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This post was written by Codesucker from CodeSucker Bark’s SEO.

SEO via Social Media? You’re Nuts?! All the links are nofollow, who is this guy anyway?

First of all, don’t believe the nonsense. Massive search results don’t come simply from using h1 tags and having meticulously prepared keywords for each post. Sadly, it’s one and only one thing – backlinks.

Too bad these glorious backlinks won’t do you any good if they are labeled nofollow, right? Yes and no.

In my recent post, Social Media linkbacks, Rankings and Nofollow I discuss how search engines all respond differently to the nofollow attribute. Google is believed to still take a peek for relevancy and link velocity, and the page still gets indexed by Yahoo and, completely ingnoring the nofollow value.

Question: What is Link velocity?

SEO via Social Media? You’re Nuts?! All the links are nofollow, who is this guy anyway?

First of all, don’t believe the nonsense. Massive search results don’t come simply from using h1 tags and having meticulously prepared keywords for each post. Sadly, it’s one and only one thing – backlinks.

Too bad these glorious backlinks won’t do you any good if they are labeled nofollow, right? Yes and no.

In my recent post, Social Media linkbacks, Rankings and Nofollow, I discuss how search engines all respond differently to the nofollow attribute. Google is believed to still take a peek for relevancy and link velocity, and the page still gets indexed by, completely ingnoring the nofollow value.

Question: What is Link velocity?

Answer: It’s the rate of how many other pages are linking to a certain page within a certain amount of time. Technorati bases each blog’s authority on link velocity – it’s kinda like new pages linking to you / 6 months.

So let’s say you submit an article to Digg and other bloggers read it and throw backlinks at it – your page will increase in rankings, end of story.

Use social media to meet other bloggers and webmasters who will hopefully throw backlinks at your pages. Use it to get noticed, period. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Consistently write good content and promote through your hand picked vehicles targeting your niche audience and I promise you will see positive movement in search rankings. If you use h1 tags where you really should be using h2 or not anchoring your posts, using iframes or keeping CSS definitions on your content pages – I might write you a stern, drunk, late night email about it, however, it’s not going to be the deciding factor on the content going viral or not.

Now don’t go crazy, but some of these sites actually don’t use a nofollow attribute on their links. Namely new social media or directory sites trying to gain visitors, like Pligg sites and Mixx.

Mixx is a newer site that many Digg refugees ended up at. Don’t say I told you, but it does not use nofollow. Mixx coincidentally happens to be great for producing a large amount of backlinks in a small amount of time. One of my recent posts saw 200+ backlinks from Mixx a week after I had submitted it, backlinks from the people who shared, marked favorite, voted on it groups that it was submitted to and other stuff (verify this). Also, check out Codesucker on Mixx to see that I am just a gnat, not a power user by any means.

Using sites like FriendFeed can also help increase your search rankings in the same indirect manner as well. FriendFeed automatically shares your actions on many different social media sites with your subscribers and creates a feed of its own on your personal FriendFeed page. The point is that this can juice your social media presence by throwing backlinks at people automatically without thinking about it every time you Digg, Stumble, comment, blog, etc.

I noticed FriendFeed because I was seeing backlinks from the site, so I checked it out. It turns out someone had voted on one of my articles and FriendFeed had created a link to my site because it got so excited. Great, but the point isn’t about a measly link, nofollow or not, the point is that I noticed who voted on my article and ended up at their blog and maybe I’ll reference the information I found there in a future post. Get the drift? Good.

If you are interested in writing for, please send your information and post idea (related topics include blogging, social media, photography, personal development, motivation) via the contact form.

By CodeSucker

CodeSucker is a web developer from New York who keeps up on current web trends, news and technologies.

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Thanks for the Link Velocity definition..I had never heard that one before.
Mixx is not nofollow? Hmm..I guess you are right..although I did check to see one of mine and I noticed that they don’t link the title to your url, but the text “view story” …

Adams last blog post..Chicago Vacation

I enjoy my interactions on social media. I find a lot of indirect positive results from the social networking I have done – at first, without even trying. Some good tips in this article and I must check out these new sites I have not heard of. I wonder if they’ll replace any I currently use…

Mark Lewiss last blog post..Getting the Unexpected

@FrankJ – I completely agree, thanks for the comment. Too many people think nofollow links are dead ends for search spiders. Thanks for pointing out the .gov and .edu TLDs and the boost in trust – haven’t put much thought into that before, thanks for the article!

@Jonathan – Thanks for the comment, your blog seems to be doing well – I commend your choice of placing it in a folder rather than a subdomain! For Yahoo! it doesn’t matter, since they place more emphasis on the single page rather than the whole site – but Google responds better to the whole site this way – subdomains can be considered completely separate websites. Good job.

