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10 Ways Strengthen Your Twitter Community with

Twitter is one of my favorite networks to engage upon, primarily because you don’t have to wait until someone follows you to communicate with them and updates are fast to read as well as send at only 140 characters long. Plus, there are a ton of great tools for Twitter. Today, I’m going to look at one that can help you find new people to connect with, identify the most valuable people in your community, cut through the noise, and strengthen relationships with those who are most important to your business or blog.

Twitter is one of my favorite networks to engage upon, primarily because you don’t have to wait until someone follows you to communicate with them and updates are fast to read as well as send at only 140 characters long. Plus, there are a ton of great tools for Twitter. Today, I’m going to look at one that can help you find new people to connect with, identify the most valuable people in your community, cut through the noise, and strengthen relationships with those who are most important to your business or blog.

Why I Use

It has been almost a year since Sharel, one of the founders of, gave me a personalized tour. During that call, one thing became blatantly obvious.

I was inadvertently ignoring my followers. helped me quickly identify the valuable people in my Twitter community that I was neglecting to engage with because of the noise in my Twitter stream. And in very little time during that call, I was able to quickly thank them for their tweets and answer their questions.

Is this tool right for you? Let’s find out.

Who Needs a Twitter CRM Tool

If you can say yes to any of the following questions, then you need a customer relationship management tool for Twitter.

  • Do you want to get more out of Twitter?
  • Do you want to improve your engagement with your customers and readers?
  • Do you want to find new people to connect with and turn into new followers?
  • Do you want to cut through a Twitter stream full of noise?
  • Do you want to monitor specific keywords along with your reputation?
  • Do you have multiple people managing your Twitter account?

Now that we’ve established why you need a Twitter CRM tool, let’s look at the ways you can use to make Twitter a more beneficial place for both you and your community.

1. Prioritize your Twitter tasks.

Let’s say you just have five minutes to engage with your Twitter followers. You probably don’t want to spend it sorting through all of the noise. Now you don’t have to. When you sign into your account, the first thing you will see is your Prioritized Feed of top engagements.


Here, you will see a wealth of information at a glance. You will not only see the latest mentions that you’ve received but have not replied to, but you will also see quick stats about each of the people. These stats include whether you are following each other, their follower count, the number of interactions you’ve had on Twitter, and a snippet of their bio.

From here, you can quickly reply to those top engagements with a thanks or other applicable response. It’s super simple and will make sure that you don’t miss out on an important opportunity to connect.

On the days that you have more than five minutes, you can dig into these other great features.

2. Identify valuable members of your Twitter community. categorizes people in three groups: Influencers, Supporters, and Engaged Members.

  • The top influencers of your community, as judged by followers/following ratio and your engagement history.
  • Supporters help you ’spread the word’ by retweeting your statuses and sharing links to your content.
  • These members engage with you more often than others. Engagement is measured across all activities, including mentions, retweets, dms and favorites.

You can select each of these from the left side of your dashboard to see mentions from people in these groups.


On the right side of your dashboard, you will see a convenient option to tweet out a thanks to your top influencers, supporters, and engaged members. This message is customizable so you can add / remove the automated selection or just tweet it as is. Buffer users will also notice the integration so you can add the tweet to your Buffer schedule.

3. Review your engagement history with others.

While you’re browsing anywhere on, you can click on a member and see additional details about your relationship with them.


In this example, you can see important information about Kurt Frankenberg of Shoestring 101 including his full bio, location, website link, and follower / following counts. You can also see that I follow him and he follows me. With some users, you will even see the date when the following occurred.

In terms of our relationship on Twitter, you can see that we’ve had a total of 20 engagements so far between mentions, replies, retweets, direct messages, and favorites. Beneath that, you can click on the “More Engagements” link and scroll through each of your interactions. You can also see any mentions of specific keywords you are monitoring.

Being able to see your engagement history is a powerful feature. As an individual, it helps you see the type of relationship you have with someone on Twitter quickly. As a part of a social media management team, it helps you see what others on your team have tweeted to someone to help you form your own response without duplicating or stepping on another team member’s footsteps.

4. Find out who to engage with.

Speaking of engaging, has two columns to help you find just the people you need to reply to. The first is simply the Consider to Reply column, which finds mentions you haven’t replied to from important members of your Twitter community. The second is the Consider to Re-Engage, which finds important members of your Twitter community that you haven’t interacted with recently.


