How To Become An Ethical Blogger

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Blogging is growing at an unprecedented rate. As this happens, the chances of corrupt blogging practices increase too.

Therefore, bloggers should be made aware of the do’s and don’ts of blogging, both, the new and seasoned ones.

Fulfilling this need, I bring forth a framework of the norms of ethical blogging to inspire every blogger, especially the newbie, to help become ethical bloggers.

Are you an ethical blogger?

Before even trying to answer the question you must be thinking what in the world is an ethical blogger?

Everybody reads about probloggers and hears volumes on professional blogging. Seldom do we talk about ethics in blogging.

I am not talking about the blogging etiquettes. They are important too. But ethics is more about what is right or wrong.

In fact, the basis of both, etiquettes and ethics of blogging can be very subjective.

Bloggers may define or interpret them differently. Just like the ethics and etiquettes differ considerably in different cultures and societies.

However, can we still come to a common ground of what’s right or wrong in blogging?

I mean what bloggers should do or should not do to maintain the ideal spirit of blogging, which is to genuinely help others.

(I hope we all agree on the premise that blogging is all about keeping others first.)

So, let’s start by understanding the term – ethical blogging.

What is Ethical Blogging

According to the dictionary, ethical would mean conforming to accepted standards of social or professional behavior.

Being ethical is to adhere to ethical and moral principles.

This imperatively means that the norms of ethical blogging will change as and when the standards and morals of blogging change with time.

However, for now, we need to define the present aspects of ideal blogging.

Few of the essential aspects of professional blogging, just like any other profession, are honesty and transparency.

Sometimes we need guidelines to remind us how to be honest and transparent in our profession, isn’t it?

Many professional services have their code of conduct for that purpose.

Ever heard of the Hippocratic Oath for doctors?

It clearly outlines the do’s and don’ts of the medical profession that should be remembered and practiced by all medical professionals.

This ethical oath has changed with time, and there is a modern Hippocratic Oath in use now.

It is not just the medical professionals, but different professionals like teachers, managers, scientists, bankers, journalists, social workers, and others also feel the need of a Hippocratic Oath for their profession.

Its main aim is to provide ethical guidelines and discourage people from malpractice.

Do you feel blogging also needs an ethical guideline?

A Hippocratic Oath For Bloggers

We all know that there are no eligibility criteria for blogging. Anybody from any academic, cultural, or economic background can become a blogger.

All bloggers are free to blog as and what they want. Since most bloggers blog to earn money, they try every way and everything in their power to earn a handsome income, passive or not passive.

When it comes to dealing with money, sometimes people get carried away and get involved in unjust practices that may bring them easy and quick money.

All good and professional bloggers know that blogging is not a get-quick-rich scheme.

Blogging involves intelligent planning, careful implementation, dedicated hard work, and sustained efforts.

On top of it, you need to build quality relationships, a positive image, and an expert authority reputation.

To accomplish this, you need to win the hearts of people and create a good impression on fellow bloggers.

The best way to do that is by following an ethical guideline and making sure that you are trusted and revered by fellow bloggers.

Hippocratic Oath for bloggers is all about the do’s and don’ts of blogging.

I’ve written a draft on my blog, and I invite you to read it and suggest any changes required.

There will be varied views, but I am sure we can meet on some common grounds and lay a guideline for all bloggers.

Let’s go on further and know the various ways to become such an ethical blogger.

Hands with fingers showing 5 ways to be an ethical blogger

5 Ways To Be An Ethical Blogger

In your effort to be an ethical blogger, you can follow the following suggestions.

Though, I am sure you are already a responsible blogger and must have implemented these recommendations as part of your blogging ways.

Nevertheless, I’d still want you to give me your feedback, so it helps the newbie bloggers.

1. First, Do No Harm

Though not a part of the original Hippocratic Oath, this phrase [First, do no harm] is often assigned and used along with it. However, for the influencing powers that bloggers have, it is of utmost importance.

a) Do not deliberately spread any information that can cause harm to innocent people. It should not result in the commotion that is mentally disturbing and emotionally traumatic for all or some readers.

b) Adopt tolerance and refrain from racist remarks or treatment.

The Blogosphere is a common ground where bloggers from different cultures, nations, and religions meet. They need to be respected for who they are and where they come from.

c) Never use any tactics with the aim to cheat people. Be fair and just in your dealings and promotions. Do not try to befool or mislead people for your selfish motives.

