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Moon Photography

Two photos of the moon at various phases.
Full Moon, October 2008Half Moon, October 2008

Half Moon, October 2008

Full Moon, October 2008

I love looking at the moon in its various phases. Here are two shots from this month.

On a side note, I recorded this video last year of the full moon rising, with some creepy Halloween music.

By Kristi Hines

Kristi Hines is a freelance writer, professional blogger, and ghostwriter who specializes in business and marketing topics.

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@Jaffer: Thanks! To be honest, I don’t remember. I was experimenting with different exposure times with a series of photos. The full moon didn’t turn out as well as the half one because I was in a different location with a lot more city lighting.

@Mitch: Makes you wonder about what could be easily hiding in our night skies overlooking all of us. It appears darker than the half moon because of my location having more city lights though.

Hi Kristi – these shots of the moon are amazing (the video is neat too). You must have an amazing lens or camera to take the moon like that. I tried this past weekend and even though our camera is pretty good, it just turned out like a big white dot.

Evitas last blog post..Autumn’s Gifts

Your photos are incredible. Tonight, when I went to pick up a child at a horse farm, along a dark and winding rural road, we saw a heavy cream Harvest Moon hanging just above bare trees. I kept expecting to see a Headless Horseman gallop on by.

Unfortunately, I’ve had years of absolutely no success taking pictures of beautiful moonscapes. How I wish I had your skill and talent!

Sandra Foyts last blog post..When Your Child Enters the Scary Halloween Years

Wow, I was just talking with my children about the moon and space. They love it. We think it is really beautiful.

I like to take pictures of the sky, moon, and stars as well. I don’t have a decent camera, which explains why my pictures keep turning out so crappy. LOL!

Thanks for sharing and I will be checking you out a little more. Got you on my Reader now!

Freddies last blog post..Blog Action Day 08: Poverty

@Evita: Thanks! I use a Fuji S5100 with a 3x telephoto lens. It only takes 4MP photos, but is still my best SLR camera. The telephoto lens is what makes the difference, that and the manual settings option vs. auto.

@Jen: I like night lights. Sometimes I wish I could capture the aura of the sky with the moon, but I haven’t gotten to do that yet. 🙂

@Sandra: Thanks. I love the harvest moon. I wish I had captured it a few years ago when it was bright orange and huge on the horizon.

@Haroun: Happy upcoming birthday! 🙂

@Freddy: Thanks for subscribing. It has taken me a few years of practicing moon shots before I got them to this point, and I still have a ways to go before knowing all the tricks of capturing it perfectly. My half moon shot was the closest so far.

@V, Sandra, Hicham, and Zunnur: Thanks! 🙂

@Tarek: Thanks. I will definitely check out your site too!

@Irtiza: The first one is my favorite too. I wish I could have caught the full moon in the same location as that one.

@Funny T Shirts: You’re in my Google Reader. Thanks for the Stumble… those are always much appreciated!

@Mitch: Thanks! That photo was from Christmas of last year I believe.

@Wayne: I love looking at the moon. My next goal is to get my fiancé to see the face that I do on it.

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