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Why I Share What I Share

I feel like I’ve been in a more opinionated mood recently, and I hope that is alright with you, my readers. I have a nice juicy “how to” post for next week though, so don’t fear!

Today I wanted to share with you, pun intended, why I share what I share through Twitter and my Fetching Friday posts.

Changing My Approach

In the last few weeks, I have been changing up my strategies quite a bit, from taking the time to comment on blogs to turning off my Twitterfeed and other social media automation services.

The reason why is because I have become somewhat obsessed with the quality of what I give to the audience I have built. I know that in the past, I have shared things simply because someone was my friend and they asked, because I felt the need to reciprocate something of theirs for all they have shared of mine, or because I maybe just wanted to get on someone’s radar (yes, guilty as charged).

Now, I am taking the time to only share things that I really feel are essentially awesome.

I feel like I’ve been in a more opinionated mood recently, and I hope that is alright with you, my readers. I have a nice juicy “how to” post for next week though, so don’t fear!

Today I wanted to share with you, pun intended, why I share what I share through Twitter and my Fetching Friday posts.

Changing My Approach

In the last few weeks, I have been changing up my strategies quite a bit, from taking the time to comment on blogs to turning off my Twitterfeed and other social media automation services.

The reason why is because I have become somewhat obsessed with the quality of what I give to the audience I have built. I know that in the past, I have shared things simply because someone was my friend and they asked, because I felt the need to reciprocate something of theirs for all they have shared of mine, or because I maybe just wanted to get on someone’s radar (yes, guilty as charged).

Now, I am taking the time to only share things that I really feel are essentially awesome.

It’s Not You, It’s Me

I don’t want anyone to think that just because I don’t share something it means it isn’t great. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to read every article that all of the blogs I follow write. Since I do have a massive number of blogs in my Google Reader, I end up with hundreds of unread items in the morning and the evenings when I take a spin through, so if the title doesn’t catch me, I might pass it by.

But when I do find an article that teaches me something new, gives me an “a-ha” moment, or is super, super thorough on the topic at hand, I share it.

What About Reciprocation

Awhile back, I wrote about whether people should expect reciprocation for things they do online. In essence, you should do everything you do, from sharing content to commenting, not because you want someone to return the favor, but because you want to share the content and feel compelled to comment.

There is a lot of talk about authenticity recently, and I feel that this is the core of authenticity. The core of everything you do should be because you believe in it and because you want to put your seal of approval behind it. Not because you feel like you have to because you’re in a part of a tribe or because someone asked in trade.

What Is Your Approach to Sharing

How do you determine what to share and what not to share?

By Kristi Hines

Kristi Hines is a freelance writer, professional blogger, and ghostwriter who specializes in business and marketing topics.

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That is a perfect decision. Not only you, your readers deserve good stuff. If you share a not-so-good quality post just because you want to reciprocate to someone or for some other reason, you are being accountable for your readers and followers. Why should they read something that you are sharing for your benefit? You have taken the right decision and this is how it should be.

There is nothing wrong in reciprocating, getting into someone’s radar and sharing stuff of friends as long as the quality and other standards permit πŸ™‚


Exactly Jane! You can certainly start following someone you admire and hope that they’ll notice you sharing their stuff. I’ve actually noticed that some of the influencers notice you more if you only share select pieces of content from them. They know it’s not automated at that point, just someone who had a genuine interest in some of their content.

Hey Kristi,

Sharing is Caring.

Whatever you’ve shared or reciprocate to your community is always beneficial. Not only you others too (including me) have massive blogs in google reader & like you only me too read that only which attract me with their titles & few starting para.

Like you said in the past you’ve shared all those materials just to do favor to your friends but we know whatever you’ve shared was somehow has been benefical to your users. You’ve made such an image in front of your readers eyes that we can’t expect anything not useful from your end & also if you post (which you’ll never) we’ll accept it as a read & forget way.

I am still caught in the sense of sharing a thing because a friend or a person close to me said so or asked for it. But maybe, as time goes by, I can learn how to say no to some stuff they asked for, in a good way of course.

Nothing wrong with sharing great content for a friend, just when you start sharing less than stellar content because they’re a friend is when you get into trouble with your following. πŸ™‚

Hi Kristi,

A few ideas….