Blogging is to help, not hurt. This has to be emphasized because blogging is a powerful tool. It is capable of creating revolutions, spreading hatred, or running scams.

Ethical bloggers will never indulge in such kind of blogging.

2. Present The Real Facts

As a blogger, you are free to report your experiences and project your opinions. Most of your loyal readers are going to trust your word and believe it to be true.

a) If you review a product, plugin, site, or service – reflect your real experiences. Do not hide any fact and be frank about the pros and cons, so it helps the readers.

b) If you are expressing your opinions about any matter, let that fact be evident. The readers should know that it is your personal opinion and not necessarily a de facto matter.

c) Do not make false claims. First validate, and then write.

Present the real facts about yourself and your blog. Any false information will be deemed as an act of misleading and breach of trust by the other bloggers or readers.

It will be in your and your readers’ best interest that you state nothing but the truth.

If the truth in your blog posts helps the readers, you would not only gain repute and trust, but also word of mouth promotion by the readers.

3. Use Disclaimers and Disclosures

Your readers should know the motive behind your post or your authority on the subject matter.

a) Was your post sponsored by some person or company? If so, then state it.

Have you written a review about a product or service that you were paid for or received it for free? Reveal this fact to the readers in good faith. Believe me; your readers will begin to trust you more.

b) Did you use affiliate links in your post?

Well, it is not wrong to do that, and almost every blogger does that. Some reveal this fact in their blog pages like “Disclaimer” and “Privacy” or at the end of the post itself.

You can choose what best suits you, or devise your method of revealing this information.

c) Do you give advice on matters that you are not legally authorized to do so? Put up a disclaimer and suggest the readers to consult a certified authority on the matter.

Remember, prompting people to take the wrong action by providing misleading information may also land you in legal trouble.

Never keep the readers in the dark. If you are found hiding any fact or information, it will be a blow to your integrity as an ethical blogger.

4. Give Due Credit

How would you feel if somebody copies your post without your permission? Moreover, on top of it brandishes the post as her or his post! Not good, I know. 🙂

a) If you are publishing any information in part or full from any other site, you should credit it within your post in words or/and with a backlink to the source.

b) Even the images that you use may require attribution. If they do, then do not forget to fulfill their conditions of acknowledgment.

c) Acknowledge and respect the rules of the blogs you visit or comment on. It is all about following the golden rule of reciprocity – “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.

Duplication of content or using images without permission or due credit results in plagiarism and abuse of the intellectual property rights. Give what is due, and gain respect!

5. Standby Your Ethical Stance

If you have decided to become an ethical blogger, then stay determined to be so. This may not be an easy path to tread, but it is rewarding and satisfying.

a) Do not let your content or views be influenced by bribery offers of gifts and money. As an ethical blogger, you should stand firm on your policy of truth and transparency.

b) Understand and accept your obligation to fellow bloggers and readers of your blog. Always publish and promote what upholds the spirit of blogging and maintains the credibility of the blogosphere.

c) Invoke your conscience and inspire others to follow the right path. It is easy and tempting to tread the wrong path, but for ethical bloggers it is not the matter of money, but values that count.

Remember that your personal integrity is responsible for the credibility of the bloggers in general. Being an ethical blogger, it is your values that make you strong, important, and happy.

Are You An Ethical Blogger

Only you know the answer to this question. I hope it is a positive one. 🙂

Now, you know what it takes to be an ethical blogger and how to become one. If you are interested, there is more to read at the post about the Hippocratic Oath for Bloggers on my blog.

Probably you have more ideas and thoughts to share. The beauty of blogging is that we can cooperate and work collectively for the general good.

All bloggers need to be responsible for what they write. Accuracy and accountability will force them to produce quality content that is helpful, don’t you agree?

The medical Hippocratic Oath is not mandatory or legally binding for the doctors. It is up to the doctors to follow and practice it accordingly in their profession.

Similarly, the Hippocratic Oath for bloggers is not enforcing. You can choose and adopt what you like, modify it as per your case or circumstances, while maintaining the spirit of ethical blogging.

Let’s pledge to maintain high standards of blogging and be bloggers of integrity and value. Let’s be ethical bloggers for our readers.

