyway the space and energy savings is only part of it. It woud be great to be able to take the Lenovo to a client’s location and review their pics/albums and make adjustments real-time right in front of them!

I’ve done items 2, 3, 4, 5,and 7 from your blog as well.


I would love to win this gorgeous system to help me with my grad work, my tutoring, and also my fledgling bookkeeping business. It would be wonderful to upgrade to something so sleek and functional!

I tweeted:

I signed up to your mailing list and confirmed.

I signed up for your feedburner emails.

I liked your facebook page (Rust Hawk).

I am following you on twitter @rusthawk2.

Thanks so much for a chance to own this wonderful system!


I share a single laptop with my entire family and love to have an extra PC to offer an alternative if the laptop is in use. From the look at the specs of this machine – I’m guessing the laptop would become the alternative.


Shannon Sumner

I’ve done #1, #2, #4

This looks great – I’ve been needing a new computer – so sign me up for a contest entry please!

And, yes, as someone else mentioned – when you boot the machine up, after it has completed the self-test, but before Windows starts loading, you should see something like “Press to enter setup” (it might be ESC or F12 or some other key).

If you enter setup, look for Boot options – you just need to re-order the boot options so that you boot from the C: drive first, and the USB drive second.

woops! apparently your blog comments don’t like markup!

should be “Press DEL to enter setup” πŸ™‚

Hello and thanks for this great opportunity!
I have done it all, I hope!
I follow you as Natureitis and have subscribed using above email.
It would be so awesome to win this as I am a keen budding photographer and this would help me immensely. I also just love the cats! Some of mine will soon be making their way on the web!
Thanks again for all your wonderful work in all avenues!

I’d like to win this computer because I’m starting a new business. I’ve been working for other people over the last decade and I’m ready to do my own thing full time. Having this PC would really benefit my startup.

I’m tired of making the other guys rich and then they flush the company and business I created. I decided that in order to get the results I want in life I’m going to have to take the bull by the horns. I’m working on revitalizing the business that I started then shelved almost four years ago to work for yet another underfunded startup.

I would really enjoy this computer and look forward to possibly winning it. I really think starting my new business with this PC would greatly enhance my productivity and help me get going.

Thank you for your time and professional courtesy.

Hi Bruce,

I have a suggestion for you. Read the post I’ll put in CommentLuv in this comment for information about why a group geo-targeted niche blog can bring you clients, benefit your local community and economy, and provide you a way to earn a living without having to continually seek out more work.

Hi Kristi,

Done all what you said from 1 to 6.

7. I was following you long way before when I saw your post on Social Media Examiner.

Really, excited for this contest as this is my first time I’m taking part in any of the web contest. Saw several contest running nowadays over internet but your contest seems to be different & that Lenovo ThinkCenter M90z desktop as a prize. Who on earth doesn’t want to win that?

Never tried lenovo products before as I’m always prefering Samsung & LG but this desktop looks kindof different & its itching me to put my hands on it. Really loved that clutter free working area. The looks portraying that extensive graphic works can be done without any hassle.

All the best for the winner.


I’ve completed numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7 for multiple entries.

Three reasons I’d love to win this Lenovo are:

1. I’m planning to home school my son for preschool, along with several other families – in a co-op of sorts. The touch screen feature would be awesome for 3 and 4 year old to manipulate!

2. I love the portability of this computer. My hobby, and hopeful business someday, is to test out recipes and create cookbooks. Having this computer’s portable features would allow me to use this in the kitchen, my office, or outside while the kids are playing.

3. Finally, I’d love this computer for it’s updated technology. Our laptop is about 5 years old and is so slow I can only check e-mail — and even that tests my patience! We’re on a strict budge since I’m a stay-at-home-mom, so the “gift” of this computer would be awesome!

Thanks so much for the consideration,

Thanks for this opportunity! I completed #3, 4 and 7 and look forward to following your blogs. There are many reasons I would like to own this awesome machine, but none more than the fact that I hope to use it in my classroom. I teach Transitional Kindergarten for a very small private school. These kiddos are emerging readers and are really curious about the world of numbers and letters. I imagine being able to use this computer in the classroom to enhance the curriculum we use. We have NO electronic technology in our room and the touch screen and the size would be a magical experience for them! What an interactive and exciting way to teach little minds!! The portability would make it super easy to transport from home to school each day too!