1. I share most on the weekends, esp lighter stuff
2. I share photos on Facebook (hat tip to Guy K) as this gets the most interaction
3. I share links on Twitter that are v focussed
4. I schedule my own links so that I don’t have to remember to promote my own stuff (I know πŸ™‚ ) and can focus on exchanging info with others.
5. I also share on YT more than I did as Google seems to be indexing and ranking videos in the SERPS more than before

Hope that helps.


I share articles from other relevant blogs only. I mostly use my social profile for blog promotion and connection, so I don’t have time to find and share funny stuff. I also think my followers are interested in stuff related to my blog. I usually tweet and stumbel posts I comment on. I also tweet related answers at yahoo answers.

Do you have good luck on Yahoo Answers? The last several times I was on there, I felt like there were less serious questions and more kids goofing off around the community.

Well, I have to say no.. Answers is a great site but not a great community. Like you say there is a lot of kids and most don’t use profile images and description. You often see questions you have put your time to answer be deleted during to user violations. Most users don’t even take the time to choose a best answer..
But I think the consept is great, and I share the answers in other communitys, so other’s can find answers from me..


I think this is a really good decision. When we share a post because we like someone, we make that person happy. But when we share only top quality posts, we make everyone who follows us on twitter happy. The idea is to find balance between the two.

People who share stuff expecting others to reciprocate every time will filter themselves. We need people who share without expecting something in return. Although, if we produce quality content, people will reciprocate happily.

This is a good decision. Continue with it.


I don’t think people should expect reciprocation. Some are just not that good and others you can’t do them all. Even if you could you might be there all week and you need to also focus on your own content and what you and your site is about first. If it pertains to the post or you think it will benefit or be helpful to your readers than by all means, especially if it is worthy and something you would use or do yourself.

Because there isn’t enough time to spend commenting on as many websites as I would like, I try to focus on a selection inside of my Google Reader. I set up my shared Google Reader RSS feed to automatically tweet out the links. My prefix is “Worth a look” – it might seem automated but in reality I am still manually checking out each article or photo and deciding whether or not to share it.

Well, I suppose when I have something worth sharing, I’ll definitely be happy to share it purely for the sake of sharing it in the spirit of paying it forward. I’ve had such an eye-opening experience in just how open the pros are with what they know because they genuinely enjoy seeing others succeed, as well. Robert Kiyosaki wrote in one of his books that it was one of the best ways to tell the real pros from the pretenders, and I tend to believe him. =)


Definitely Delena. The people that are just in it for themselves usually stand out over time and while they make money, they don’t have near the authority as the real rock stars!

Hey Kristi, I agree with you and many of the other commenters here; we’re ALL too busy to be catching all the good stuff out there, and everyone benefits when we play a curating role by compiling a list of the best posts that we’ve seen in the last little while. I certainly appreciate your doing it!

I can’t agree with you more. I believe that your decision is completely right, and I am glad that you can afford yourself this kind of approach. You have my support!

Regarding to this topic, I can say that i always share posts that I like, no matter are they related to topics I usually write about. So, I usually don’t return favors, I simply support someone’s good work.
I also don’t expect that someone will return favor because returning favor is rare like a polar bear. I have learned this lesion so far.

That’s a good thing to learn – if you don’t expect reciprocation, you will do better for yourself and for others while just knowing that when people do share your work, it’s because they love it!

I think your readers will appreciate this a lot. It really does two things for your readers. The first is that it builds trust because they now know you’re only passing on high quality stuff. Sometimes people will pass on stuff that is barely high quality because it is their friend and it dilutes their brand because they can’t be trusted.

The other thing is that just like you, they get hit with tons of stuff. The less noise and higher signal you have in your twitter feed and on your blog the better.

Kristi, I completely support this decision and love that you are doing it. I can understand why you are doing it because even I can see changes in me after only a few months, between what I shared before and what I share now. I am not yet to a point where you are, since I am a member of Triberr but I am sharing less and less of the things I just scan. Now I read in more details and always ask “Can someone benefit from this”?

I am wondering if you plan to change the frequency of posting here?