Over to you –

Do you feel there is a need for an ethical guideline for bloggers? What more would you add as suggestions to be ethical bloggers? Share your experiences and views in the comments. Thanks.

By Harleena Singh

Harleena Singh is a passionate blogger bestowed with the title of "Commenting Queen" by her fellow bloggers. She is the founder of Aha!NOW life blog, which is one of the most popular self development blogs. She also offers blogging advice and consultancy at her personal blog,

39 replies on “How To Become An Ethical Blogger”

Hi Kristi,

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to guest post on your blog today. 🙂

I hope your blog audience likes it and deliberates on the subject matter.

I’m here to answer any question.

Thanks again – have a nice day ahead 🙂

~ Harleena

Hi Kristi,

So nice to be back over here on your blog and it’s definitely a pleasure to see Harleena here. Thank you for having her.

I actually love that Harleena, we need a Hippocratic Oath For Bloggers. I think like with any profession we can only hope that anyone we come in contact with or chose to do business with are ethical. So many people have been duped before and not only is it not right, sometimes it can be extremely hurtful.

I can honestly say that I am very ethical. I’m human though and I have made mistakes but I own up to them and learn from them. I would never go out of my way to be dishonest or hurt someone for profit. It’s just so not worth ruining your reputation over.

I like your five tips here and can only hope that everyone we come in contact with moving forward follows these rules.

Thank you for sharing this with us and I hope both you ladies have a wonderful rest of your week. I’m off to share this post now.


Hi Adrienne,

So good to see you here. 🙂

I’m glad that you feel a Hippocratic Oath for bloggers can be really helpful. I agree that things are really so easy when people are ethical.

However, people sometimes adopt malpractice because of the lack of awareness, force of circumstances, or they simply do not care if others are hurt.

The main issue for bloggers and internet marketers is as you mentioned, cheating or duping. I absolutely agree that sometimes it can be extremely hurtful.

I guess the mistakes we make are forgiven if we realize, accept, and improve on them. And we all make mistakes initially, so that’s perfectly fine. I’m no different and have made my share of mistakes. But I do hope this post helps the new bloggers avoid them.

I’m happy that you like the tips in the post. However, I accept that they may not be comprehensive and perfect. Yet, it can be a starting point for some.

Thank you for stopping by, we so appreciate it- and the shares as well.. You too have a great weekend ahead! 🙂

Hi Kristi,

Great to see Harleena here! I’m a stickler for ethics and Harleena has put it so well here. There is a code of ethics unwritten for bloggers. Here Harleena writes it down and it about time someone did!

We are bloggers for the greater good – i.e. we need to be giving information to others all the time. And yes, never forget the disclaimers!

If we get an idea from another blog say so. We can start off with I read so and so’s blog and made me think…. Giving that person the credit.

Of course, we cannot be pitching products. That is the biggest turn off.

Thanks so much Harleena,


Hi Donna,

Nice to see you here as well, and good to be here 🙂

You’re absolutely right – what I’ve mentioned in this post is nothing new. I haven’t invented anything but just compiled the written and unwritten rules that we as bloggers come to experience while blogging. I’m sure this can be improvised 🙂

Yes, I think it all comes down to delivering the right information and helping others. Bloggers do have a lot of responsibility on their shoulders.

Now, there can be varied views on what really qualifies as giving credit, how to give credit, and to what extent. Do you want to credit an idea or the extract from a post? Nevertheless, your idea is great and it is the good intent that matters, and I agree – always credit the person, you don’t lose anything, isn’t it?

Most of us want to benefit financially from blogging. But we need to need to know where to draw the line.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by here today, we really appreciate it. 🙂

I do not believe “blogging also needs an ethical guideline.” People should be ethical but their should not be some overarching blog standard. There are of course legal standards (varying by country and states…) that have to be followed (against things like slander etc.).

I understand the “do no harm” admonition of medicine. I don’t think it makes sense for blogging. We should be relatively respectful but I don’t believe we should even attempt to avoid saying things that someone might find annoying or objectionable.

Like many ethical stances delineating what is ethical for a huge area like blogging and then thinking about it globally gets enormously complicated. I think people have to determine what they believe in and then act on that basis.

I do agree you should credit those that deserve it. And I strongly believe most of us would benefit from more thought on how our behavior does and does not conform to what we say we believe and care about. And when you see you are falling short then take steps to improve your actions to come in line with what you profess to believe. By doing that you will be acting more ethically.