I’m a graduating senior in college and as I head into the world I would greatly appreciate a new computer. This Lenovo is particularly attractive as the touch screen will make it easier for me to scroll through multiple websites and look up multiple things rapidly.

I’m a student, and I’ve an old box that I use for doing my home work, which is getting too obsolete, and it’s very sluggish and I started getting hardware errors and these stuff, but I can’t buy a new one, so this computer would greatly suit my needs.
I’ve done the extra bonus stuff πŸ™‚

To facebook, I clicked the like button from the account Kostantinia Kostiu

Hi Kristi,
I really need the Lenovo. I was just beginning my home business with a second-hand, old, slow, bulky monster of a computer (a dinosaur). It would freeze every time I click a button. It just up and died on me….CRASH! Just like that I was left high and dry. Now my business is in limbo – no computer. I have to run clear across town to my sister every time I need to work on the computer. This Lenovo with all that speed and technology, that beautiful, huge monitor, plus a touch screen would do wonders for my business. I would get so much more done in half the time it took me with the oldie I had. I’ve done steps #3, 4 and 7. Believe me, I would’ve done the rest, but I don’t have a Facebook or Twitter account since my computer was dying a slow, painful death and refused to work overtime. When I get the Lenovo, I will follow through with the other steps.

I would love to have this desktop because I have plans for my classroom. I am a teacher and with the economy such as it is, funds are limited, so trying to win is my goal. I think the wonderful capabilities of this computer will enhance my instruction as well as bring new opportunities to my students.
Also, I did all of the 7 items listed for extra entries. Hopefully this will help as I have been entering since this whole program started. Thanks

I want this desktop because the Lenovo ThinkCenter M90z removes clutter on the desktop so you can have more working space area. The spec is also enough for most users (my desktop has roughly the same spec although not too sure what the included graphic card is in this one). Would love to have it because I want my main desktop to be Windows based but having a similar look like an iMac πŸ˜›

I’ve done number 1, 5, and 6

I’m not sure of the exact specs of the contest desktop at this time Michael. Should be at least the basic version they offer on their site, although I’m hoping it’s the same configuration as mine. Upgrading the memory is usually only $100 and hard drive shouldn’t be too bad either.

I want this laptop because I think it would be so useful in helping gain acedemic success as I am so close to graduating high school. Having the Lenova ThinkCenter M90z would free up so much space for books & supplies, and would really keep me organized ultimately allowing me to focus more on school. I am very familiar with windows 7 and have always loved the styles of mac’s but have never been able to afford them, especially with trying to save for college.
I completed steps 2-5 and then wrote this.

I want to win this computer because mine is slow and getting old. My current computer takes up too much space. I would love to have a much sleeker one like this. I never had a touch screen monitor and think that would be fun to try (I don’t have cats).

I have done:
and I already follow you on twitter #6

Thanks for the awesome contest and chance to win.

I am a high school science teacher and the computer that I have at school has a graphics card that lags when running Google Earth and can not run Google Body Browser. This computer would be a great addition to my classroom and allow me to use those (and other) tools with my students with an intuitive touch screen.

I also liked this post and liked you on Facebook.

My son needs a more powerful PC so that he can play some of the more recent games, at 7 years old the crusty laptop he has can’t support DirectX 11. Not probably the best reason to want to win a computer, but if I won it I would give it as a birthday gift to my son as his 8th birthday present.

Thanks for the great giveaway! I would like to win because my current main computer is almost 5 years old and is running pretty poorly recently. I had to reformat and reinstall last weekend because there were just so many problems including blue screens every few hours.

In addition, the CPU and video card on this computer is pretty weak and I can’t run some of the latest programs properly, like Google Earth (and definitely not any of the latest games).

I have shared this post on Twitter under the username ‘yangbrian’.
I have liked your Facebook page and followed you on Twitter for a long time already.
I have subscribed to your newsletter and email feed using the same email as this comment.

I would love to win this lenovo desktop. We are in desperate need of upgrading the pc we use at the shelter and we really cant afford to upgrade with our razor thin budget and all. I volunteer to help run their system and phones and this would
help us out and everyone who has to use the shelter here. Thanks so much for the chance!

