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How to use Internal Site Search Data to Figure Out If You’re Giving your Readers What They Want

This is a guest post by Hannah Smith.

Whether you’re blogging for personal, professional or business; Google Analytics can offer a wealth of data – where your visitors are located, the search terms they used to find you, how much time they spent on your site and so on.

Trouble is, data in and of itself isn’t necessarily all that useful – how do you get from data to insight, and from insight to action?

Data’s great, but insight and action are even better – so today I wanted to share how to use Internal Site Search data from Google Analytics to figure out what content your readers want, and whether or not you’re providing it.


Well, internal site search offers a unique insight into what your blog’s visitors are seeking from you and whether or not they’re finding what they’re looking for. Step one – you’ll need to set it up (if you haven’t already done so).

How to Set up Internal Site Search in Google Analytics

Somewhat irritatingly, site search isn’t set up by default when you install Google Analytics – fortunately it’s pretty easy to set up.