Hi John,

It’s good to meet you at Kristi’s blog and know your views. 🙂

Diversity in views helps to understand an aspect from different perspectives. In some ways, I agree with you that it might not be possible to have a fixed bogging standard for all. And I agree that people should be ethical. I guess the guidelines are only to help remind people in case they deviate from their path.

Yes the legal rules are really necessary and often they are sufficient. Moreover, ethics are norms and not hardcore rules. You may only follow what you agree with.

We all have the right to express, and the intention of being respectful helps to avoid hurting others. But I agree that sometimes we say or need to say things that may hurt others, and we can’t avoid that – the truth has to be out.

It’s not possible to keep everyone happy. It is good to have different opinions and express them, but it all depends, it’s difficult to judge, and its relative. But blogging can indeed be a powerful tool, and bloggers need to be responsible.

You’re right and I’ve clearly mentioned it in the post that the ethical norms are subjective and depend on so many factors. You may not have a fixed set of rules for all, but my intention was to create a common ground, and I agree there may even be differences on that. Blogging is ultimately subjective in nature and a lot depends on the bloggers and their beliefs.

Thanks so much for sharing your views, we do appreciate it. Have a great weekend ahead. 🙂

Give Due Credit

How would you feel if somebody copies your post without your permission? Moreover, on top of it brandishes the post as her or his post! Not good, I know. 🙂

This really should be the entire post!

Hi David,

Nice meeting you here 🙂

Definitely, this is a major concern and issue for bloggers. Plagiarism and abuse of copyright is bad. I really feel that it would help if search engines like Google create an algorithm that automatically takes care of this issue, what do you think?

Thanks for visiting and sharing your views, we appreciate it. 🙂

Hey Harlenna,
Good to see you here on Kristi’s home and thanks for mentioning your post here in your newsletter 😉

I think if blogging is a profession, there must be rules to guide it. Just like other professions you mentioned, there must be a way to bring order in the industry.

The difficult part is that it concerns the Internet which is that one thing that’s used by people from different cultural backgrounds and beliefs.

You need to be well trained to be a medical doctor. That applies to most offline professions, but the issue with blogging is that anyone can start it even without an idea what it’s all about.

If you know nothing about journalism, you’re never going to be given a chance to anchor on CNN. There are strict rules and systems have been put to place to apply them without errors.

How do you control bloggers?

There are laws guiding the use of the Internet, but that can only be applied in some regions.

Human beings are difficult. They make rules and while some struggle to apply them, some deliberately work towards breaking those rules.

I believe in ethical blogging because, like most of my friends, I’m ethical. Once you take an activity as a profession, try as much as possible to do what’s acceptable by everyone else in the activity. That’s simply being ethical.

Thanks for bringing this as a topic for discussion and of course, for laying down the rules. I hope blogging soon grow to be a well-controlled industry where bloggers all over the world agree on some points and take an oath to respect them 😉

Do have a wonderful weekend ahead, you both

Hi Enstine,

Good to see you here as well, and so glad you came through the link in the newsletter 🙂

I’m glad you feel that blogging does need some guidelines of its own. Of course, there are some unwritten norms that we all follow as Donna mentioned above. But you’re right that since blogging is a profession, which is taken up in a big way around the world, it’s time to create rules to maintain order.

That’s right, bloggers are sort of independent, untrained journalists, and there is no way you can control them. More so, this post is not about the use of the Internet or controlling bloggers but about learning to take responsibility and becoming better bloggers.

Bloggers need to take up these guidelines themselves even if no such legal rules exist. I understand that some believe that rules are meant to be broken, but even if the majority believes and carries out ethical actions and behavior, I guess the blogosphere will be in order and benign.

However, there may be a conflict at times over what’s acceptable and what is just in blogging for different bloggers. Some difference will always be there, and all we need to do is try to be as ethical and professional as possible, isn’t it?

As I mentioned in my earlier comments, these are just suggestive norms and not comprehensive or perfect. I think we bloggers need to develop them and make them such that they are meaningful and helpful to all. I feel this needs a lot of discussion and I’m so glad that you chose to be a part of this one.