Hey Kristi,
I’m starting to shop around for a new computer, and I have to say, the idea of one of these desktops with the monitor built in never used to appeal to me, but the technology has gotten to be such that it’s not a big sacrifice in terms of functionality anymore. And living in a small house where space is a commodity, makes this Lenovo one very attractive. That screen! It would be so nice to work on illustration projects on something as nice and vast as that screen πŸ™‚

2 done
3 just joined the mailing list
4 I’ll skip this one because I’m one of the four people left who still uses RSS πŸ™‚
5 already a fan
6 already following

Hello Kristi,
Its a big offer and no one can deny from it including me.
I want this machine as I need it, I am a blogger but using a very old computer P-III with only 512MB RAM. I could not buy a new one so would be grateful to you if I get it.

I’ve never seen this tech yet of Lenovo. But I liked how it looked in the photos, and the cats are cute.

I take my chances by joining your contest now. Having subscribed to your leads is for the win already. More power!

The idea of the touch screen is pretty awesome. Kitties just love all those wonderful opportunity for hilarity to ensue, don’t they? My Rumbles loves to chase the arrow on my screen when I move the mouse around; of course, I use my teenie netbook, and his big sumo paws knock it over every time. =)

I’ll bow out of this one, much as it pains me because I sooooo need a machine for work that doesn’t sound like it’s going to rattle apart every time I turn it on, but still; it’s such a pretty computer!


I’m currently using an old laptop with obsolete specs and its slow performance really takes a toll on doing anything with it. I would love to win the Lenovo M90z because its a powerful and capable pc which will make my life easier. Thanks.

#2 liked post on facebook
#3 signed up for the mailing list
#4 subscribed to posts via email
#5 liked Kikolani on facebook @james semaj
#6 followed on twitter @88k8y
#7 subscribed to photography blog

Just putting together a real live office in my home (been working out of the family room up til now) and a new clutter free PC would be an excellent addition. Thanks for this opportunity! Love your blog and posts…nice to see a popular woman blogger!

Have completed all 7 steps above for those extra chances!

Thanks Kristi for all that you do!

I need this desktop because my poor PC is about 6 years old and filled to capacity! It runs slow and everything must now be saved to my external hard drive. This would be a dream come true! =)

Why do I want to win?

Think three kids, ages 10, 11, 12. Think one laptop and two very old, very slow desktops that are used for nothing but storage now. Think many fights! Nuff said! πŸ™‚

For the bonus entries:

1. I’m a subscriber by email!
2. I liked you on Facebook!
3. I retweeted your post
4. I’m following you on Facebook!

Thanks very much! πŸ™‚

Hi Kristi!
What an awesome opportunity you have here! You really make this hard to resist – touch screen monitor? Really?!
I’m already a newsletter subscriber, I’ve like KikoLani on FB, I’ve Liked this post, Tweeted it, I already follow you on Twitter and here’s my comment expressing my wish to be entered into this super-cool giveaway!!

My computer is so old the gerbil powering it died. I tried to use a mouse to run on the wheel but they didn’t give me enough power and trying to train a new gerbil has just been too hard this time around sigh.

I’d love to win this desktop! But, if I don’t — how about donating me that lovely white chair of yours? I love it!

Although I don’t suppose any of us *need* a desktop, I come pretty darn close to it. I am starting up a home-business and do not have a good computer to work with. If I won one, I’d be eternally grateful!

Hi Kristi,
This is a very good review; it hits all the right notes including things that aren’t perfect about the Lenovo. I had never heard of a monitor with the whole CPU inside! What a concept, and touch-screen too.

I have done steps 1-6 (already subscribed/fan/follower) and liked and tweeted this.

As for why I want to win? I need a new system to support the video work I plan to do for several of my new projects, and this sounds perfect for them.



Hi Kristi,

Would love to have this machine for my daughters. My wife and I both have laptops which our girls compete for time on when we’re not using them. It would replace an ancient desktop they use when they can’t get on one of the laptops.

I’ve completed #’s 1, 2, 3, 5 & 6 for the bonus points.


I would love this desktop Lenovo ThinkCenter M90z because it looks fantastic and brings touch screen β€œTablet” functionality. I have two young princesses 3 and 5 yrs old and when they go to a screen TV or Laptop. They expect to be able to get interactive response using their fingers todo the Talking. Guess it’s time to upgrade technology! Windows having the interactive UI to match Apple

This is what we need! A space-saving machine with the power of a BIG desktop.
We do quite a bit of video and photo editing on top of more mundane tasks.

