7 Ways to Use Social Media for Blog Promotion

Every blogger wants to increase their traffic. After all, there’s no point of writing…

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How to Pitch to HUGEST Blogs

Note how in the title I specified the HUGEST blogs, and not just the biggest. I am talking…

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How to Improve Your Social Media Marketing in 2019 and Beyond

I distinctly remember a handful of years ago, when I was writing an article about social…

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How to Create a Perfect Social Media Landing Page

The social media landscape is changing and has been for awhile. Facebook is still a very…

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8 Social Media Tools to Monitor Brand Mentions

Your content strategy needs an update.

How do I know? Because we all could use a bit of …

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6 Ways to Bring More Traffic to Your Social Media


The competition is getting fiercer out there. Everybody and your Uncle Tom who runs …

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5 Strategies to Capture Readers That You Might Not Have Tried

Right now is the perfect time to reflect on the progress you’ve made this year, re-evaluate…

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How to Get a 62.5% Email Opt-In Rate From Facebook Ads With Custom Audiences

Achieve Higher Opt-In Rates From Facebook Advertising

Another buck down the drain.

You keep blowing through hard earned cash on Facebook Ads…

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