@Adam – for now they don’t implement nofollow, I do predict that changing in the future as more spammers become aware of this (hence my hesitation to divulge that info in the first place) Thanks for the comment – I do also which they would use more relevant anchor text than ‘view story’ on those particular links, but we are lucky to secure the backlinks at all! Thanks for reading 🙂

@Tycoon – Thank you for bringing up Propeller! This is the next best site in my opinion for building these types of linkbacks. They also seem to throw multiple backlinks at pages submitted to them. Mixx for the win, but Propeller is the runner up, they do however implement nofollow – but like my post says, nofollow doesn’t mean everything. Thanks for reading and for the comment 🙂

@Mark – Thanks for reading, yes please do check out Mixx and FriendFeed – the indirect results of Social Media are very promising. Thanks for the comment 🙂

Codesuckers last blog post..Guest Posts + Bing and Wave!

Hi Kristi,

Its been a while so a thought that I would give you a visit. I just joined a Ning site here in Tucson. I was surprised that my profile page ended up on the first page of Google for “local SEO.’ I know that it will not likely stay there long but I was surprised never the less.

I was surprised that you had so much success with Mixx. What do you use to check backlinks?

Yes thanks for sharing and i am agree with you , I always use social sites for generating traffic on my sites and back link but we have to listed our site in good pr regional and niche directory for targeting local traffic i have one site like


For a search engine to recognize the value and relevance of a page, it must receive help from the creator of that page. Properly optimizing your pages to make them “search engine friendly” can greatly increase your search engine rankings, traffic levels, and potential earnings from your website.

Link velocity: the rate at which you site gains links 🙂

I read a report recently that Yahoo are implementing a series of changes that will make their SE more like Google, including rumours of recognising the nofollow attribute. I know this doesn’t apply directly to social media but it will have an impact on link building strategies.

Nice guest post Codesucker! I’m still tying to get a handle on using social media for seo purposes. Every time I read an article like this I understand it a little better.

And to shift my focus away from the post and towards the website…I just noticed the “damn sexy bookmarks” plugin you have and DAMN those are some sexy bookmarks. Installing that when I get home. 😉

Good information overall, however the following statement

“Sadly, it’s one and only one thing – backlinks”

I have to disagree with slightly. Sure backlinks are a very important aspect of SEO but to say it’s the only thing that matters is a bit flawed. That’s kind of like saying blogging is the only thing that matters in social media. On page optimization won’t make your content go viral true but it’s still an important aspect of being found in the SERPs.

Gerald Webers last blog post..Digg Says Goodbye to Shouts, Hello to Facebook and Twitter

@Boris – Thanks for reading and your comment, for checking backlinks I like to use

@Ari – Implementing DoFollow is going to keep you a little more busy with the spammers and comments from people who don’t read the articles as fully as they should – It’s a good way to attract webmasters and bloggers to your site, though. Please also keep in mind that your external links on the page will all be worth dramatically less if you choose to ‘DoFollow’ your comments, I have a post on my blog about carving PR via link ordering and nofollow that may interest you. Thanks for reading and for bringing up DoFollow blogs.

@James – Yahoo already considers ‘nofollow’ in their algorithm, this was an oversite in the writing of the article which will be changed, thank you for bringing it up – rock on.

@Nihar, please read my comment above to @Ari, having the comments as DoFollow will lower the significance of the rest of your links on that page, also if a spammer comment gets through and you don’t catch his duplicate content that links to a bad neighborhood – YOU will get hit with the Google Slap. Thanks for reading and for the comment.

@Diet – thanks for your sweet comment. The most important thing to understand about all this is that the writing and promotion of great content will eventually be rewarded, yes the bookmarks are sexy. Thank for reading.

@Gerald – I am honored to have you read something slapped together from my humble fingers. I’ve read many of your posts and respect you as an SEO, kudos to your success in the community as well – but enough butt-kissing: I adamantly defend my position that backlinks and only backlinks are the holy grail of SEO, the one factor that will make or break a websites SERPs for competitive keywords. Yes, on-page optimization is important for getting ranked, but with enough backlinks – a page with no defined doctype, a title with none of it’s focus keywords and h1 tags way beneath h3s will get ranked higher in SERPs than a perfectly optimized page with much less backlinks. Again, thanks for reading and your comment! Please follow up with me – I’m a big fan ::giggles like a school girl::

@Readers: don’t get the wrong idea, I am not saying don’t optimize your pages, I’m just saying that backlinks are the most important factor. Weber is right that on-page optimization is important as well, we just disagree about how important: but we both are advising you to properly optimize, nevertheless.

@Hesham – keep on it. The internets are a big place with dark and scary corners, you will conquer the Google Machine and the webernets one day I promise 😉 Thanks for reading and the comment.

Codesuckers last blog post..Guest Posts + Bing and Wave!

At least Google will go and visit a site from a no follow link so you have the benefit of the page getting indexed faster even if there is no PR benefit. If you use multiple social bookmarking sites how do you go about organising them all is there one program/control panel that you can use for submitting and managing your accounts once they have been created?


My site has got DoFollow plugin installed and I monitor my comments very carefully, I will eventually take it off as I’ve already got CommentLuv installed so in theory, I’m passing some juice to them.

