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Tested Ways on Pushing and Maximizing Your Content Reach

It’s extremely hard to think about digital marketing without considering content production. If you have any experience in online marketing, you should know that the power of marketing communication is shifting away from businesses and more towards customers. To that end, you study and do everything you can to create top-notch content for customers to like and trust your brand.

But ask yourself: have you tackled the most fundamental problem?

Maybe you’re worrying too much about how your content looks on the Web, when you should be worrying about it being seen. With all the conversations and promotions happening online, it shouldn’t be a wonder if your digital content—which you spent so many hours and worked so hard on—is being overwhelmed by the digital din. The result: your message is not received by your audience, and you have zero chance of getting the desired response from any of them.

So while you may be hung up on the quality of what you put out online, it’s best to also think about ways to push your content reach effectively.

Remember: Keywords Aren’t the Only Key 

Any online marketer worth his salt knows that successful content promotion relies heavily on search engine optimization (SEO). With that in mind, you may be currently focused on including keywords in your blog posts and other site content so that they can get indexed and ranked high in search engine results.

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However, you’re not just creating content to please search engines; your content should be made for your target audience’s sake. Google is actually trying to increase focus on user experience by upping their emphasis on semantic search. So in creating content, you might want to dial down the emphasis on keywords and just focus on what your audience needs.

Stick to Your Strengths

While you want to be relevant to your target audience’s interests, you don’t want to write about any topic just to be part of the conversation, especially if it’s something you’re not an expert in. Sure, it might get you some short-term attention, but the more likely outcome is that you’ll end up out of your depth and produce some half-baked piece of content. At best, people won’t notice it; at worst, people will notice how terrible it is.

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So you want to be as involved in the current conversation as possible, but you also want to stick to your niche. You’ll be able to communicate more profound ideas and support them better if you can create content with more depth and meat. While some insist that people’s attention spans demand shorter content, there’s actually evidence suggesting that longer content is more shareable, which helps maximize content reach. Keep things simple not by producing shorter content, but by staying in areas where you can be authoritative, compelling, and share-worthy.

Keep the Content Coming to Keep People Coming

There’s another reason why staying in your niche is a good strategy: Propelrr has a good blueprint on content marketing development that makes scaling content production easier, which is critical to freshness as well. One thing search engines look at when ranking search results is how new the content on the page is. So when you think about how to increase your content reach, remember that the newer it is, the higher the chances of favorable SERP (search engine result page) rankings. At the same time, people will keep visiting your site if they expect to see something new from you every time.

The more often you produce content, the more fresh content you can come out with and the higher the SEO value. Consistency is the watchword here. You want to produce enough content to keep your digital assets active, while at the same time maintaining the same voice and same level of quality. Also, don’t forget to use social media buttons on your website to make it easy for visitors to share your content.

Make Your Media Maximize Your Message

Maybe you’re trying to promote your content on social media, but it’s not performing well. If you subscribe to the “content is king” school of thought, there’s probably nothing wrong with what you’re publishing per se. However, there may be a problem with the format you’re using.

While the form of your content shouldn’t influence your message, it can be important when you’re trying to widen content reach. Text and images may have been enough for social media 10 years ago, but given the increased power of mobile technology, it’s not surprising that marketing experts are adding videos and podcasts to their arsenal. With the increased options available, you should now consider your target audience’s profile: Are they the type to read and share blog posts? Will they respond more to images? Or are they part of the mobile movement that’s getting more and more into audio and video? Throw in the fact that different social media channels are optimized for different types of content, and you can see why the choice of medium is important.

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There are so many options for content production now that it can be pretty intimidating to take note of them all, much less incorporate them into a strategy. It’s definitely tempting to have a cookie-cutter blueprint for scaling content production and rely on images and text alone. But to get an edge, you must appreciate each platform you’re on, as well as the audience you’re trying to get at, and tweak your tactics accordingly.

Build a Strong Web within Your Website

When you think about how to promote your content, you’re most likely worried about how the posts are linked outside of your site. However, do you realize that paying attention to your site’s internal links can pay off in spades, too?

Strong WebPhoto  courtesy of ramsd via flickr

When you write a post and put it on your site, you may want to include related links on your site as well. You may be thinking, “But that doesn’t increase domain authority the way a link from a third party would,” and you’d be right. However, it does help users find related content easily on your site, which increases their time spent there. It can also reduce bounce rate, make a stronger internal structure for your site, and give additional SEO benefits to strengthen your site. With a stronger structure, the site can score more points with Google. Thus, getting that increased domain authority will be easier. That can, in turn, ultimately result in more visits to your corner of the Web.

Reach People by Reaching Influencers

Of all the ways to push content that you can use, leveraging influencers is one of the most effective if you’re on a limited budget. Promoting posts in your own site will probably result in limited success, especially if you’re just starting to establish your online presence. But if you manage to build a relationship with credible publishers that are aligned with your target market’s interests, you may be able to use that to syndicate your posts.

Reaching InfluencerPhoto courtesy of nalbertini via flickr

You’ll first want to reach out to an editor and discuss what you can do to help them in their site’s goals. That will create a long-term relationship, and once you’re comfortable, you can share content with the editor and give rights to republish content for their readers. Alternatively, you may ask for a chance to write a guest post, and use that as an opportunity to link back to your own content.


There are many ways to market content, all with one goal: to get the content you produce the attention it deserves.  The tactics you read about may not work perfectly for your campaign because everything works on a case-to-case basis. The most important thing is to not treat the problem as a reason to give up but a reason to really experiment and keep trying until you get the results you need.

What content promotion strategies  are you using or are planning to use?

By Roger Gallager

I am a communications Specialist with expertise in marketing. I am also a freelance writer.

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I think this post outlines some great points. You can have the best piece of content in the world but if noones sees it you’re wasting your time. Having a successful website requires a merging of many different pieces of the internet puzzle. Creating quality content, having good SEO on site as well as relevant, quality backlinks and actively promoting your content are fundamental to any websites success.

Hi, Roger Thanks for your points,

But I must point out that you have simplified the complete content outreach strategy & SEO.

Your article contains three major strategies to work on- SEO optimized copywriting, Content outreach and influencer marketing.

This is quite a some for a lone marketer or blogger. I’m working on a native language website right now and I’m struggling to manage all the aspects it’s just slowing down all the process.

Any ways your points are definatly hlping me.

Sticking to your strengths is something everyone can do. And when you do that, building a strong web inside your site is easier (the content is naturally related and linking comes naturally).

Getting the attention of influencers is extremely valuable, it can be quite a challenge though.

Good points you’ve made for getting your website and your business up on social. I do think that the niche matters, since the behavior of people changes from niche to niche.

Getting the attention of an influencer will certainly give you some extra points for people interested in your domain, an extra credibility on getting people to trust a certain new business. But it all goes on what you are “selling”, either content or products. Because that’s the reasons people would want to get back and explore your website.

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