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Build Your Blogging Platform By Creating Scarcity

This is a guest post by Nick Thacker.

Photo Credit: Alexander Baxevanis

“If you want people to listen, you have to have a platform to speak from, and that is excellence in what you do.” – William Pollard

The idea of building platforms through blogging has been top-of-mind for me recently. Through social media, networking, and even print books, building a platform—especially online—has become much easier for our current generation of Internet marketers, bloggers, and other online creators.

The problem, of course, is that there’s a substantially lower barrier for entry. Anyone, with little to no money spent, can create a blog, a company, and a platform. The challenge for us now is not a question of how to build a platform, but rather a question of how to get people to pay attention to our platform.

For us bloggers, the truth is that there are about 200 million other sites competing for our readers’ attention. We have to do more and more to get someone to read our latest post, much less get them to sign up, leave a comment, or buy something from us.