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The marketing jackknife that fits YOUR needs

There is a television show that was popular in the eighties, back in the day of big hair and pretty pink suit jackets on the cop shows in sunny Miami. The television show was MacGyver and was so popular with geeks, science buffs, and anyone who wants to see what a little duct tape and […]

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5 Strategies to Capture Readers That You Might Not Have Tried

Right now is the perfect time to reflect on the progress you’ve made this year, re-evaluate your plans as needed, and to explore new possibilities. Lately, I’ve been experimenting with different methods of attracting more readers to my blog. If you’ve been following Kristi for a while, you probably know the tried-and-true methods already, such […]


Learn How to Create Promotable Content [FREE TRAINING]

One of the best compliments I receive is that wherever people go when searching for online marketing information, they find my content. There’s two reasons for that. One, I write for a lot of blogs. And two, I promote the wazoo out of my content.

Of course, you can’t get great results if you are promoting content that isn’t all too impressive. So I’d like to let you in on the key things I do to make my content promotable and shareworthy.

In 8 Days to Promotable Content, a free mini-course, you’ll get a daily email with tips and tools to help you do the following.

  • DAY 1: Find the topics in your niche that get the most social shares, links, and top search rankings.
  • DAY 2: Target your content to the right audience that will help you achieve your goals, whether they are engagement, leads, or sales.
  • DAY 3: Create shareworthy headlines that get people’s attentions, tweets, likes, and comments.
  • DAY 4: Include others to enlist their help in promoting your content.
  • DAY 5: Format your content so everyone – including scanners – can discover the value quickly.
  • DAY 6: Optimize your content for search to get more traffic from Google.
  • DAY 7: Optimize your content for social to encourage visitors to share, share, and share.
  • DAY 8: Take it to the next level!

For those of you who have been asking about the launch of my first premium training course, you’re only a week away! Until then, get up to speed on how to create great content by signing up for this free training delivered right to your inbox!

Or keep an eye out on the main Kikolani mailing list where I’ll be doing an announcement soon!

Ps. I’ll be getting back to responding to comments shortly and back to a regular posting schedule soon. Stay tuned – the next post here is going to be killer! 🙂

Blogging Freebies

Grab a Copy of The Guest Blogging Survival Guide for Free

One question that I am often asked is how do I get published on so many of the top blogs like Social Media Examiner, Search Engine Watch, Search Engine Journal, ProBlogger, and others. So I decided to put together a little guide to guest blogging.


This free 8,000+ word guide will take you through the guest blogging process and show you how to do the following.

  • Find guest blogging opportunities.
  • Research topics to write about.
  • Connect with the right people.
  • Write the perfect guest post.
  • Create an author bio that sends visitors and fans your way.
  • Contact the blog owner and editor with the perfect pitch.
  • What to do after your guest post goes live.
  • Build a portfolio off of your guest posts.
  • Analyze the results of your guest posting strategy.
  • Additional resources to learn even more about guest blogging.

Continue reading to find out how to get your copy!