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Server Melting Traffic Generation Methods

This is a guest post by Gregory Smith.

Traffic matters.

When it comes to generating traffic to my blog, that’s something I don’t take lightly. I’ve practiced every traffic generation strategy that has ever been developed, and am constantly seeking out new and unique ideas. By practicing different traffic strategies, I’ve come to learn the hard way, traffic is not easily generated by any means. If you’re anything like me (a traffic addict), you too follow your Google Analytics religously, in hopes of waking up one morning, to see that you have reached a new “traffic goal.”  Wouldn’t it be awesome to completely melt your server!

traffic generation methods

Many of you know me as the Search Engine Optimization guy. As I am a religious SEO and Search Marketing freak, I’m also extremely passionate about creating, new traffic development strategies. I study the “ins -n- outs” of traffic, from start to finish, and have done so, for quite some time now.

SEO is obviously a great way to generate traffic, not just traffic, but targeted traffic, the kind that makes you money (converts). The reason I’m not discussing SEO today is because SEO is a long-term strategy. Sure, it can generate traffic quickly, but SEO is something you should invest in for the long-term of things. SEO is what drives a business through the beginning and end.

Today, I’ve decided to share some of my “deep dark traffic secrets“, with you, and also go over some of the “Traffic Generation” methods I’ve done for clients over the years, those that worked very well, and those that didn’t work at all, so that you know what will work best for you, without having to experience too much trial and error.

I’m going to steer clear of the more successful, long term methods such as SEO, and pin-point the other, less talked about methods, those that work well for the short-term (over-night).

Some of the secrets I’ll be covering , will be as follows:

  • Penny Clicks
  • Ad Swaps
  • List Swaps
  • Solo Ads
  • Ping King
  • Really Simple Syndication
  • Content Development Consistency
  • Rich Snippets
  • The Panda Redirect
  • Blog Commenting

Let’s Melt Some Servers – Shall We?

traffic generation methods

Penny Clicks – List Swaps – Solo Ad Swaps

Penny Clicks is a form of Pay Per Click, that I’ll be going over with you. This is a traffic building strategy that I’ve just recently started to use, and for those of you who want targeted traffic that converts, this is going to be at the top of my list for those that work, and work well.

To implement this method, you’ll be using “Facebook Advertising.” Don’t run away just yet – I have used Facebook Advertising a lot of different ways, and to be honest, when I first learned of this method, I told myself, there’s just no way I’m even going to give this one a try, due to the fact that I’ve lost so much $ using Facebook PPC.

After giving it a go, I learned very quickly, I had been doing it all wrong in the past. I’m one of those who (like many of you) has a really hard head, and think I can do things without instruction some times, and that’s just what I did, when I lost a ton of cash in Facebook PPC. I got started, thinking I knew exactly what I was doing, and in truth, I didn’t know anything at all.

First off, to make the most out of your FB PPC campaign, you don’t want to use the “CPC” method, you’ll want to use the “CPM” method.

When you go to setting up you FB Ad campaigns, you’ll have the option to choose from either CPC or CPM. CPC stands for cost per click, and CPM stands for cost per million. Instead of paying each time someone clicks on your ad, you’ll want to choose to have FB throw out a ton of ad impressions, and just hope that yours will get clicked on, while paying FB each time they insert so many impressions on their site.

I have learned to bid approx. 6 cents higher than the lowest bidder. This allows me to get the most bang for my buck. The most important part of your success will come into play, when you create your add. Not all ads will convert. In order to get the most clicks (traffic) you want to “keep it simple.” Don’t add a ton of wording to your ad. I’ve learned that I get the most out of my FB PPC campaigns, when I keep my wording to “one sentence.”

Your image should not be a professional image, it should be something that would make someone want to click. All of these things are very important. Once you get the hang of things, you’ll come to find that it all falls together for you, but until you get the hang of it, please follow exactly what I’m telling you.
I have gotten 300+ clicks (unique visitors) for less than $1.50 on many occasions. There’s no reason why you can’t do the same thing.

new traffic generation methods

Ad Swaps

Ad swaps are the most over looked traffic generation method. Though I admit, it’s not very often people talk about ad swaps. I can’t tell you many times that I’ve seen professionals blog about it. Ad swaps are a kept secret, from within the internet marketing community, one that has been kept secretive long enough, in my opinion. Today, I’m going to show each of you, how you too can start taking advantage of ad swaps.

