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6 Practical Steps To Earn The Pro Status In Your Niche

This is a guest post by Jane Sheeba.

Only the pros always do it.

Be it six figure pay checks, screen shots of skyrocketing traffic proof, stunning product launches, amazing social proof, and wherever they go, they’re looked upon – the pros do it.

Why isn’t it easy to become a pro in your niche? Is it a “guru” thing? Do you have to drink some special soup?

Well, as it might sound such a thing of height, it actually isn’t that hard to become a pro. But ironically, the “pro” status should be earned and not acquired.

You should work to meet your business goals in an elegant way such that from seeing the value of the stuff you offer and the professionalism involved with your presence, people should automatically give you the pro card.

Ah well, it all sounds like geek advice, doesn’t it? And who likes advice? No one does!

Let’s get practical. Let me tell you the practical steps involved in earning the pro status.

Let’s dive in.

Find the Right Niche

When someone talks about online success, problogging and niche, most bloggers read that as “blogging niche”, as if there is no other niche available in the store.

I know why the “blogging tips” niche is so popular and attractive for aspiring bloggers to dive in. Before starting a blog (with the “make money online” mindset) any blogger reads a handful of blogs that are about blogging tips.

They get so involved in the subject, get to know a lot of theory and they start to think that they know substantial amount of information in the niche. That’s right, they know things. But they have no experience in the niche.

Right, I hear you now!

Should one have 5-10 years experience in blogging on a particular niche to become a pro in that niche? Certainly not! But you can’t fake it like a pro.

I’m not telling you that the blogging tips or internet marketing niche is bad. But if you’re just reading about blogging, then don’t start a blogging tips blog. It will turn your readers off.

For instance, if you write about how to get 100K Twitter followers while your own Twitter account has 200 followers, that’s gonna put the readers off!

So find a niche where there’s not much suffocation. Stand out with your writing and strategies you share. Be THE one (and not ‘one among’) on the topic you write.

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So You Want Traffic? This Is NOT Gonna Help

This is a guest post by Jane Sheeba.

Empty Road
Is your blog traffic THIS empty? (Photo by Jason Hines)

Traffic. It is the key to every blog. Bloggers need traffic, no matter for whatever reason they are blogging. Every blog needs just more and more eyeballs.

Traffic means sales, popularity, promotion and everything else a blogger needs. And gaining traffic is not so easy. You have to “earn” every single visitor out of hard work.

You could have read a lot about what to do to earn visitors for your blog. But there are certain things that you need to stop doing if you are serious about getting traffic.

The funny thing is, you get a feeling that doing the things mentioned below will give you traffic, but you are wrong. Let me explain.

Traffic Mistake #1 – Trying to Make Every Post Link Bait

Yes, it is true that link baits generate a lot of traffic. If you are not familiar about what a link bait is here is a little definition in my own words.

A link bait is a post which is usually a killer post (need not be a long post, but has some killer idea, tip or trick or is an indepth analysis of something that leaves you with loads of resources). Such a post doesn’t want you to beg people to ask to link to you. They get linked naturally.

Having lots of link bait posts is a great thing for every blog because your build links naturally without putting much effort (apart from writing such a killer post, of course). Isn’t that a blessing? Sure it is. But the point is, you shouldn’t push yourself too hard or kind of “be too hard on yourself”. Not every post you write can become a link bait. That is a fact, just accept it and let go.

Now I am not discouraging you here from trying to create link bait. You should indeed write a killer post always and give your best in every blog post. That shows your commitment and expertise as a blogger.

But sometimes not all posts turn out to be killers. You know, some posts happen to be even fillers and spoilers. But should you sit up and worry about that? I wouldn’t. You have to accept the fact with that post and let go and move on. There is no point in trying to make every post perfect. You know what? You cannot make a blog post perfect. There is a simple reason behind it.

“Perfect” is a relative word. When you make something perfect, it is just being perfect to you. It need not be so for me.

I know that it is tempting to write a killer post every day, but sometimes you can and sometimes you cannot. Sadly when you cannot do that and at the same time when you push yourself to do it, that turns out to be an awkward outcome. The result? You drive away your traffic.