1) Have tweeted
2) Done
3) Already subscribed
4) subscribed
5) Done
6) Done
7) … and Done

Count me in too! I did all 7 (although many I already was doing hehe). πŸ™‚ This computer looks pretty awesome!

Love your blog posts and now the chance to win this really nice looking computer!
It could only get better if there were cookies!

Please count me in. find my participation information as below.
1) I have tweeted about the giveaway on twitter page –!/The_Neuner
Review of the Lenovo ThinkCentre M90z & Chance to Win #kikolaniM90z via @kikolani
3) Signup for the Kikolani mailing list.
4)subscribed to post via email
6) following you on twitter.
7) subscribed to your photography blog through e-mail

My five-year-old laptop is limping along….and with my guy job hunting for 2 years (he’s 56) it will be a while before a new one is in the works….so the win would help me ever so much.
Here’s what I’ve done….
#1 I ‘liked’ this post on Facebook using the social sharing buttons below the post.
#2 I signed up for the Kikolani mailing list .
#3 I subscribed to posts via email.
#4 I already am a fan of Kikolani on Facebook.

I would love to win this computer for my husband. He just came back from deployment and while he was stationed overseas someone managed to steal his laptop and there was nothing that we or the military would do about it. So now we are just down to this old lap top that kinda works. Most the time, we have better luck accessing the internet from my phone.

I love the form factor w/ no tower. I had no idea that any PC had this design. I’ve used PCs since they were invented (literally) but was thinking of switching to a Mac. But this would be a great option, especially with that large monitor. My eye sight is not so great any more and I’m glued to the computer for my job as a writer, so that size is a huge advantage. Loved the picture with the cat! Thanks.

Forgot to mention that I am already subscribed to email and will subscribe to the other mailing list. I retweeted the post, liked the post, liked your page via mine (WagnerWrites), and I already follow you on Twitter. That is where I first heard of you.

subscribed to your photography blog πŸ™‚
I forgot to add that I am following @kikolani on twitter via middlemasmommy

Kristi, this is so great. Of course I will not miss a chance to enter.

I RTed and liked the post, I am already a fan on FB, follower on Twitter, and a subscriber.

And just in case, I subscribed to updates via e-mail, although I am already a RSS subscriber πŸ™‚

I also subscribed to your photography blog, just because it is great and I wanna keep up with the new photos you publish πŸ™‚

Thanks for the opportunity to enter the giveaway and I already told my puppy she is off limits when it comes to touching the screen!

It doesn’t work Brankica. Our loving four legged companions will find a way to get to that touchscreen when it matters the most. One of my kitties pictured trashed a post for me… thank goodness for the restore option! πŸ™‚

This looks like a great computer for in the kitchen for recipes that I’ve found online.

I would love to use this unit in my high school English classroom with various interactive programs that incorporate the use of the wbecam and the touch screen sensitivity. I would also like to take it with me when working on mission trips in Georgia to give children an opportunity to learn with the computer.

I am a teacher, the possibilities are endless when using this machine. I would love to use this tool to engage students in the lessons I present! Thanks for the opportunity!

4GB Ram. that’s a monster! I’ll tell you, I always thought clutter is good for creativity. But as soon as I really started blogging pro, I need everything in place. Have lists and folders neatly categorized.

Excellent viral marketing tactic
it would be great if afterwards you can share the results for traffic and signups

How was it working with the large touch screen?
It looks fantastic but does it get tiring on your arms / hands if you are using it for a while
and you probably have to be quite close to touch it

I see you have your keyboard and mouse there, so do you use the touch part of it much

i have done 1-6 and am crossing my fingers I am lucky as I suffer from Mac envy

I don’t use the touchscreen too often Giles, but I can see where it could be fun to use. I’m mostly keyboard / mouse dependent. πŸ™‚

I think I will do some kind of followup about this because I’ve done two contests now, and I can see a big difference when you give away something that is niche specific vs. something that anyone would want. Should be interesting!

My wife and I make homemade laundry soap and sell it on etsy. I designed the logo and packaging, and also do freelance design work (my degree is in visual communications) but do not have much room in our small house for my current desktop computer. In fact, my oldest son, River (almost 6yo) shares my current computer and my wife uses a netbook. I am always using multiple applications, but it bogs down my computer to run Photoshop, Office, Firefox, Filezilla, and other programs concurrently. Besides the soap business and freelance design, I write a blog and help homeschool our son. I need our desktop computer often, but give up a lot of time at my desk so our son can use it for schoolwork (and games).

