Why Podcasting Is The New Marketing For 2016 (And Beyond)?

Why Podcasting Is The New Marketing For 2016 (And Beyond)?

Want to increase your marketing power? Not sure how to do this? In the business world there are many different areas of marketing that can be used to help increase overall profits and revenues. From advertising, content marketing, to video marketing very few actual take the time to understand and harness the advantages of what podcasting can do for your business. Podcasting, when used correctly, can have major effects on your business. This is why some marketing strategies these days are starting to incorporate podcasting into their overall plan. The following is an overall guide to podcasting and how you can discover the advantages of what this media tool can offer you and your business.Podcast - Text on Blue Puzzles.

What Is Podcasting

For those who are unfamiliar about this media marketing tool, podcasts are digital media files which feature an audio (and sometimes video) recording that is usually produced in a series. A podcast is used by many different people including businesses to create an audio file about their business, services or other related information that a customer may want to know about. Although, there are some myths about podcasts and their ease of use and marketing. Some people think that it’s very time consuming to produce a podcast, in reality this simply isn’t true. All a company needs in order to record a podcast is a computer, microphone, and an interesting topic.

Advantages Of Podcasts For Marketing Purposes

When it comes to using podcasts as a part of your marketing strategy, there are some advantages that you will receive. These include:

Brand Exposure – Creating a podcast about your brand allows you to highlight your company’s expertise, services and skills in your industry. Podcasts have the opportunity to allow companies to share their advice on certain topics and niches. By hiring a writer and an expert podcast speaker, your business can record and promote the podcast effectively while selling your knowledge to a new kind of target audience.

Hidden Conversations – Another great advantage of using podcasts as a new marketing tool is you can disguise what may be a promotional copy as a genuine conversation. This can be very beneficial for those who don’t want their advertising to sound like a promotional copy. Podcasts tend to offer a more intimate and less obvious way of promoting your company. Podcasts offer high respect for their audience who don’t want to be promoted or preached to by a business.

Affordability – Like any other marketing strategy, you have to watch your overall budget. Luckily podcasts offer something that many other marketing solutions don’t offer and that is affordability. Podcasts tend to be more affordable than other marketing strategies because they’re easy to create. Computer, microphone, speaker, and interesting topic and you have yourself a great podcast and marketing tool.

Advertising Potential – Podcasts can also increase overall advertising potential for any business. If you create a podcast which is engaging, interesting and listenable, your consumers will want to listen to it right to the end. This can be beneficial for you as it allows you to place small, short advertisements within the podcast. Although your audience may not like listening to commercials, they will in regards to your podcast because they’ll want to continue listening to the information your business has to offer. This can be a great way to generate more revenue through commercial advertising.Podcast

Easy To Distribute – Along with the ease of making a podcast, they’re also easy to distribute to your audience. There are many websites on the internet where you can distribute your podcast including iTunes and Depending on your business’s website you may also be able to place it on your own website as an easily downloadable audio file. It’s important when advertising your podcast, you offer it for free or at a very low cost. Many people don’t really want to pay to listen to a podcast unless it’s really useful. This is why creating free podcasts can really enhance your business’s brand as everyone likes free items.

Targets A New Audience – The use of incorporating a podcast into your marketing strategy also brings in another advantage, it can target a new kind of audience. Sometimes you’ll find that podcast listeners like to gain information through their podcasts than having to sit and read large pieces of content. By using podcast marketing along with your other marketing plans, you can generate a larger target audience which can increase overall leads and revenue. This can be beneficial to increasing your fan-base.

Brand Loyalty – Last, but not least, podcasts have a way to build brand loyalty and advocates. When listeners regularly tune in to your podcasts, they tend to build loyalty to you by knowing you will offer them something they need. This can lead to advocating for your business when someone asks or says negative things about your business. This can be beneficial down the line as the more loyalty you build, the more your brand name will grow through word of mouth.

Advice For Creating A Great Podcast

When it comes to creating a great podcast, there are a few things that should be considered to help engage your audience better. These include:

Provide A Great Source Of Information – The value of your podcast comes from the audio that you provide. This can come in the form of entertainment, motivation, inspiration, information and education. Limit your commercial advertising broadcasts as no-one likes to sit through ads constantly. Some information that you can provide, includes:

  • How tos
  • General info about a product and their benefits
  • Reviews
  • Entertaining stories
  • News
  • Questions and answer topics

Conversation Works Best – Creating your podcast in a conversational tone works better than just talking as one person. This can be accomplished by creating an interview with another person. Write up the entire conversation and have someone interview you. In marketing terms one person podcasts tend to offer a less dynamic effect. In the marketing world however, dynamic content sells.