You know I read your articles on other blogs and they are really high quality. Now that you are focusing more extremely on the quality, will that take more time away from you? And thus effect the posting frequency? Or are we set for now with you posting the awesome stuff as often as you do now?

I am going to try to keep up with articles here and elsewhere at the same pace Brankica, but if it comes down to post something crappy or don’t post at all, I’m going with the latter. Really I only do two articles, then my Friday roundup, and Wednesday’s belong to the guest writers, so it isn’t too hard to keep up with.

The other thing that helps is the difference in audience. Most of my audience on other sites are strictly Internet marketers or businesses, whereas here it is strictly bloggers. Hence the content is tuned a bit differently. πŸ™‚

Hey Kristi,

You make good points, as usual. I like to share things that make me feel something. Certainly, I’m for sharing things that provide value, but if you can come across an article, a video post or a podcast that makes you sit and reflect, come to a better understanding of something and maybe even reconfigure your approach (in blogging, online business, social, consulting, entrepreneurship or whatever), that’s share worthy for sure.

I like how you said you should share, because you feel compelled to. That’s solid stuff.

Thanks Ryan! I always hope that when I hit a post that hits a good nerve that others will get the same experience when I share it with them! πŸ™‚

I definitely agree with the principles behind your sharing philosophy. I try to share things that I believe will cause my audience to think or re-examine some assumption. I think it’s really important to set your own standards for sharing and to be free of any sense of obligation to share.

Hi Kristi,

You don’t need to apologize of what you post – it’s your home πŸ™‚
Changing subjects out of “how to” is good to spread new ideas.

You know my opinion about sharing – if it worth share – I spread it on all my social sites. My biggest constrain is * time*: to read (my google reader is like yours, swamped) to comment on other blogs and to do other tasks out of social networking like writing plus other tech stuff.

I share without expecting something in return. My automatic shares very few, are very specific and if they are manual, must be of quality and they go to Twitter, Facebook, SU, BE, SERPD, Amplify, etc etc

Keep rocking πŸ™‚



I appreciate that Gera. Sometimes I feel like people might expect a certain thing, and I want them to know that I am just in a mood and will return to the normally scheduled program soon! πŸ™‚

I am in two minds about this. If we only shared real awesome stuff then the same stuff would just go round and round in circles, everything Mashable / Copyblogger every posts.

I think there is no harm in sharing posts by aspiring writers and bloggers. They may not be mind-blowing but they need encouraging to get there. That is my role in the eco-system; helping to nurture people and grow.

Your audience is used to seeing a variety of interesting, conversational pieces how are they responding to you being more selective?

It’s funny Sarah. After I’ve taken a closer look at blog posts going through my Google Reader, I feel like I do share a lot more variety. I guess quality is open to interpretation, but I have seen new bloggers that have blown my mind with great ideas and blogs that are from the top authorities who have posted things that make me think “snooze.” Hence, I’ll share that new blogger over the authority blog post any day.

My old strategy was to pop blogs that I liked into Twitterfeed and let it just update my account with new posts. Hence, while I was sharing more content throughout the day, it was always from the same sources. Now, even though I share less and am more selective, I am probably sharing less of the Mashable type site posts and more from others that maybe not everyone has heard of yet, but probably should.

In all honesty, I still share some posts from Mashable, but the ratio of posts I share vs. how many they do in a day is pretty low… maybe one or two posts throughout the week. I really only watch their social media feed though. πŸ™‚

Our best thoughts come from others. What I learned is what they shared, What I shared is What they Learned. Many people will keep on commenting on the site if the post is helpful and useful. They found a happiness if they learned something new to the blog. Keep on sharing kristi. that’s why I love this blog very much. lots of helpful information. Keep it up!.

I think it’s a great idea Kristi, I started doing the same thing right around the same time I started removing “non-friend friends” from Facebook. Much like you my blog has grown over the years, along with requests for favors, comments, content, graphics and whatever else. Managing it can be really tough and for a while there got out of hand, now I’m in the second round of my clean out for the year, this clean out phase targets my RSS reader.

