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Top 10 WordPress Theme Frameworks in 2016

top 10 wordpress theme framework 2016

WordPress theme frameworks provide website owners with a theme’s basic functionality and allow them to modify its look and feel. If you have been using WordPress for maintaining your website, you’d probably know how popular and useful these WordPress frameworks are. Since there are plenty of frameworks available today to choose from, we have pulled together the top 10 to help you choose the best option.

1. Genesis Theme Framework


Genesis is a popular Theme Framework designed by StudioPress that empowers you to easily and quickly create incredible websites with WordPress. Though it’s flexibility and versatility make it an ideal option to create a variety type of websites, it offers webmasters with all the right tools to build blog sites.

Main Genesis Features:

  • Search engine optimized: Genesis is built keeping in account the latest ranking algorithms to improve your website’s visibility on search engines.
  • Customizable design: Genesis comes with various customizable design options to customize everything from modifying color palettes to integrating or removing page elements.
  • Packed with page elements: Comes integrated with the basic WordPress page elements such as custom widgets, background, templates, headers and page layouts.

2. Ultimatum


Yet another popular and commonly used theme framework is Ultimatum, which is packed with several advanced features. The framework lets you choose Bootstrap as a foundation for a grid. Ultimatum is not only a WordPress framework but also a complete WordPress Suite. As a matter of fact, Ultimatum powers more than 107458 sites today. The figure is impressive and so is it’s growth.

Main Ultimatum Features:

  • Drag and Drop Theme Builder: Ultimatum is equipped with a unique layout builder that allows you to drag and drop native WordPress widgets.
  • CSS Editors: Several CSS editors integrated into Ultimatum allows you to add your desired styling with ease.
  • Bootstrap and Bootswatches: supports Bootstrap 3 for crafting WordPress themes
  • Offers various premium plugins including Easy Tables, Template, DHVC Form, Essential Grid, Slider Revolution, Layer Slider and more.

3. Divi by ElegantThemes


Divi is a powerful theme developed by ElegantThemes that is integrated with everything you could possibly want to establish a visually stunning and feature-rich website. An easy to use drag and drop Divi Page Builder is what makes it stand apart from its competition.
Divi’s versatility, flexibility, and smart architecture justify its tagline – the sky is the limit.

Main Divi Features:

  • Advanced Divi Builder Has a robust and invincible Divi Builder that can be used to build dynamic web pages without writing a code.
  • Pre-made layouts: Divi framework includes more than 18 pre-made layouts to accelerate the development process.
  • Responsive design: The framework boasts of a fully responsive layout that supports different types of screen sizes and devices.

4. Unyson by ThemeFuse


Unyson is basically a free plugin that comprises all the components and features of the best WordPress theme frameworks. The integrated drag and drop page builder enables you to break free from the restraints of the WordPress post editor and build certain amazing designs and layouts for your site.

Main Unyson Features:

  • Advanced navigation: Comes integrated with a built-in Mega Menu that allows easier navigation.
  • Create Automatic backups: Users can easily create backups directly from the WordPress admin as well as set a Backup schedule daily, weekly, or monthly.
  • Sliders: Unyson comes with easier to implement sliders with three inbuilt sliders that support videos and images.
  • Custom Widgets: The framework has few custom widgets for you to use including a blog tabs widget, a Flickr widget, and a social widget.

5. Avada


Avada ranked as the top selling theme of all time with more than 200,000 sales. It enables its users to build a wide range of websites even if they are a big fan of programming. According to Collis Ta’eed, CEO of Envato, this framework is the Swiss Army Knife of WordPress themes that do everything.

Main Avada Features:

  • Fusion Builder: Avada comes with an intuitive WYSIWYG page builder that allows users to leverage Avada’s drag and drop page builder.
  • Unlimited designs: With over 50 design elements to choose from, Avada enables users to build practically any type of website.
  • Powerful theme options: Build with a powerful advanced theme option, Avada gives website owners control over the theme’s layout, styling, and design.
  • Intuitive tools: Integrated with a Fusion Core plugin that comes with premium options and tools to offer you a tremendous amount of flexibility to create web pages.

6. Canvas


Canvas, created by WooThemes is the most advanced and modest WordPress theme framework that allows you to change the typography, layout and design using the integrated options panel. The framework imitates a minimalist design and packed with powerful functionality.

Main Canvas Features:

  • Templates. The framework is packed with pre-integrated templates including e-commerce, blog, magazine, corporate.
  • Tumblog functionality. The functionality enables webmasters to post to your blog with the help of an Ios app.
  • Supports WooCommerce. Seamlessly integrated with WooCommerce plugin to allow you to create feature-rich online stores.
  • Portfolio functionality allows users to build product catalogs and project portfolios without having to use another plugin.

