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10 Ways to Increase Return Rates on Your Blog

This is a guest post by Laura Moisei.

Bounce rates are not a foolproof parameter for measuring exit stats and the effectiveness of your blog promotion. Even more important is the return rate, the number of loyal visitors that bookmark your website and constantly come back to spend some more time here. Do you work actively to improve return rates?


Returns can be monitored from the statistic of non-unique visits in your analytics, which can at times outstate the number of different people by two, three or even four. Say you have 150K views in a month out of which 80K visitors leave after the first page. That would make a bounce rate of 53%. But if you find that from the rest of 70K page views there are just 30K uniques, this is great news. It means half of your visitors have returned at least once in that time to check upon your blog. Sounds pretty nice, isn’t it?

When you manage to make people come back regularly to your blog, it means you have built your loyal public. It’s the sign that you are doing your job right as a blogger and you’ve won a king’s heart. After all, the customer is king, isn’t it?

If you wish to take action and motivate returns, you may need to adjust your content and the layout of your blog. However, less is more. The only tools you need would be:

  • Custom web forms. You’ll have people sending you messages and maybe file uploads, so fully functional web forms with appealing design are a must.
  • Social tools. It’s most important to synchronize your blog content to social profiles, so if you are on WordPress you might consider using Walleria or Sexy Bookmarks. Blogger too has a set of useful widgets for social sharing.
  • Web analytics. Tracking your results are key to knowing what really works.

So how to make people return to your blog? It’s every bit a work of perseverance and creativity. Here are some ideas you can put into practice.