Much like you I only share articles I actually get use out of, I don’t RT and Stumble things “just because” someone did it for me. I put a lot of time and effort in to answering EVERY comment on my blog, every Facebook message, and I def spend a lot of time keeping my reader organized. In return I have a very efficient work space and like it that way, however commenting on blogs that repeat the same message over again, or copy other articles and spin them or worse off preach about their Twitter and social media prowess meanwhile you can’t get a two way conversation going over all of the automation.

Sorry for the long rant, I’ve been on a rip lately as well maybe it’s the moon. Regardless I know I’m not going to be wasting much of my time with unsocial “social” bloggers, I’ll turn my energy towards those that understand two way conversation and look to grow their network, brand, business or whatever it might be. Something with a pulse vs automation nation.

I’ve been a lot more selective about who I choose to friend on Facebook now as well, and make it a point to remove anyone on a daily basis that I don’t actually know in my newsfeed and that constantly sharing things I’m uninterested in.

I think a lot of people do believe their prowess in social media is based on their ability to automate – they think they are making the best of it by spending little time and getting “great” results.

I have social sprees, and weeks like this one where I’ve been a bit more quiet on the conversation monitor due to other obligations, but overall I enjoy being a much more social blogger than I used to be. And no worries about the rant… it feels nice to get it out! πŸ™‚

I’ll be honest and unlike you Kristi I don’t put much thought into what I share. I guess it’s because I’m always sharing everything I see. I really don’t mind it and it’s proven to come back around and help me out as well.

Naturally if I like it I share it and that’s the general method I go by. Lately I’ve been commenting on the article first and then sharing it! I’m assuming this is better for me and might help generate myself some more traffic if people see my tweet and then also see i have made a comment. Sad I know but I’m a marketer at heart and whatever can help me can also help our blog engage members. At the end of the day this is all that matters to me.

I’m sure to some extent that you only share what you like Brian. After all, you do run a network with the basis of promoting top content, so I know you know how to spot it. πŸ™‚

I loved that you were so upfront and honest in that you can’t always be super woman! It’s nice when people share things you create with others and comment love is always nice too, but your right when you said, it shouldn’t be done because you “have to”.

Everything we do when sharing is because we loved the post so much that it was a given anyway!

It’s definitely tough fighting the urge to want to be superwoman Sonia, but it’s also a huge relief when I just say that I have to let it go, mark everything unread, and start fresh tomorrow!

Thanks for your post, sharing does get tricky. I basically have always taken your approach of sharing what I think many people will find valuable. But it does get tricky when you know people. We all have biases. I do have a bit lower threshold for someone, or some site, I like. I figure that is fine. But if you share junk just because you like someone that is just going to hurt in the long run.

That’s right John. I had one site that I shared that I knew was on that border – not necessarily bad, but just not what my audience wanted. It took three complaints by different people to finally take it off of my feed, even though I felt bad about doing it because I knew the blogger.

Hmmm, you have me in a pensive mood. This is something I have had to battle with lately, to be honest. I’m a very opinionated soul and have held back massively….until my latest post.

I decided that my blog represents me and I should embrace that, instead of hiding it. So off I went and pressed the ‘publish’ button and the result;

I lost subscribers instantly (however gained more Twitter follows). The result – I’m happy, because I don’t want people following my blog who don’t ‘get’ me. The most important thing is to not take it personal and accept everyone can’t all think the same, or the world would be boring.

I wrote about the whole using potentially offensive content on your blog earlier this week Anthony. Basically, it boils down to your goals in blogging – if your goal is to get like minded people to a personal blog, then it’s not an issue and a good idea to just go for it!

I try to share posts that I think will help people solve a problem or give information that I think people should know.

I will also share posts that I personally feel are insightful or humorous to me. I do want to add that personal touch.

I wouldn’t go so far as to turn off twitterfeed, however I did start a second twitter account which has a smaller, more personal following.

That’s not a bad idea Richard. I’m maintaining two accounts myself – one for my blogging and social media, and one with a smaller following of just local people and photographers. πŸ™‚

Hi Kristi,

I think is in line with your post on Tweet2Download where you want to make sure the content is quality before sharing it with your followers.

Right now as a beginner blogger, I do look through what I share but I am more flexible. Your approach has got me to thinking because there were some posts which I had doubts about sharing but still did so.