This can be particularly useful in retaining the people most important to your blog or business as followers.

5. See who you should follow or unfollow. will suggest people for you to consider to follow and unfollow based on their influence, relevance, and engagement level.


The Consider to Follow column can help you identify people who are following you and have been engaging with you frequently that you do not follow yet. The Consider to Unfollow column can help you identify people you are following and engaging with frequently that do not follow you. I’m always surprised by the people I find in both of these sections.

6. Say hello to your new followers or re-engage with lost followers.

Want to say hello to your new followers without using an automated direct message? Use the New Followers column to browse through your latest followers. You can even use the pre-filled tweet to say hi to a few of your latest followers quickly.


If you want to try to save a Twitter relationship, browse through the New Unfollowers to see the latest people that have unfollowed you. You can click each person to see if you have had any previous engagements or if they even tweet about the keywords you follow.

7. Monitor your reputation.

If you are reputation monitoring for your own name, your business name, or names of your products, can help you quickly get to know who is mentioning them. Unlike using Twitter search or other Twitter management tools, you will be able to see specific details about each person who tweets about your monitored items.


You can also use this to monitor mentions of your website by including your URL ( as a search item. This will catch retweets of your content where people do not include your Twitter handle.

8. Discover new leads.

If you monitor keywords related to your industry in the hopes of discovering new leads, then use the Discover New Leads section to add those keywords and see who is tweeting about them or has them in their bios.


There is even a handy pre-filled tweet in the right side to let you interact with a few of the people who has mentioned that topic.

9. Check out the top tweets in your community.

Do you like sharing great content with your followers, but never can seem to find the time to discover that content? If so, you’ll love the top community tweets section.


Now you can see just what is popular within your Twitter community and not miss out on sharing it with your followers.

10. View Twitter lists in a whole new way. has a Groups section that allows you to add Twitter users to specific lists. You can also import your Twitter lists as groups. Then you can learn more about the people in your lists within your dashboard.


It will also show, as in the above example, when someone in your Twitter lists engages with you so you can respond as necessary.

Individual and Small Business Friendly Pricing has great pricing plans that are friendly for individual bloggers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses alike.


Best of all, you can try for 14 days for free to find out how valuable it can be for your Twitter marketing.

Round Out Your Twitter Toolset

While I love, I do also use a few other tools regularly to manage my Twitter account. They aren’t competing tools, but rather complimentary tools that I would highly recommend to anyone. They include the following.

  • Buffer – Easily schedule updates to your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts.
  • Nesitivity – Create Twitter discussions that are easy to follow and manage.
  • HootSuite – Monitor all of your mentions, direct messages, keyword searches, Twitter lists, and more in column view along with items from Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and other networks.

I consider these along with my Twitter powerhouse toolkit!

Your Thoughts

And now, it’s your turn. Have you used to manage your Twitter relationships, or are you considering it? Please share in the comments!

By Kristi Hines

Kristi Hines is a freelance writer, professional blogger, and ghostwriter who specializes in business and marketing topics.

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Hey Kristi,
Very Nice Tool you suggest & I’m agree with your all points like we need not to wait until someone follows us and if our audience group is too big then it’s best way to communicate without getting spam reply, like celebrities using twitter to communicate fans.
Thanks for nice Post.. 🙂

Hey, macho garcia for the mention up above Kristi! But thanks MORE for the info regarding It certainly looks user friendly. Also looks to solve some problems that OTHER programs ‘n’ platforms that I’ve looked have not.

Will check into, toot sweet and report my findings to the world at large. Thanks again for the exposure here on your blog, I certainly respect you and what you are doing here.

Keep Stepping,


I kept going back and forth to this tool and I think the main reason I never dug deeper is that I didn’t have to figure out how to use it to get the most out of it. Well, as always thanks for making it easy.

You’re welcome Brankica! I was lucky enough to get one of the founders to walk me through it, which made connecting the functionality with my needs much easier. 🙂

This DOES look like an incredibly useful tool. I’d just been doing everything on HootSuite, but I do feel like I’m losing things in the noise. In addition, I think HootSuite might hide some posts. When I just look at my Twitter news feed directly it doesn’t always seem to match the HootSuite feed.