I want to give River my current desktop permanently and use the powerful, space saving Lenovo M90z with duel display to create a tiny, but perfectly sufficient home office. I recently purchased a domain for our soap business and will expand soon. The Lenovo would help make expansion quicker because I could increase productivity, finish jobs quicker, and make enough money to buy other supplies I need while still maintaining our current living standard.

#1 I tweeted
#2 I Liked this post on Facebook using the social sharing button.
#3 Signed up for the Kikolani mailing list (and verified).
#4 Subscribed to posts via email (and verified).
#5 Was Already a Fan of Kikolani on Facebook. –
#6 Already Followed you @kikolani (twitter name: @cakeblast).
#7 Subscribed to your photography blog via email (and verified).

I would love to win this to replace my existing desktop, which is getting old. It still works well enough that I can gift it to someone in need of one.

Your timing is impeccable, Kristi. Maybe a little serendipity in action?

All 6 requirements for entry — DONE!

Single mom with twin daughters in college — only half the ‘set’ has a computer. Winning the ThinkCentre M90z would alleviate a houseful of stress and make a beautiful, deserving, and talented 4.2 GPA student very happy.

Thank You! πŸ™‚

I teach 4th grade math and science in small district rural Arkansas. This would be awesome in my classroom!!! It would give my students the opportunity to gain experience with new cutting edge technology. Everyone is pushing for “21st century skills” and here it is!
Thanks for giving me the chance to win one.

I have completed all of the above mentioned requirements.

Hi Kristi!

Thanks for this generous offer! We have taken all the additional steps you suggested: except that we have been following you on Twitter for some time now… so we did that a few months ago…

Tim & me both work online, so it would be nice to have a desktop on each desk (he has one already, a very nice one… 2 monitors and everything).

I have a simple computer, but as I’m learning to use Photoshop, also using Camtasia and other “heavy” programs it would be really neat to have such a powerful computer as the Lenovo you described to run those types of program.

Thanks again, not only for this offer but for all the other interesting articles you post as well!

I would love to win this computer. My husband and I host a number of fund raising events in the summer so it would help us out during the summers to create graphic for auctions and programs. I am also a teacher and I think it would be great in my classroom.

I am a subscriber to your mailing list and to receive posts via email I am a fan of you Facebook page and I follow you on Twitter and your photography blog.

Thank you for making this fun!

Hi Kristi,

I’d love to win this computer because our home PC (an *old* IBM Thinkpad) is on its last legs. I too am a clutter-phobe, and I love the streamlined look of this PC.

I’ve done steps 1 thru 7 mentioned above!

Thanks for hosting this contest!

Hi Kristi,

I find your blog while searching “thinkcentre m90z” keyword on 3rd position in, that’s great!!,
i want to win Thinkcentre M90Z, it will save lot of space as compare to other desktop, i find this is most advanced, environment friendly system with some feature like touch screen with resolution of 1920Γ—1200, 4 gb ram, etc..
ooooohhhhh i just want this one, did all 7 points as you mention in this post

Thanks, waiting for result

I’ve just discovered your blogs and I really enjoy reading what you write! I have subscribed to everything I can and will add you to my tweet universe and fan your FB page when I get home (those pages are blocked here at school.) If I won the Lenovo computer I would use it in my computer lab – I am a technology teacher in a school of almost 1100 elementary students and only 25 aging eMacs. A computer like this would have a tremendous impact on many children, especially my visually-impaired and autistic students. Thank you for sharing this opportunity and your wisdom!

Hi Kristi,
Thanks for this awesome review, and I’m excited about the giveaway! My imac is a dinosaur (5-6 years old) and I can’t use any of new hardware or software on it because nobody makes it compatible to this operating system anymore.

I meet the qualifications for all 7 of your requirements!

Have a great day πŸ™‚

I completed all 7 tasks above plus I’m leaving you this comment. Since 8 is my favorite number, I’m figuring I have this one in the bag. Plus this is the 8th time I’ve tried to win this cool touch screen computer.

Why I want to win… cause this old brood is no fool!

Who wouldn’t want this most awesomest computer?