I did so because the content was decent. However, it didn’t look like the blogger made any effort to make the post presentable. What I mean is it was one long paragraph!

Regarding commenting, I usually don’t comment on posts for the sake of commenting but some commenting tribes require that you comment on every blog. So I do when I participate. I will say that’s not being authentic at all because more than once, I wish I could say pass!

Thanks for getting me thinking about this!

I know what you mean Diana. There’s nothing that turns me off commenting more than feeling like I “have” to do something. It’s not that some posts are bad, it’s just that some don’t elicit a natural response. So trying to force one is a bit awkward.

Hi Kristi,

For me it’s pretty cut and dry – if I read an article and really like it, I’ll either comment, share or do both!

You bring up the conversation of authenticity which is great, because I think many people may use sharing as a tactic rather than doing it b/c they truly get value from something and feel others will do too.

Here’s the problem with this – you can only keep at this so long. If you are sharing content that is not quality stuff then you risk loosing credibility with your followers. You may gain the loyalty of the person whose content you are sharing, but in the long run you are doing more damage than good.

A better “tactic” would be to find other ways to support that blogger without giving your stamp seal of approval of sharing their content that is not to your expectations.

Yes this sounds a bit harsh, but if you want to be looked at as an authority in your industry than you not only have to step up to the plate, but you have to expect those around you that you plan to support to do the same.

Well done on your decision. I’m sure you are doing the best you can given the popularity of your site. Being pulled in all directions and others wanting of your attention is great, but it also means you have to get crystal clear on how you want to be viewed and how you plan to support those who have supported you, yet not get lost in the craziness of it all and lose your focus.

Keep it coming girlfriend! πŸ˜‰

Kristi –
I couldn’t agree more with your sharing philosophy.

I always believe that “what goes around, comes around” and commenting, tweeting, and liking other sites and posts encourages the spirit of sharing.
There really should be no expectation of a return.

The hard part is remembering to share – that’s why I love your Fetching Friday posts.

[…] (1)  Why I Share What I Share- I feel like I’ve been in a more opinionated mood recently, and I hope that is alright with you, my readers. I have a nice juicy β€œhow to” post for next week though, so don’t fear!Today I wanted to share with you, pun intended, why I share what I share through Twitter and my Fetching Friday posts. Changing My Approach In the last few weeks, I have been changing up my strategies quite a bit, from taking the time to comment on blogs to turning off my Twitter feed and other social media automation services. […]

Hey Kristi, personally, I love the change that is occurring within you and your blog. I think it’s a sign of you being at peace with doing things ‘your way’, and not necessarily the standard way we see so much of online.

Also, since you shared a few opinionated comments and posts lately, I feel like I ‘get you’ so much better than before– which is really nice.

For me, I try to do everything based on the fact that I care about others and want them to succeed. Whether it’s a comment, tweet, whatever— I want it to be real.

Like you, it wasn’t always like that. But as I’ve grown as a blogger, I’m now at a state of comfort and happiness, and I’m not trying so hard to prove myself to everyone.

Cheers Kristi!


Thanks Marcus! I’m definitely pretty happy with what I do now. I wish I could do more, but for the time I have, I’m pretty satisfied and proud of my strategy! πŸ™‚

You and I briefly talked about this on a post I wrote. I share what I like and either comment on there or in my retweet, since that’s where I mainly do my sharing. Most of the time I share if I like something; every once in awhile I share because someone just irked the stew out of me. lol And of course I’m one of those people that will share a link in a post of mine if it inspired me to write the post, so there’s never any question as to where the idea came from.

Did we Mitch? I have been commenting so much that sometimes I lose track of where I have what conversations. This post was directly inspired by something that has been going on in my personal life that kind of crept into my online life. Had to clear the air and lay down some “take it or leave it” rules.

Thank you for the post, is interesting.

I stopped sharing things for a while, I just felt that I was not doing anything different that anybody else.
Right now I creating more content myself, but if I want for people to share my own content, I need to share more content.

I share from smaller blogs more than large blogs. I think they need it more.

I normally read post in my Google reader every other day (that’s why I normally the last one to make a comment in any post). Also, thanks to that, I always have a huge amount of post to read. I normally share post well written, well organized and not too long. I don’t like to share news. β€œa-ha” post are my favorites.