Remember The 3 Ps – After the creation of your podcast you need to use the 3 Ps: promote, promote, promote. Promotion can be done by a few means and this includes, but not limited to:

  • Sign-ups
  • Subscriptions
  • Advertisements
  • Website exposure
  • Social media exposure
  • Email marketing
  • Podcast directories including and iTunes.

All these methods are ideal for marketing your podcast and promoting it well. Remember the more you advertise your podcast, the more people will listen to it.Woman With Green Headphones Listens Podcast Music On Tablet PC

Why People Are More Open To Podcast Marketing Strategies

When creating podcasts for your marketing strategy, it’s important to understand the reasons why people are more open to listening to podcasts over other marketing means. This comes down to time and multi-tasking. Podcasts have a unique way of allowing the listener to complete other tasks while allowing them to listen to what you have to say. Any busy parent, commuter or runner can easily plug their headphones in and press play. You have to remember that not everyone has time to sit down and read a book or watch a video. Podcasts offer the opportunity to walk the dog, clean the house, or do the laundry. This is why podcasting is the new marketing tool for 2016 and beyond.

How To Get Started With Podcasting

When you incorporate podcasting into your business marketing strategy, you want to make sure what you create is worthwhile to you and your listeners. The first step to creating your podcast is working out what your goals are. Are they to bring in new customers, increase sales, or generate new followers? You will also need to differentiate from other weekly business podcasts. This can be done through research. Researching popular business based podcasts can help you to create a niche and angle which may’ve not been done before. You may also have more insight into an already existing podcast where you can offer better information.

After you have your angle, information, and what you’re looking to create, you will then need to record it. For recording purposes it’s best to purchase a high quality microphone along with having a high quality computer. When recording your podcast, it’s important to commit to the sound and quality each and every time. Podcast listeners will know if you’re an amateur starting out or a professional. Listeners expect businesses to be professional. You need to create a professional sounding podcast to generate the interest of listeners you’re looking to target. Take your time to create your podcast. Once the first one is complete you will find the rest will get easier and easier to create.

ConclusionMedia strategy

Podcasting is becoming a fast and innovative new media marketing tool for businesses right around the world. By harnessing the power of podcasting your business can not only increase its brand exposure but also generate more sales and followers. Podcasting, although easy, is an art-form to get right so you can stand out from your competitors. By taking your time to create an interesting and entertaining podcast you can really provide your listeners with more than just knowledge. So you are looking to incorporate podcasting into your business marketing strategy or plan? Have you worked out what you’re going to promote?

By Aaron Gray

Aaron Gray is the co-founder of Studio 56 and is a passionate digital marketing expert who has worked with some of the largest digital marketing agencies in Australia. He has been working in the digital marketing field for ten years. Aaron loves to travel the world to not only enhance his cultural experiences but learn and enhance his skills in the digital marketing industry. He is dedicated to helping others reach their online marketing goals.

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I have noticed that most of the big bloggers has started a podcasting section on their blog. Those sections are quite popular. There is no doubt podcasting it the future of marketing.

Very interesting read and perhaps this we can implement for our business too. I am Soumya Roy, from India, personally I am a digital marketer and SEO trainer and run my training & education company. We have many class session recordings and till date we used to publish those videos on Youtube and other video sharing sites, but never tried podcasting. But now I have some ideas from this post and I am going to use podcasting as a marketing and branding technique. Thanks for sharing this article, it’s going to be absolutely helpful for me.

Soumya Roy
DM & SEO Coach

I first discovered about Podcasting in Patt Flynn blog. After that I have realized that how much importance while you are promoting your online business. Recently many bloggers are sharing podcasting in their website. Thanks for sharing such a useful info.

One thing to consider is that different people have different preferred methods of consuming educational content to stay current in varying respective fields.

While some would rather Google for a solution and find a good blog post surrounding a topic when they want it, others would rather head over to you tube and listen to a recording while there walking, working, or whatever.

Hey Tristan, Great post, (of course). Thank you for sharing.

All of points you showed is very important for almost every blogger who wants to grow their blogs.

Great article, now what I would need to know is what do I need to start my own podcast. Could you please recommend us some tools to record and host our podcasts? Many thanks in advance Tristan.

I’ve tried creating a podcast myself, but after recording some test podcast with a fellow friend, I decided that my voice is not the one to use, just doesn’t sound good enough.. Maybe in the future, when I’m going to have someone with a better podcast voice than mine, I’ll give it another try.

I think Podcasting is something that every businesses should consider these days.
And I do see this happening in more sites, but didn’t do it in my blog yet.
Thank you for highlighting this as this is another tool that marketers can use.

Yep, I’ve seen ProBlogger doing a lot of podcasting lately that must be indicating to why podcasting is the new marketing. Definitely doing to try it out.

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