Here I am, trying to run a business using a crappy Dell from 2003 and a broken down laptop from the stone ages. Windows XP Service pack 3 with Word 2003 is as updated as I get.

I’m getting a bit old to be lusting after the UPS guy, so I’ve turned my attention to granny geek technology like Iphones, Ipads and ultra-neato Lenovos.

Give a granny a break

PS: I’m glad I found your blog.. looks interesting

Hi Kristi, this would be a cool prize to win! I am not sure if it will be that cool to ship it to Italy πŸ™‚ I am already on your mailing list, liked your FB Page and follow you on Twitter.

As a technology learning consultant, I am use a Mac, but find I need to have access to a PC. I am often developing curriculum that I need to show technology steps on both platforms. The ThinkCentre would be my new PC. I also need to always be up on the newest gadgets, so being able to use a Touchscreen PC everyday will allow me to help others learn this technology as well.

Hi. Great review, I really really want one. I’ve been a bit skeptical, as much like you I do a lot of photo editing and need a speedy comp, but if it works for you then it’ll work for me! πŸ™‚ Now, just gotta keep Mitzy away from it. She’s been known to plop down on my laptop and turn it off or have me return to djflkjads fkjadhsfkjladhs fkjlsad hfjksdh fkljasdhfalkjdsfh l

Done 1, and 3-7.

I need this computer badly. My laptop, my one and only resource, died 3 months ago. My dad in law gave me his hand me down, so I can still conntect to the internet, and blog. It’s a 6 year old dinosaur that runs on xp and has 512 megs of RAM.

I miss my photoshop. I miss having a primary hard disk, instead of running everything on my external.

Mostly, I miss iTunes. This machine can’t handle iTunes, so my iPod tracks are collecting dust. I need new toons!!!

Dear Kristi,

I would love to take this opportunity to demonstrate how my daughter can move the world if she had the right tools to help her, like the Lenovo ThinkCentre M90z. Using the wonderful visual tool of the computer is so valuable to her and yet quite difficult because of her writing challenges, orienting on a keyboard, and using small motor coordination. The touch screen would help her overcome these disabilities.

I am a single mom home schooling my daughter and tutoring other dyslexic and special learner children. If we received a touch screen computer for her and the other children to use, it would put us on the road to bringing the gifts of these amazing children to a world much in need of inspiration.

My Daughter’s previous school diagnosed her with β€œheavy dyslexia” and she was assessed as an extremely visual/spatial learner. This and the fact she was very left handed, often made a conventional classroom setting a place for frustration and plummeting confidence. However, my daughter still persevered in this environment and became so empassioned about educating her peers and teachers about dyslexia that she took it upon herself to struggle for a month to prepare an hour long presentation to her 5th grade class. The Principal was so enlightened by the presentation that she told my daughter it was the best talk about dyslexia she had ever heard and asked if she would present it to the parents association.

Eight months ago we started homeschooling and participating in community-based learning opportunities. It was with a joyful heart that I received the curiosities and comments from two instructors about my daughter. β€œIs your daughter considering architecture school? She is very bright and creative.” She had just attended their teen architecture workshop for which we received a scholarship to attend. They assumed she was around 16 years old and was surprised to learn her age. She absolutely shined in this experience which was so different from her usual learning journey.

We also recently experienced a dramatic relocation to a new state because the courts approved that we leave our community, friends and job and move to a safer space. You see, since she was 4, we have been working to remove her from an abusive situation with her father. Though successful with her liberation, our finances have been drained from this and we are currently living in a one room basement at my sister’s.

Why do I want to win this awesome computer? Because I’m long over due for an upgrade. Okay, that’s not really it (but I do like getting new stuff!). Actually, I’m finding that I’m squinting more when looking at the laptop that I use today, so having something larger to look at (with greater resolution) would definitely be a bonus. And at the same time I would be more productive what with the touchscreen and all. πŸ™‚

I’ve tweeted about your contest here.

I’m following you on Twitter as darngoodreviews.

The Lenovo ThinkCentre M90z sounds amazing! I’m an elementary school media specialist who would LOVE to use this touchscreen computer with my 300+ students. They would be so excited to actually get “hands on” with something like this! Summer break would not be a break for the computer. It would be put to work entertaining Nan’s three little computer geeks who can already do things with them that Nan spent years learning!
Here’s about 650 fingers crossed that we win it!

