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How to Build Relationships and Grow Your Blog with Comments

This is a guest post by Tune Seidelin.

Are you getting more traffic, than the server on your cheap hosting account can handle?

Are you getting tons of links from other blogs?

And do you have core group of loyal readers, doing everything they can to help spread the word about your latest content?

If not, then you’ve probably been pondering questions like “what am I doing wrong?” and “what are successful bloggers doing, that I’m not?”.

The problem isn’t your blogs design – you’ve probably spent countless hours (and dollars?) on it already.

And it isn’t the quality of your content either, that’s keeping success at bay.

No, there is one thing all popular bloggers have, that you don’t. But the good news is, you can get it too.

Nobody Knows About Your Blog

You might be wondering how I can be so sure, that it isn’t your content or design that’s the problem. And maybe your content does suck and maybe your design is horrible, but it won’t do much damage when nobody sees it.

The real problem is lack of people being exposed to your blog.

When people don’t know your blog, they won’t link to you. And without links you won’t get much traffic. And without traffic you will have a very hard time, establishing a tribe around your blog.

You’ve Been Lied to

But don’t beat yourself up about your lack of success.

It’s not because you don’t deserve success or because you aren’t working hard enough. It’s just because you’ve been doing the wrong things. And the reason you’ve been doing the wrong things, is because your assumptions about what it takes to succeed as a blogger are flawed.

And those assumptions didn’t come out of nowhere. They are most likely based on what you’ve been told by successful bloggers.

But you’ve been lied to…

OK, maybe you haven’t been lied to directly, but you’ve been working under the assumption, that if you build it, they will come. And that’s simply not the case, in today’s blogosphere.

You’ve heard all the big bloggers say that content is king and while good content is important, it doesn’t do you much good either, if no one read it.

No, there is another thing that comes before good content, that all popular bloggers have. But it’s not necessarily obvious to the outside observer and it’s not discussed in the open too often.