Why You Should Be Repurposing Your Blog Content

A major part of your content strategy probably consists of brainstorming new topics for blog articles, getting them written, and organizing them on an editorial calendar. Producing fresh content on a regular basis has become the norm for most websites, resulting in a seemingly never ending archive of blog articles, most of which become lost […]

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Words that Sell: How to Write Compelling Content for Your Business Blog

This is a guest post by Chris Warden.

I can predict – with great accuracy – the steps that nearly every offline business owner tries when bringing their business online: set up a website, begin blogging, and sign up for Twitter and Facebook. Sound accurate? Let’s take a deeper look at the blog. The problem isn’t knowing you should be blogging, – it’s finding topics that are relevant to your niche that won’t bore your readers to death. “Words that Sell” (patent pending), if you will.

As important as it is to stay on topic, you need to find ways to bridge the gap between providing information and attracting new eyes to our content. Unfortunately, even if you are advertising the best, cheapest, and most relevant information, services, or products, the reality is that people will simply not click on you or your website.

This is for many possible reasons:

  • If you are new, there is not much credibility and trust between consumers and your company.
  • If there are other well-known companies in your line of work, consumers recognize them over you and will give them their business instead.
  • And, very importantly, if you or your post is simply boring – unattractive, rudimentary, or cliche, people won’t click on it.

However, there are ways to change this.