First, let’s talk about ad swaps, and make sure everyone completely understands what ad swaps are. Ad Swaps are basically two people swapping ad placements, for free. It is a free strategy, one that is used by the more elite marketers.

A solo ad swap could also be referred to as a list swap or a solo ad swap.

To find others you can swap ads with, you should look upon places such as the Warrior Forum or simply Google the term: Ad Swaps, List Swaps or Solo Ad Swaps.

The swapping of ads can be extremely beneficial for both parties. The more well known “swap” is the swapping of email list’s. When I first started practicing this strategy, I use to think, well my list isn’t but so big (120), why would anyone want to swap with me. A fact that I quickly come to learn was that the size of it didn’t matter. It was more the motion in the ocean. What I mean by that is, you could have a list that contains 20k emails, and someone else could have a list that contained 2k, and the one with 2k could easily produce more clicks, than that of 20k. Clicks is the trick here. The list that produces the most clicks, is what you’re looking for. Clicks = traffic. Not all clicks will convert, but without clicks, you really don’t have to worry about anything converting.

New to the marketing world? No problem. Ad Swaps is something where many people love to help the newbie. The reason others will be so eager to help you, is due to them being helped when they was new. The figure that if you make something of yourself, you’ll repay the favor one day. These are mostly a great group of marketers, but as with any income producing activity, you will always have to use common since. I have a great Skype group for marketers, where we all help one another, with anything you ned help with. We also help each other with ad swaps, etc. If this is something you think you’d be interested in, all you have to do is ad me, and I’ll ad you to the Skype group.

traffic generation

Ping King

Your first question is probably, what the heck is this one. Well, “Ping King” is just what the title says it is. Pinging is an old-school method of driving traffic, and one that works. Not only does it work, but it also offers a ton of other great benefits.

Within your WordPress backend, if you’ll go to your “Settings” tab, and scroll down to your “Writing” tab, you’ll come to your default Ping settings, from within your WordPress blog/site. From there WordPress has already included one ping aggregator. The problem with this is that, one aggregator just isn’t enough. This doesn’t offer you enough power to keep up with your competitors.

I have went out of my way and created a monster Ping List, just for you. To use this massive ping list, all you have to do is copy and paste it, over the default settings, and then click save.

Your ping list is used to ping search engines and RSS aggregators, and many other places. When those other places are pinged, it’s sorta like your blog is tapping them on the shoulders saying; hey I have a new post over here, you might want to get your butt over here and check it out. This is also a prime example of how to get your pages, and links indexed a lot faster.

For instance, you can go to and add your newly created backlinks, and or your newly created link to your new post, and this calls upon Google and other search engines to come take a look (in turn speeds up your indexation process).

Here’s your monster 2012 Ping list: ping-list.txt – right click to download.

traffic generation methods

Really Simple Syndication

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) aggregators, are content syndication platforms. TO see an example of a RSS feed, you can go here This is my RSS feed, I am using Feed Burner, to make my feed look more professional. You too can also use Feed Burner. It’s very easy to setup, all you have to do is follow the instructions, given by

There are several different WordPress plugins which syndicate your feed (when you create a new post) to a ton of different RSS aggregators. I strongly recommend that you find one, and implement it.

RSS is also an “old-school traffic generation method”, and one that still works today. Grant it, it’s become a little watered down through the years, but it still works, and works very well. Anytime that your content is aggregated to a different platform, a new backlink has been created, and this process increases the search engine ranking of your site, as well. Look for a great RSS feed syndication plugin, and add it to your WordPress site, to gain maximum benefits.

traffic generation methods

Content Development Consistency

I’m a huge fan of content development consistency. I write about it pretty often. My reasoning for doing so, is due to all the benefits it brings to the table. Content is now, has been, and will always be king.
Through the sheer consistency of adding new, quality content to your Website, you are constantly keeping Google crawlers on your site. The more those crawlers stay on your site, the more frequently its pages will be indexed, and the higher it will rank in the Search Engine Reports Pages (SERP).

Content development is by far your best asset, when it comes to traffic generation. When done correctly, this surpasses any and all other methods.