HootSuite has a tendency to not show the direct Twitter retweets I think. Or the ones where people add a : directly after your username. It can be really frustrating.

Hey Kristi,

As a new Twitter fanatic, I always seek of tools to help me with my Twitter activities. Lucky for me, I ran into this post of yours. I really like the features of and I think it can really help me to improve my Twitter account. Thanks for sharing this information.

Hi Kristi,

Awesome post indeed 🙂

I think I’m with Brankica there – though I knew about this tool and keep getting the top most community member notifications too from many people on Twitter, I never really dug too deep into it because no one explained it so well earlier!

Thanks for sharing all the details with us here. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

Thanks for spending your precious time to do a thorough job on this topic. I have never used before, and this is the first place I have seen a detailed write up on the subject.

I need to grow my twitter followers and also improve on the ways of engaging with them. I will give this a trial to see how it improves my relationship with my twitter followers. God bless.

I love I found just using the “@” “mention” functions of Twitter to be not that effective at trying to gain followers and keep track of who is mentioning and re-tweeting my posts. I think one of the best features is the “Monitor Engagement” which helps you find other twitterers who may be interested in topics about which you blog. Thanks for the info!

Hi Kristi,

WOW! What a post! No need for more to convince me. I will try to see how it works. I didn’t know what a Customer Relationship Management tool looks like. Yes, it seems awesome for engagement and managing your twitter account.
They seem to have a free version, too.
What I would like to know is: can this tool help me find fake followers? Can this tool protect me from spam? If yes, then 10 dollars a month is not a big deal.
The visual appearance of the tool is excellent. Reminds me of Hootsuite.
How nice of you to tell us about it. Thank you

Have a nice day

Thank for your commendation. I just discover it after reading your blog post. It’s very useful. In just 5 mins I found great links from my favorite topic.

I will continue using for a while, not yet decide if I should upgrade or not, coz I don’t have much income yet. Will see.

Thank for this fabulous post!

Hi Kristi,

Another awesome post!

I started using after you sent the long 4000+ word SMB contest post. I really hope you won.

How do you size images in your posts? Do you do that online via WP or you use an offline software? Also, what do you use for screen captures?

Cheers 🙂

This does look good.

I have close to 70k followers and gave up trying to stay engaged a long time ago due to the number of people talking to me.

Hopefully this can help.

This looks like a great tool. I signed up after reading this post. I’m a little confused on pricing – your post seems to indicate that there isn’t a free account, just a free trial. But after registering it appears I am on a free account, that remains free as long as I stay under 15 engagements per week.

Kristi, I LOVE and have used it since day one. I only log in about once a week and on Fridays now (since Follow Friday is gone, miss that! ) The Buffer is my absolute favorite and am thinking of going pro with that one. I tried Hootsuite Pro but did not like it on mobile and I use mobile a lot on the go. I wish the other apps were like the Pinterest app – they have it perfect! Even the Facebook Page Manager is not 100% perfect. I can’t comment on other’s pages, etc. with it.

Hi Kristi, I’ve been using since it was just by invitation and it is a marvelous tool, the best I’ve found up to now. Together with it’s how I begun using for real Twitter and started seeing results.

I’m still using the free version and it’s perfect, using a paid plan it will skyrocket results probably but it’s too soon for me.

The only cool thing to add imho would be the ability to pick people to add in the autometed tweets but for the rest is a tool everyone on Twitter should use.

Great post, well detailed and with all relevant info. 🙂

Hey Kristi, seems like a pretty neat tool for monitoring your twitter feed. Personally, I like sproutsocial because I can manage Fb, Twitter and Google + and LinkedIn from there but, this looks like it has some functionality that is pretty unique.

I really like how it groups users into who engages with you and shares your content, it IS surprising to see who your biggest fans are sometimes. Great share!

Hi Kristi!

Just wondering … do you think that I could replace my Hootsuite with Commun.It?

I pretty much use HootSuite for Twitter stuff only and it seems that both of these tools are similar in a way. However, it seems that Commun.It has some valuable features that HootSuite lacks of.


Hi Kristi

I’ve never used any specialized service like hootsuite or communit to manage my twitter account. i only use JustRetweet and EasyRetweet to engage with twitter users but after reading to you post it make sense to use Twitter CRM like communit to build a everlasting relationship with other twitter users.

I’m gonna give it a try and thanks for a detail post about it.