I aspire to share almost everything. The marvel of social media is that it is all about sharing. I’m not talking about aimlessly sharing, but sharing in two ways. First, other people’s content that compels or moves you. Second, and most importantly, my expertise. Some people try to guard their expert knowledge like if they share it they will suddenly be out of business. Let’s be real – there is enough business in this world for everyone, and if you’re good at what you do, you’ll make money. I like to share just about anything I learn or know (with the exception of strategy and finance), so that others can be inspired by me, and hopefully share out what I post.

Kristi, I share out your posts often, because you write compelling content, you are responsive, and all around woman who ROCKS! Great post, keep ’em coming!

Gwen Woltz, @gjwahine
Partner, Social Media Enthusiast, Graphic Designer
Wahine Media, @wahinemedia

I like that you’re becoming more opinionated, Kristi. You’ve built up enough authority that we want to know what you really think. Well, I know I do. I’m probably safe speaking on behalf of most of your other readers too. πŸ˜‰

I’ve created some syndication accounts on Twitter recently where I feed most of my tweets automatically which includes posts from blogs I trust via TwitterFeed. On my primary accounts though, I do as little automation as possible. If I retweet it on these accounts then I’ve both read and endorse it.

When it comes to reciprocity, I’m still guilty of commenting, voting, and bookmarking posts as a way of saying thank you to my readers. I draw the line on what I share through Twitter or Facebook though.

Thanks Brad! I feel like sometimes I go from how-to tutorial mode to something different and just hope that people aren’t disappointed when they don’t get their how-to guide of the week. It’s good to know people are really interested in the why as much as the how of what I do online.

Goes in the face of what most bloggers do these days… even a little bit in the face of your Blog Promotion book, huh, Kristi?

In a good way though…

I think being genuine in your social efforts has the potential to get you “there” as well. BUT how to find time for being genuine? Sounds ridiculous, I know, but nonetheless…

I’ve noticed your commenting efforts everywhere I go, by the way – they are always appreciated on my blog, and I know other bloggers feel the same.

The jury is still out on quality vs quantity as far as I am concerned, but I’d love to know the end result of your efforts, Kristi – in a follow-up post at some point?

Thanks for sharing your heart!


It’s tough finding time Ana. I just made a commitment to either making the time or doing nothing at all. I also think, in a way, that if you do become more concerned about quality over quantity, then it makes everything you promote (for yourself and others) much more effective. Like before, when I had Twitterfeed going, I’d share a great post by someone and two seconds later an auto tweet would run over it. Now, when I tweet an article, it’ll sit on my profile as the latest tweet for at least half an hour or more, unless I am in the middle of a conversation. So I think for blog post promotion, that makes it much more valuable!

I don’t know if I think about it consciously, but I would say that if it benefits my readers (something that would interest them that they aren’t likely to have seen before), then I share.

I share only the posts and links that I think will be helpful to my readers and that I’ve vetted, period. That means I’ve actually read them. And the only vendors that make it onto my Resources page, affiliate link or not, are things I use myself. I’ve watched fads and gimmicks come and go, and have stayed true to my belief that quality will trump quantity any day. People who want a straight answer from a trusted source follow my posts, ask questions, and open my newsletter at a rate of 85%. I run a business with a blog and the mainstay of my clients come from direct referrals.

All that to say that I can’t imagine doing business from any less than a place of authenticity and integrity that provides the highest quality possible in every aspect.

I have been reading your blog for some time and look forward to your Fetching Friday post like most folks enjoy their Sunday newspaper ( which is usually when I read it). I’m perfectly happy with you culling it, or any other part of your blog, down to just those things you belive are of high value to your readers. Makes it an even more prized resource.

I would be interested in learning more about this also. I use my tab to stay caught up with my reader but it makes it hard to comment and share links.

Hi Kristi,
Sharing valuable things or information is something we do when we show care for one another. Personally I only share things that are beneficial for others that I think would be a help for them or for a group/community we belong.
As for what I don’t want to share are my personal opinions that will lead to confusions and doubts, that means I never want to share that would make things more complicated.

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