I’m sure you’ve heard this time and time again, then again maybe you haven’t. The point is, no one ever seems to tell you the whole story. If the whole story has been told to you, then hell, you wouldn’t have any reasoning in being here at this very moment, trying to learn new ways to drive traffic to your site.
The only difference in me explaining this topic, from the last person who wrote about it, is that I don’t have any secrets to hide. I’m not sure how much I feel like talking (writing) about, but let’s try and dissect this subject, as I attempt to explain to you what powers you have, when you start to create your own, quality content.

If you have paid any close attention to any of the more popular site’s you are subscribed to, one of the things that should stand out the most, to you, is the fact of how frequently those site’s update their content. Many of the ones I follow, update anywhere from 5-10 times a day. They have a reason behind their madness. Pay attention, and I’ll point out exactly what that is.

Site’s such as Google, Bing and Yahoo wouldn’t exist, if it wasn’t for you and I. We are the ones who allow search engines such as Google to crawl our site’s for free. In turn, while so many of you hate Google, you’re the one who has gave them the power they pocket. It’s you who allows Google to have a name. It’s those like us who make it possible for Google to make so much money. If it wasn’t for us, all those who work at Google, including their families would starve to death.

I know you guys are pissed off at some of the things Google is doing or has done. Why not use what Google once used, to create the same power? Remember, you will have to crawl before you walk. The more content you develop, the more pages you’ll have indexed in the monstrous search engines. The more pages you have indexed, the more opportunities you’ll have at ranking those pages, and profiting.

This is just one of the important reasons, you should try and develop a much content as you possibly can. As a long time Search Engine Optimizer, I have studied the fact that longer, more lengthy content ranks better than shorter, less quality content.

Moreover, the longer your content is, the more quality it could possibly have and the more text it obtains.

Think about this for a moment, Latent Semantic Indexing (L.S.I) is the process of how search engines rank relevant terms, within a piece of content.

I’ve pointed all of that out, because I want you to know that there is no limit as to how many keywords one of your articles could possibly rank for. A friend of mine, Michael Martinez recently pointed out in one of his articles that he has had one article to rank for a hundred keywords, in the past. That goes to show you, just how powerful content really is.

How many times have you heard it being said that content is king? Come on guys, that many people can not be wrong. Those who have come to the terms of leveraging this power have better since than to write about it, and publish something so powerful online.

Can’t say that I blame those huge companies for publishing 10+ articles a day. Do you? So, in reality there’s no need for you or anyone else to be upset with Google or any other Site. Simply take what they have taught you, and use it to your own advantage. The next time you thing about investing that $200, remember, your best investment is in content and SEO.

Set forth goals for yourself on a daily basis, and plan to write a post a day, for the next thirty days.

traffic generation methods

Rich Snippets

Ever heard the term “Rich Snippets” before, but aren’t all that sure what it is or how it could benefit you? Rich Snippets is the process of content markup. Content markup is the process of you adding a tag somewhere in your content, that in return creates Rich Snippets, for you.

Rich snippets doesn’t only increase your overall traffic, but it has the potential of skyrocketing your traffic.

As of now I am only going to recommend two different forms of content markup (rich snippets). Those are Google and Twitter.

Google’s Rich Snippets allows you to add a little thumbnail image of you, beside of your listing, within the Google search engine. I’m sure by now you’ve noticed how others have implemented this process, and have their image, beside of their search engine listing.

Are you asking yourself, how does something like that drive traffic? I’m glad you’re asking, because I plan on telling. Let’s say for example, your ranking on the first page, for your desired keyword, but are in position 5-10. Having your image beside of your listing makes all the difference. This could cause you to get more clicks, that the site listed at number one, if they didn’t implement their rich snippets. I’ve already written a tutorial on this before, and don’t plan on going that far with it again today. You can click the link above to view the complete tutorial. It’s fairly simple!

Twitter has just developed Rich Snippets, but at this point, it really isn’t very clear to me of how many people are using them, or how many people Twitter is allowing to use them.
The Social Media content markup is awesome. It allows you to post videos, images, etc in your Tweets. The benefits are endless. I’d like to see Twitter patent this, so that it isn’t saturated among all other social platforms.

