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How to Increase Reader Engagement with Images

This is a guest post by Steven Papas.

High bounce rate will get you frustrated as a blogger. Yours is more like a blog without traffic if you generate thousands of visitors a day that leave your blog the next second. When you must have gone through the design and customization of your blog to suit your taste, making money with depends, solely, on one factor, and its engagement stats.

  • How sticky is the blog?
  • How long do readers spend before closing your blog page for a more promising page somewhere else?
  • What determines this behavior and how can you turn the table around in your favor if it has been against you?

Unfortunately, finding answers to these questions sometime is a matter of running some experiment on your blog to discover and stabilize what works and get rid of those that don’t.


Photo Credit: Kristi Hines on Photostry

From experience however, I have come to discover that one of the most effective ways of increasing the stickiness of a blog is to use images. Yes, just every image won’t work, hence I will take time to show you how I do it myself.