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Why Writers Need Video & How to Do It Well in 15 Minutes a Day

This is a guest post by Sean Platt of Ghostwriter Dad.

A lot of writers make the mistake of assuming video isn’t for them.

This makes sense, were writers. We build our worlds with words not images, right?

Well, yes. But whatever future we’re writing for ourselves will need to be fueled with intelligent marketing, and video offers raw potential like little else.

I made the same mistake, but I’m not making it anymore. Video is already BIG, but it’s going to get BIGGER. Once Google finds a way to index video the way they index copy, it’s game over.

The Time to Start Learning How to Use Video is NOW

Smart writers will get comfortable on video before then. If you don’t develop the skills necessary to capitalize on video, you’re locking a lot doors for your writing career.

If the idea of doing videos makes you uncomfortable, I understand. The same was true for me. I recently recorded a metric ton of videos (over 60 in one week) and so my comfort level is now growing, but when I first started I may as well of been standing on my front porch naked.

Turns out, the cure for getting over your fear of making videos is to make over 60 in a week.

Video is good for you, good for your audience, and good for your future. The best way to get it done is to look in the camera and do it.