I normally get others to submit my site to social media and that seems to help a bit, I just don’t have the time right now to go through them one by one. Do you know of any software that would do it automatically?

George Serradinhos last blog post..3 Basic Thesis Customizations

@Khaled – Yes, getting indexed quick is an added benefit of using social media – I don’t know or recommend any good mass-social-submission software, see my response below as well. Thank you for your comment

@George – Thanks for reading, I don’t recommend any mass-social-submission software – although you will find some options through a Google search. Also, I believe the best submissions are crafted for the particular network, there is also benefits of using different keywords in each of your submissions. However, If I come up with something I will let you know, In fact – I’ll make it my next guest post on this blog. Unfortuantely time is a most necessary factor to blogging success. Thank you for your comment. Please see my response below about the DoFollow plugin

@Ricky – There was a recent change (mentioned June 2, 09) to the Google Algorithm considering nofollow links – they are now considered when adding up the sum of the links on a page, hence nofollow will no longer add a little ‘juice’ to the rest of the page. This small consideration now changes my entire position on DoFollow comments, which I now recommend. I used to say not to make comments DoFollow, because they would suck linkjuice from the page that the links to innerpages of your site could be using to increase pagerank. This practice was considered ‘sculpting’ and is no longer endorsed. I went off on a tanget there – but the point is YES I recommend DoFollow comments as of today. Don’t worry about the comment spam unless the site has lots of traffic or you don’t have time to moderate. Thanks for reading and commenting.

@Agrawal – Thanks for reading and the comment. I love using social media to promote. Yes ignores nofollow, it’s an all around weird search anyway.

Codesuckers last blog post..Bing SEO Part 2: Some answers. What is DEO?

I know Facebook, MySpace and Twitter are great ways to help promote my company, but I don’t have the time to learn them. How much would a marketing firm charge me to run my social media?

Many social media websites have DoFollow tag: Furl, Spurl, Diigo, Bibsonomy, Linkagogo, Mister-Wong, Blinklist…

Also, like mentioned in an earlier comment, some NoFollow can give you nice advantages & bring you nice traffic! Traffic + quality content will give you more backlinks!

Congrats on your website! Cheers!

@Ben Pei Thanks for reading and the thumbs!

@Jason Engraving You should try running them on your own before hiring a firm. These networks require work multiple times a day to have a chance at being successful in acquiring a following. It’s not just the set up of the accounts, it’s the daily interaction that draws new audience (some of them hopefully buyers) – My suggestion in this particular case, if your company is big enough to take on a full time employee to handle the social media and other satellite presenses of your main site, such as blogs, forums, etc on a daily basis – This employee would write articles for the blogs, promote on the platforms and administrate the forums, which should concern the niche – but only not promote your main site. Thanks for reading and the comment 😉

@SEO_Packages thanks for stopping by and reading I agree with your formula Quality Content + Traffic = backlinks 😉

Codesuckers last blog post..Bing SEO Part 2: Some answers. What is DEO?

Really the need for optimizing our social media site arises from the need to increase traffic and participation positively to our forum or blog, which contains link to our professional services or to the product site. Just like regular SEO, SMO also leads to search results with a difference in marketing technique.

Interesting peice of article, Codesucker. SEO is the defacto for any blogger/webmaster today. I am interested in the ‘Link Vilocety’ and it’s quiet amazing how it works. In addition to what you said, I do beleive that ‘content’ is important factor because simply it makes the reader follow up with your blog and keep on bookmarking what he/she likes in social sites as the ones you mentioned.

Anyway SEO is the defacto, and as a normal blogger, everyday we know something new so keep it up 🙂

Hichams last blog post..Click and Run

A very good article, showing the myths about Do-Follow and No-Follow tags. But I still hope that Social Networking sites go Do-Follow some day because of the Latest talks about SEO by Matt Cutts. “No-follow reduces the PageRanks Juice for Do-follow links”

Great information and certainly helpful for those that are doing social marketing. I’ve been using many of the sites for years now, but have been discovering some really good ones like Mixx, which I’ve been using now for about 6 months. Great site and good community. I also like Blogcatalog and Vox.

Fred Cashs last blog post..Instant Payday Loans When Cash Is Tight

FYI I’m the owner of blogengage and all our links 100% are do follow!

The only thing I heard is there might be an issue with the way we direct our links using an out.php file. I’m not a programmer or coder so I really don’t have a clue.

I’m looking into that now and hoping to find an answer or better a fix. Interesting you mention this Link Velocity I never heard about this before.

bbrian017s last blog post..My First Official Blog in Advance Article

Likewise I noticed a number of backlinks coming from Mixx. I have the worst luck with Propeller. I’ve kind of given up on it as I can never login and their darn “reset password” link never works.

I’ll have to see if I’ve gotten anything from FriendFeed, admittedly I don’t spend much time there.
.-= New from Michelle @ Your Virtual Assistant DoFollow, Keyword Luv & CommentLuv =-.

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