I also just discovered your blog by way of finding you on twitter for your photography site. I have enjoyed your photos, the other photogs that you have retweeted, and now the kikolani twitter and blog.

The ThinkCentre M90z would replace my dead (blown motherboard) PC from 2001 … and as I start to build an interest in digital photography give me a great springboard up as a home for all the data and programs I need to run in that regard.

I have also done most of your bonus steps 1, 3, 4, 6 and 7. Couldn’t do 2 and 5 as I don’t do facebook. Anyways, I look forward to discovering more of your geeky side on kikolani and your tweets and retweets on the photography side as well.


I’ve done all but #1 of the bonus steps on your list. Several of your tweets have been very interesting to me already, and I retweeted the one about Twitter pictures. I have 3 serious photographers in my family so I may very well tell them about your photography email list.

I have a very old TV (20 yrs +) and an old, slow desktop computer (about 10 yrs old). With TV and movie access going online now, I think it’d be cool (and energy efficient) to replace both with the Lenovo ThinkCentre. Its screen is at least as big as our TV screen.

Thanks for hosting the contest!

Hello Kristi,

Your entire communication stream is terrific. I have completed the 7 steps prior to this comment posting.
I would be delighted and feel blessed to have the opportunity to win this Lenovo M90z ThinkCentre to orchestrate my job search efforts and assist towards my educational future. I too enjoy photography and would love the opportunity to see what this system has to offer to enhance my photography skills and output of future creative juices.

Thank you for this opportunity,

hey, any new computer these days, I find is a good computer.

I am using a four year old dell, and while it does most things I want, it does blue screen from time to time, mostly because of Word apps closing down, or dvd apps chewing too much memory.

Though one thing i have wondered about this computer is how well it multi tasks the five CPU’s. I guess thats something that you will learn with time. Also previously I have always gone for the best graphics card option at the time. not sure what this one has?

On the app front, well done with Kaspersky, it has saved my pc many times. And thank you for the Google ranking software tip, I have been doing that manually and this will save a lot of time.

Thank you for the review!

I summed everything in up in my poem- hope you enjoy. I hope the winner is not just randomly chosen as some entries here have just been copied and pasted from the internet. The winner should be chosen on the quality of their submitted work.

Life is about the right tools, by Theesan Vedan

For some, living a student life is just a dream,
A life of parties, freedom and no care,
I wish that they could see me while I sit in front of my faculties pc screen,
Waiting for the β€˜non-responding software’.
Being a dental student in Africa has it challenges,
we are troubled with a heavy burden of work,
Pc’s are few and we gather around them like scavengers,
A new laptop would certainly be a perk.

I voluntarily help battling youth,
With their homework at the hospital where we learn.
I try to show them that education equals truth,
But, getting information for projects is a concern.

How we would progress with a new laptop,
Especially one from a honoured brand like Lenova,
It would become an educational workshop,
Improving our classes ten times over.

It would also do my education great service,
To work with this amazing computer with a speedy touch-screen.
I read that this amazing device is making other manufacturer’s nervous,
It’ll now be such a treat for me to research enamel and dentine.

Give a poor man a fish and he will be content,falsely,
Give a man the tools he needs,
A laptop in this case would be such a tool, Kikolani,
And then that poor mancan fend for himself and watch how he ultimately succeeds.

Life is about always having the right tools,
Education is golden and having access to information is one of its treasured jewels.

We have a fairly small place and I would love to be able to put this in a central location for everyone in the house to use, the size makes it practical to do it. Right now, I have my desktop in my bedroom, and that makes it pretty inconvenient for anyone but me to use. I would also love to be able to play with the touchscreen and see what it can do, no doubt about it.

I already have a laptop but need a desktop for work. The ThinkCenter M90z would be nice coz it has a big screen size which is ideal for image/video editing and the compact design uses up little space which is great coz I don’t have much space here at home. It would also make a nice mini entertainment center. πŸ˜€

I think everyone here is elligible to be a winner but on the contrary I wish to be a winner too. For my career as an IT student a laptop is a necessity. To be frank, I only have a desktop at home and really looking forward to winning this one out. Goodluck to whoever the lucky winner is. Cheers! Btw i already follow you on twitter and fb. Nice blog.

I would like to win because I love the portability of the Lenovo to use between work and home. It would be great to use for collaborative learning projects and for video conferencing. It has some really nice features such as the large touch screen and built in cam.

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