Get started and get in on this opportunity, before it’s released to the rest of the public. It’s always cool to get in on things like this, while their still brand new!

traffic generation

Penguin Redirect

What on earth is a Panda Redirect? Your guess is as good as mine, I just added this one to fill space. I’m joking with you, the Panda Redirect is a very powerful strategy. One that should be implemented with care, as it falls between the White and Grey hat methodical lines. You’re probably thinking of just redirecting one of your sites or a friends site that gets a lot of traffic, to one of your less fortunate sites, but this isn’t what I’m going to teach you.

Was you one of the unfortunate ones who was bit by the birds (panda and penguin) and are now suffering from bird flu? Well, I have just the solution.

The realization that it takes 3 months to never to shiv your way out of a penalty like those, it’s probably best that you start over, and work hard to build a quality site that is very stable. To use your penalized site, for benefits, simply put a 301 redirect on your penalized site. I have done this for client’s, and so far it is working, and working very, very well. What this does is pass “link juice”, but does NOT pass the penalty. Not only does it pass the awesome link juice, but it redirects your old traffic, to your new site. I don’t recommend that you set and forget the 301, I strongly suggest that you leave it there only as long as needed, them you should remove it.

traffic generation

Blog Commenting Done Right

When done correctly, blog commenting can send you tons of traffic. The best part that it’s also great for “Brand awareness.”

To gain maximum benefit:

1.) Seek out high profile sites. Make sure the site is related to your niche. Make sure the site has a ton of readers, with a loyal following.

2.) Do Not Spam. Spamming has become more than obnoxious, and many marketers are now reporting spammers, to Google. I realize how easy it can be to say things link “thank you” or “great post”, but you want to refrain from doing so. You want to read the post, where you are commenting, so that you can add a lot of value to your comment. There have been many occasion where I have commented, and written more than the author.

3.) Be Controversial, Add Value and Stand Out. Do not ever be rude. Always remember that your comments will represent your site and brand. Create a name for yourself.

4.) Be the FIRST to comment. Being at the top of any list, puts you in front of a ton of eyes. In order to do this, there are many things you can implement, such as RSS feds, Tweet Deck, Google Alerts, etc.

Along with the implementation of these strategies, I suggest that you start off with the content development, and work on your new goal of writing one article a day, and do this for thirty days. After the thirty day period is complete, you’ll then have a habit of wanting to write on your blog each day. 🙂
There’s no better way, to generate traffic and start making money. Though while you start writing your second post, on day two – this is the ideal timing when you should also implement all the other – above strategies.

Please use the comments section below for questions, concerning all of the above mentioned strategies. I will make the time to help each of you. I understand that not everyone can afford SEO, and the above strategies are outlines expecially for you. Though, if you can afford SEO, I can’t stress enough how important it is, that you do so. Though no matter what you’re implementing, the need for content development and the consistency of development, will always be at the TOP of your “to do list.”

See you below!

By Gregory Smith

Gregory Smith is an extremely passionate, creative marketing professional who loves search engine optimization. With nearly a decade of hands-on experience in his field, Gregory enjoys blogging about marketing and helping others. If you need help taking your business to the next level contact him by email at

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Wow, another in depth article by you Gregory.

Every section was explained just so nicely, that is was really easy to understand.

Traffic generation is a hard concept to master when you are starting out. I am really interested in the solo ads and effective blog advertising. Facebook advertising might be one to try.

Thanks for an in-depth article.


Thank you for supporting me and my Brand. I now have a “MONDAY Blog Column” here on Kikolani. I will be providing you guys with new blog posts, every Monday.

I also provide a Column on Search Engine Journal where I post twice per month.

I appreciate all of the support I can get from all of you guys! You’re just so amazing. I’m really blown away by all the commenters here, and would love to someday achieve the same amount of commenters.

Thank you so much for this list of actionable items. It was so easy to follow, and I’ve already implemented most of them as I went through the post!

Thanks for commenting, Jenn. Don’t think I’ve ever seen you or spoke to you before. Anyways, it’s great to meet you. If you have any questions, or just need some help with something that has had you stumped, let me know, as I enjoy helping others, and always try to make free time to do things for others! 🙂

Wow Greg awesome, this is perfect timing for me. I’m currently testing different traffic strategies for my reporting web app. I was planning on testing 12 different traffic techniques this week (spending 3 hours on each) so your post couldn’t have come at a better time.

I think I only had 1 item on your list so I’m going to think about what else I can do after looking at this, thanks.