7. PressWork


PressWork is an open source, free WordPress theme framework designed with CSS3 and HTML5 and customized for various different categories such as publishers, designers, developers etc. The developers of PressWork made it powerful enough to enable you to customize it completely. The front end drag and drop editor page builder offers easy customization.

Main PressWork Features:

  • Front-End Editor can assist you in modifying the visual side of your web site using drag-and-drop functionality.
  • BriefCase is a suite of powerful plugins, which will allow you to expand the theme functionality.
  • Media Queries are used to make a theme scalable to a variety of devices and screen.
  • PSD File is added to tailor-made your theme in Photoshop, particularly to change its graphic elements, logo etc.

8. Cherry Framework


Cherry Framework by TemplateMonster is yet another advanced open-source framework built on Bootstrap. Launched not so long ago, the latest 4.0 version has gathered many positive comments from users around the world. The framework has built on an independent module structure that enables you to use its components as standalone tools.

Main Cherry Framework Features:

  • Easy Install Process: There is no need to switch between WordPress, FTP, and PHPMyAdmin to get things done.
  • Customization options: Has tons of elements to customize to look and feel of your website
  • Regular updates: Offers automatic updates of the framework for your convenience.
  • Flexibility: Has seven responsive layouts to provide excellent experience on all devices
  • Color Palette: The framework enables you to make unlimited changes in the website with color-pickers and eye-candy color sets.

9. Thesis 2.0


Elegant Theme’s framework, Thesis 2.0 is developed specifically for small business owners and bloggers and comes with email subscription services and social media. Irrespective of your programming knowledge, building a website with Thesis 2.0 is as easy as 1,2,3.

Main Thesis 2.0 Features:

  • Boxes allow webmasters to point and click add-on functionality without needing to write a code.
  • Skins can be used to make custom designs by using drag and drop functionality.
  • Site tools: The framework is packed with certain important tools for branding and SEO e.g. Google Authorship, Webmaster Tools etc.
  • Developer friendly. The thesis is highly developer friendly that has special built-in code editor to get the control over the design and functionality of the website.

10. iThemes Builder


iThemes Builder is the last framework in our list that comes with more than 65 themes and developed to be used as a parent theme. The drag and drop builder employs responsive design to reinforce incoming traffic from different devices and screen sizes.
Integrated layout editors are the most significant facets of any theme framework and iThemes offers everything you may need to establish an elegant layout.

Main iThemes Builder Features:

  • Blocks are add-ons that offer added functionality to provide certain content types.
  • Layout Editor. Webmasters can add all types of modules and page elements to create a site. The Layout Editor renders complete flexibility.
  • Style Manager Plugin assists you in experimenting with different backgrounds and color palettes to build a design that functions well.

So, which framework are you choosing for your website design? Do share it with us in the comments section below.

By Jason Daszkewicz

Jason is a web development professional with hobbies of innovative and technical writing. Currently, he works for WordSuccor Ltd., providing PSD to WordPress Services to global clients and have successfully delivered many top-grade projects related to it. He has been actively writing blogs and articles about technical stuffs.

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Hey Jason,

You have mentioned the leading frameworks here. I have used Avada themes and Thesis framework. I always loved the inbuilt SEO of the Thesis platform.

But after developing my theme, I had to give up on the frameworks. It’s good to know about more.
Thanks for the list.

Thesis 2.0 end up being a great framework For developers, It does take a little getting used to if you’re familiar with previous versions but the power that it gives you is unmatched!! Thesis 2.0’s features completely changed the WordPress landscape. The ability to create boxes and visually edit templates is essentially a way of visually editing CSS. The skin editor also allows you to easily implement features such as: Schemas, Hooks, Filters posts by author, Change order of posts, and much more. I think that Thesis 2.0 is an amazingly powerful theme for those that want to learn how to use it.

Hi Jason,

I am glad that I came to know all the WordPress theme frameworks in this post, I was aware of Genesis, Divi, and Thesis.

I never used any of the frameworks on my blog, although I tried to use Genesis for long back, Genesis is the popular framework among bloggers. Thanks for sharing the information about these WordPress theme frameworks, see you soon with another article.

Hi Jason,

That’s a wonderful write-up. You have included almost all the popular frameworks available in the market. I was thinking to use Thesis earlier but finally, I decided to go for Genesis. It has been more than a year that I am using Genesis and I do not regret my decision. Maybe if required in future, I will try for other frameworks too. Thanks for sharing this list.

Best Regards,
Mohit Arora

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