Tauseef Alam

Just a quick note to say thanks for taking the time to write this up. It’s a GREAT example of what social media as a tool for communication can look like in action — and principals need those kinds of examples before they’ll be ready to move forward with their own social media work.

This looks great! So far I’ve been handling my twitter account manually, and I’ve definitely been seeing some problems and shortcomings with my method… This program definitely seems to have all the right tools to keep things organized and effective. Thanks for the tip, I’ll give it a try!

Is this a free tool or do they charge monthly? If they do how much is it?

It’s nice to have tools like this but you should have an action plan that would justify your ongoing expenses. Traffic stats always show us whether our efforts are worth it.

Thanks Kristi. This is exactly the kind of strategic Twitter guide I’ve been looking for. I’m going to write a novel in the next few months and want to use Twitter to build up a good reputation before it comes out.

Great post! Is there not a free version of this app to try it out? I’ll check out the website and see. Would you say that the Pro version is worth it at $10/mo?

This looks like a terrific tool – in fact I jumped right over and set up a free account to give it a try. From what I saw almost immediately this looks like upgrading will be a no-brainer and this is going to be a winner!

Hey Kristi! Thanks for the amazing tool. I have just realized that I am also missing a lot of fun on Twitter. I should go with I have heard about these guys on internet, but never got time to check out their services.

In the meantime, I randomly use Tweetdeck, and Hootsuite to manage my stuff on Twitter. I have number of Twitter accounts to manage from my desktop.

wow it seems a great community to increase your twitter followers?
sounds excting I’ll engage in this community as possible as I can and tell you the results 😀
thanks for sharing Kristi 🙂
do Have a lovely week-end 😀

I have been using for some. What I like most about this tool are the weekly updates that I get in my inbox and the fact that it shows who you need to reply to. I go through the engagement suggestions ony when I receive the updates, which means I don’t have to use it everyday.

Based on this post, we went ahead and signed up for the service and have played with it a bit over the weekend. May be a useful, tool, but we need more time on it to get a good feel if this could be a long term tool for us.

Thanks Kristi!

This is the first time I am hearing about Commun it. Sounds interesting to manage your twitter account. There is no doubt that a lot of things are happening on twitter and can be difficult at times. I have been thinking of using HootSuite a similar type of tool.

I have the free version of Communit and find the engagement feature quite informative and useful, I also like the “find new peeps to follow” feature. I have done just that after using this tool.

Thanks for sharing this excellent review with us.

Hey Kristi, thanks for the inside look. Seems like a really neat tool that a few of my clients would be able to make use of. Pointed them towards hootsuite first of course but I think this really has the CRM aspect to it that they’re looking for. Thanks!

Excellent Post Kristi. Just a quick to say thanks for taking the time to write this up. It’s a GREAT example of what social media as a tool for communication can look like in action — and principals need those kinds of examples before they’ll be ready to move forward with their own social media work.

I will use it now, that you said it’s very good. I only use Buffer for my tweets, and it’s very helpful, just like this post.

It’s important to connect with influential people in your niche.

This seems like a really useful app. I know Sprout Social has something similar in terms of being able to look back on engagement history with followers, but this dashboard puts it right out in front. I think that would increase the chances of engaging with the right people. I’ll have to give it a look.

Glad that I found this post. I just created my Twitter account a few weeks ago and I was looking into various tools. Some of the tools out there look a bit “dangerous” and it seems like more and more accounts are getting closed because of automated direct messages, retweets, automated following & unfollowing… is more like a relationship managment tool and it looks really great.

I remember being free? Maybe they’ve changed this in recent months.

I really enjoyed this article because I’ve been using from time to time, but not properly it seems ;). It really comes in handy when you’re looking for people to follow.

Cheers Kristi!

Hi Kristi,

Seems is everything Hootsuite isn’t. I must admit, hadn’t heard of it before reading this here article. Thanks for the great overview, I’ll be taking it for a test drive shortly. I find it interesting that you still use other platforms nonetheless. I guess I’ll know why once I explore 😉


Twitter is a great community to engage with and I use it a lot for work. It’s instantaneous nature makes it really easy to find people who are thinking about and talking about your products and services or the things you are trying to sell. I grab a lot of clients just by finding people who are complaining about my competition. This app looks like it could be handy and I might give it a go.

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