SEO PowerSuite – Everything You Need for Your Website’s SEO

One thing that generally drives me nuts about SEO tools is the waiting game. A lot of tools that I have tried in the past would have you enter your domain and it would take time to compile the data about your website. For this review, I set up the Mac-version of SEO PowerSuite in ten minutes. Four tools, ten minutes. Within fifteen minutes, I had entered my website information, connected my Google Analytics & AdWords accounts, and received most of the data from each tool. That I find impressive – especially for a toolset that offers a free license.

The SEO PowerSuite Toolset

Now, let’s take a quick look at what each tool within the SEO PowerSuite can do for your SEO.

Rank Tracker

Rank Tracker is the keyword monitoring portion of the SEO PowerSuite that will keep track of your keyword rankings. When you start up the tool, it will ask for your website. It will then generate a list of keywords based on your Google Analytics data and what your website is optimized for.

Once you have added your keywords, you can select them all and click on the Check Rankings button to get your current rankings in search for each keyword. Select all of your keywords again and click on the KEI button to get search volume for all of your keywords.


There are lots of additional things you can do with Rank Tracker. For example, you can highlight one of your keywords, click on the Keyword Difficulty button below your list of keywords, and then click on Update to get detailed metrics about your competitors in search to determine difficulty.


You can also get keyword suggestions based on a highlighted keyword from your list using the Suggest Keywords button at the top left.


From here, you can add new keywords to your project and check the rankings.

As you can see, Rank Tracker does more than just check your rankings. It’s a powerful keyword research tool!

Website Auditor

The Website Auditor tool does a comprehensive check of your website’s on-site search optimization. Any errors it finds, it details for you so you can get them fixed.


In addition to an overall site check, Website Auditor will do an in-depth review of specific pages / content on your website and give you an overview of key metrics including domain strength, domain info, and social sharing signals.


By the time you have reviewed and acted upon the data provided by Website Auditor, you will have a fully SEO optimized website.

SEO Spyglass

SEO Spyglass is a tool that analyzes your website’s backlink profile. You will receive a detailed view of your backlinks.


Using the tabs, you can see additional link details, penalty risk, and links organized by category. You can click on the Statistics button to get a wide variety of statistics on your backlink profile, such as the percentage of .com links, the number of root domains linking to your website, and much more. You can also run a summary report of your backlink profile.


SEO Spyglass is, overall, a powerful backlink analysis tool.


Last, but not least, is LinkAssistant. This is the tool you use to build links to your website. It will help you find link opportunities based on keywords, competitors, submission forms, and URLs on a specific webpage.


LinkAssistant will collect any contact information for the potential link opportunities that you select and give you the option to email them a link request. While the software has templates that promote reciprocal linking, I would HIGHLY suggest using those and instead customizing the template to ask for a link based on content relevance and worthiness. Alternatively, you can just grab the email addresses LinkAssistant finds and email the website owners through your own email service.


SEO PowerSuite has three editions – free, pro, and enterprise. Click on the image below to get a the rundown of the overall features you will get with each edition.


You can visit the comparison page for more details on specific features offered with each of the four tools included in SEO PowerSuite for each edition.

All of the screenshots and features mentioned earlier are part of the free version. For startups, small businesses, and individual website owners, the free version will give you plenty of valuable insights and actionable items for your SEO strategy. The biggest downside to the free edition is the inability to save your project. So if you stick with this edition, you would need to re-enter your data each time you re-opened one of the tools. That alone makes the license worth it.


When you sign up for your free license for SEO PowerSuite, you will be redirected to a page with a quick, step by step guide on how to use your new software.


You can visit their video tutorials page to watch short tutorials that help you use each of the features that come with SEO PowerSuite’s toolset.

You can also visit their screenshot library to see different features in SEO PowerSuite plus get tips on how to use them.


In short, no matter how you like to learn, SEO PowerSuite has a guide to help.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a great free tool that can scale as your business grows, then SEO PowerSuite is definitely one to try. Download the free version for Mac, Windows, and Linux users and start improving your website’s search presence today!

By Kristi Hines

Kristi Hines is a freelance writer, professional blogger, and ghostwriter who specializes in business and marketing topics.

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I have been meaning to try seo powersuite out for some time now. I’ve seen it mentioned on a few occasions on other sites, but none of them provided very much detail or insight.

I have tried other seo software tools in the past, but most of them were so time-consuming and tedious to set up and configure that I usually end up giving up.

If this one can be ready for use in ten to fifteen minutes I think I could probably handle that. I am definitely more inclined to test it out knowing that it can be set up in a few minutes, and that it appears easy enough to actually use.

I’ve been curious about trying out SEO Power Suite, but as with all things SEO-related, I’ve been lazy about really looking into it. This review was super helpful, thank you!

This is a great list of SEO related programs / websites. I’ve read many posts but this one has a lot of new things that I haven’t seen before.

I really like the Rank Tracker the most, I can’t wait to try it out myself.

Hey Kristi,

I’m already using free version of SEO Powersuit but I only use to check my rankings. I haven’t given attention to its other tools. After reading your review, I now know I did a big mistake by ignoring other easily available amazing tools. I’m now going to use them as well.

Rank Tracker has been one of my favorite tools for years but I did find that I needed to use proxies when I used it to track the rankings for a few websites. Did you find that to be the case during your test?

Hi Anchit, Agreed with your comment but if you want to scale your blog or business then certainly you should have some SEO software in your belt which can simplify your daily task. Otherwise the same you can achieve using a lots of free software but that will kill your lots of time.

These types of software are meant to save our valuable time after all time is also money.

Did you get my point. ? Keep in touch and thanks Kristi for this wonderful review.

@Kristi Hines

I’ve perused numerous posts however this one has a great deal of new things that I haven’t seen some time recently.

I truly like the Rank Tracker the most, I can hardly wait to give it a shot myself.

I am little bit confuse about that…
What types of SEO PowerSuite licenses are there?


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