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5 Simple Ways to Optimize Your Blog Posts to Generate More Traffic

This is a guest post by Mark Johnson.

Anybody writing blogs for business purposes will be keen to build a sizeable readership and achieve higher rankings in the major search engines. However, given the amount of online competition it will take some time and effort to realize both of these goals. The tips outlined in this article should give you a head-start when it comes to the online marketing of your valuable content.

Photo Credit: Matthew Hodgson on Flickr.

Focus On The Long Tail

You may well have heard that it’s important to deploy keywords in any written pieces that you produce. It may be tempting to use the first terms that come to mind. However it is actually worth concentrating on those relevant phrases which have relatively low rates of competition and search frequency. By sprinkling these keywords moderately throughout your blogs, it is possible to achieve a rapid search engine and web traffic boost. Online tools such as the Google Keyword Tool and Uber Suggest will prove helpful when it comes to the compilation of a comprehensive list. This should be referred to whenever you are generating blog posts in the future.