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Pretty Girl

A poem written for the women who have been hated by some just because they are beautiful. For the ones whose intelligence and warm personalities went unnoticed.

Written for the women who have been hated by some just because they are beautiful. For the ones whose intelligence and warm personalities went unnoticed.

No one feels bad for her
because she turns heads,
gets the glances, the stares,
the attention, but from whom?
Not from ones who want to love,
to care, to be with her always.
Only from the ones that want
her body. They pretend to want
something more, until they break
down her defenses and she lets
them in. Then they take what
they can get, all of it, for as long
as they can get it. And she lets
them, although she gets nothing
in return besides the hope that one
day love will blossom. But then
out of the blue, they leave with
excuses that there was no spark,
no connection, trying to console
her with how beautiful, cool,
and sexy she is. Words that mean
little in a game she cannot seem
to win. So do not envy the
pretty girls. They are tormented
in ways no one imagines. By
meaningless affairs and deceiving
words. By looks of lust, but not
of romance. They are plagued with
broken hearts, and emptiness.

By Kristi Hines

Kristi Hines is a freelance writer, professional blogger, and ghostwriter who specializes in business and marketing topics.

9 replies on “Pretty Girl”

This is pretty deep; beautiful women are often in fact cursed, because most men won’t treat them like normal people. This effects women more because men generally look for good-looking women while women look for men with charisma, personality, and independence, putting looks second. So men have the advantage because it’s easier to improve personality than looks.

To the beautiful women out there: don’t lose hope, because there are exceptions to every generalization.

Real beauty is how a person chooses to feel about the world.

Real beauty is to wake up feeling love and appreciation – even when it has to be an intentional choice during difficult times.

Sometimes it takes a good year before you can really know if your new partner is really beautiful, or if they just look/act that way.

I read the book “Don’t Bet On The Prince” and I feel it should be a textbook for all 12-14yr old girls, and they should take an advanced course at 17 yrs, and then a refresher course after every failed relationship.

And – the book should be re-writen as “Don’t Bet On The Princess” for boys and men.

Yep, it’s that good.

Here’s to feelin’ good!


@Yan: It was more of an observation. I have known several guys that did not care about anything except how cute a girl looked.

@Richard: There are definitely exceptions. Not all men are like that. I think it comes down more to the ones who are looking for something serious vs. the ones who are just in the dating game.

@Haroun: Well said. 🙂

@Douglas: Very true. Sometimes the true colors do not come out until later. Physical beauty wears thin if there isn’t something wonderful underneath as well.

Beautiful, yet bold sentences! I totally agree with Haroun Kola’s” women are beautiful and are gifts from God” because they undertake some great missions, even more than men’s!

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