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5 Tips to Highlight the Best Content on Your Blog

This is a guest post by David Kendall.

Not every post you write on your blog will be a winner, but that doesn’t mean you should stop writing blog posts that aren’t perfect. After all, you won’t find out what’s popular until you post it, and you need to keep your blog updated at all times. So, what’s a blogger to do when your most valuable articles get buried under newer posts?

Highlighting the best content on your blog is one great way to show off your most valuable content and entice readers to click from your “traffic-attracting” posts to the ones that provide value and make them a loyal reader. Here are five strategies for highlighting your best posts.

1. Use a popular post widget.

Wordpress offers a number of plugins to automatically display your best posts based on view count. You can display this widget in your sidebar or a widget box in your theme. Simply search the Wordpress plugins database for “popular posts” and you’ll find many different options, so you can choose your favorite.

One favorite of many bloggers is “WordPress Popular Posts” with over 300,000 downloads. You can use this plugin widget more than once if you want to configure it differently for each instance. For example, you could have a widget for your most popular posts in each category, or have separate widgets for the most popular posts in the last month and most popular posts of all time. Experiment with different settings and see what your readers tend to prefer: popular posts sorted by view count, comment count, or average daily views.