These are perhaps the best traffic generation techniques I have read so far. What can I say other than thank you for sharing the secrets many keep away from their readers. I also thankful to you for the ping list which I have just updated on my site. I have a little difficulty in understanding the rich snipets technique which I need to go and read it more carefully.


I really do appreciate offering such valuable advise, and knowing in my heart that I’ve made such an impression in other peoples lives today.

Thank you for making this possible.

Your words are very much appreciated.

A great article and a very good read. I am still a little confused about the RRS syndication and the Google rich snippets but its nothing a little research cant solve now you have pointed me in the right direction. Thank you

This is a very depth article and it takes some time to digest the content. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I particularly liked “Content Development Consistency” and “Blog Commeting” sections.

Ever wonder why you see so many people claiming to be the next traffic emergent battletstar – Selling the new traffic building methods by means of their ebook or a shiny new software?

I won’t vouch for, nor provide a testimonial that there is any such thing as a guru or traffic battlestar bus boy – but…..the one thing I can say is true is that I have come to learn, implement and mastermind MANY different traffic generation methods – that work.

@Frank Steiner,

I’m happy that you’ve decided to take it upon yourself to try and learn something new, something that will not only benefit you in short term – but something that will benefit you for the rest of your life..
I strongly advise you to continue learning, and try growing at the same time. If there’s anything i can do to assist you, please continue to let me know.

Wow…! That’s an in-depth article on traffic generation. You have shared some of the best kept secrets on traffic generation.
I have never heard about Ad swap. Would like to learn more about it! Also I was bit confused about rich snippets. Can you please share your tutorial link?
And thanks a lot for huge updated ping list.

Hi Greg,

I am doing lots of these apart from the ads. I am just worried that Google might see this as link buying and hit me some way or another. I did manage to get my server to fall over after a few infographics and had to move from shared to dedicated. Things run a lot faster but are a bit more expensive!


I dont know why but I LOL’d at ‘server melting’. I guess the mental image of a server actually melting because a blog was getting too much traffic is a funny one 😀

Some excellent point there, so thanks for that! Very detailed and comprehensive. And I totally agree that being the first to comment matter when you use commenting as a part of your SEO. Having said that, it is important to post something useful, instead of those uber-annoying ‘First!!’ posts.

Craig, with that being said: Take into consideration how important a TITLE is when it comes to getting more overall clicks/Traffic!

Thank you for pointing that out for others!

Glad you liked it!! Hope to see you on RxSEO !

Take Care!

I won’t agree with the Ping King because I’ve read somewhere on that some ping lists/sites mark the url as spam. I would just leave the default Ping list for my WordPress blog because your content will be indexed sooner or later by the search engine bots.

I can vouche success on the FB ads and doing the Penguin redirect. It’s a great strategy of passing link juice without passing the Penalty. And this is working great for now. No one knows when the search engines will pass the penalty too.

Well, I surely hope that you haven’t yet discouraged anyone else from benefiting a lot, from this same strategy.

I’m not 100% sure I mentioned it, within my post, but…….there are tons of FREE WordPress Plugins that LIMIT how many times that your blog, pings each ping aggrogator.

I have mine set to, I think twice daily. Per post/Page..

The Plugin I Use Is Called: ” WordPress Ping Optimizer.” By default all settings are already set, so a simple set and forget, will work just fine. All it takes is a few seconds work to do this, and receive all the benefits from doing so.

have a great day sir! 🙂

Nice Gregory,
It is really useful information for us Gregory, you mention lot of points related to blog, server and traffic which we general never keep in our mind here i understand the importance off all other things.
Thanks for sharing..

What # of 301 redirects have you done for yourself/clients, and what % of them have worked — and to what degree do they work? I’ve never done a 301 redirect with any of my sites, and am curious what type of results to expect to see if it’s worth the time on some smaller sites – example – are you expecting to rank/receive similar traffic for terms you were before the penguin/panda hit on the initial site? Or, is it mainly just giving you a ‘boost’ for your future link building efforts on the new site?

Hi Gregory,

I know your awesome article discuss traffic and not conversions but after I lost ton of money on FB PPC with the wrong business model and the wrong products I cannot think on traffic only. Cheap traffic and no conversion it is still very expensive in my opinion.

Do you have any suggestions/methods on finding the right products to sell on to FB traffic?

Thank you,

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