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15 Tips for Improvement for ESL Writers

This is a guest post by Denise Gabbard.

As an American and native English speaker, I nonetheless still make style or grammar mistakes in my writing. I can only imagine how confusing and difficult English must seem to those who grew up speaking a completely different language. I began thinking about this when one of my blog’s readers asked how they could improve their writing skills, and their difficulties with grammar and sentence structure were apparent.

Ordinarily, I suggest that people needing help with their writing skills read as much as possible and proofread their work aloud or have someone else with good skills look over their writing for them. Those things can help non-native speakers, but the tips below will give them a little additional help.

1. Write a blog.

Starting a blog and writing regularly can help you practice your skills, and if you have a grammar slip perhaps someone will gently point out a better way. This is a great way to hone your skills while interacting with your readers. Accept constructive criticism and make adjustments as needed.