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7 Must-Have Legal Resources for Freelancers and Independent Contractors

This is a guest post by Leon Harris.

Working as a freelancer sounds pretty great in the beginning: you get to set your own hours, choose clients, and virtually be the boss. And while this is definitely awesome, there are some potential drawbacks, as well, like hustling for work, juggling multiple clients, and having to pay for your own health insurance. Like any type of work, there are both challenges and rewards.

But when it comes to the legal aspects of running your business you may not know where to begin. Do you need legal services? What laws pertain specifically to independent contractors? And what kinds of legal issues could you face in the course of your work?

These are all valid questions and there are plenty of resources to help you find the answers (and services) you seek. Here are a few that every freelancer should check out.

1. SBA

The Small Business Administration is a great place to begin your search for legal advice because the site provides you with information on laws pertaining to small businesses, which technically includes the army of self-employed citizens and LLCs operating out of a home or shared office. If you’re seeking facts about licenses, permits, registering a business name, estimated taxes, W-9 forms, legal documents (contracts for work, NDAs, etc.), and more, this is like one-stop shopping that will help you to develop a base of knowledge and point you in the right direction.