Thank you for your take on this matter, we appreciate it. You too have a great weekend ahead! 🙂

HI Kristi,

Great post by Harleena here. This is my first time here on your blog and this post is extremely relevant in today’s day and age. As a blogger you need to be ethical and transparent in everything you do.

If not, it will catch up to you. Better yet Karma will catch up to you for sure. I like to do business with others who are open, honest and do not engage in shenanigans. I expect anyone I do business with to act in the same manner.

“Treat others how you would like to be treated”

If you do business the right way you will be commended for that. I think all bloggers should act in an ethical manner, but in business I feel this should be understood.

Thanks for allowing Harleena to share this post on your blog.


Hi Kurt,

Good to meet you here, and so glad you like the post. 🙂

I agree with you about maintaining transparency as a blogger.

You’re right, you cannot escape your Karma. And that’s the quote that truly applies here.

Yes, ethical blogging is rewarding, that is respect.

Thanks for visiting this post and commenting on it, we appreciate it 🙂

Hey Harleena,

Thus is a great idea and I think this would help the blogosphere over all.

I an ethical blogger and I’m always open to suggestions to become better at it. I don’t like to be left in the dark if I’m doing something wrong as well. I think letting others know when they fall outside of the code of ethics would be another good one to add. It would surely help us all in the long run.

These are excellent 5 tips that you shared with us. I really feel like I’m heading in the right direction after reading them.

Thanks for sharing Harleena! Have a good one!

Hi Sherman,

Good to see you here, and so glad you like the idea. 🙂

We all need to become better in blogging and it’s good to know that you consciously and proactively make efforts to do that. Awareness really helps and that is the main purpose of this post.

You’ve a great idea. I think bloggers should come up with their views on ethics in blogging and express what they think is not good. I hope someone will take the lead and write about how to know when bloggers fall outside the code of ethics.

Thanks for stopping by, we appreciate it. Do have a good weekend as well! 🙂

[ Smiles ] I like to consider myself as someone who is an ethical blogger.

As bloggers it is imperative that we give credit where it is due, because if we do not, it would look as though we stole someone else’s work.

Also, I like the part about using disclaimers and disclosures; most brilliant!

Every blogger should follow these rules, not just in blogging but in live. The fact that the most powerful blogs are actually big companies with so many people behind that, simply means that even a hobby blog should be taken more professionally, following some simple rules to be successful.

Hi Dave,

Nice meeting you at Kristi’s blog 🙂

I agree that rules are always helpful and its good if they are followed. The big blogs are more professional but even the small blogs have repute at stack. They should adopt the blogging ideals and ethical blogging is a part of doing that.

Thanks for reading and commenting on the post, we appreciate it. 🙂

Hi Harleena,

So happy to see you here on Kristi’s blog post and what a wonderful post it is.

I hope that all of the bloggers who are reading this post and even those who don’t will not cause harm to others. I am learning so much from you and am grateful to read this post today. I love the way you handle people and I have a lot to learn.

I am blogging about the things I am learning from my mentor and coach. I am fairly new to all of this and setting guidelines for bloggers is priceless. We want to inspire other bloggers with the right information. Values do come first. Yesterday, I got knocked down for being a newbie. There was no reason for that. He thought that my information was childish. I handled him with kid gloves and had some help from an influencer.

This is a great post and I am glad to have read it.

You both have an awesome weekend!


Hi Linda,

So good to see you here, and thank you for the appreciation and the compliments. 🙂

Blogging is all about helping the others, isn’t it? If we live this ideal, we’ll never do anything in blogging so as to harm others.

You’re right, in the blogging vocabulary, V (value) comes before M (money). I treat all newbies as budding probloggers. Even as a new blogger, you’ve certain qualities and skills that sets you apart, and your views are important.

A blog is a collection of different perspectives and none are disqualified. Glad that you handled that unfortunate incident.

Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts on this post, we do appreciate it 🙂

Before I started blogging I had no idea that people would blatantly pinch extracts from posts. I learnt the hard way when I found my work plagerised. I now use a copyright plugin.

I’d like to think of myself as an ethical blogger. I’ve tried to learn and follow as many of the unwritten rules as I could find over the past few years.

I think a well-publicised etiquette and ethics guide would be a good idea, particularly for newbies who can unwittingly make mistakes.

Although, there will always be those unethical bloggers lurking to spoil it for the rest of us that like to share our knowledge and experience for the greater good. We need to stand firm and wheedle out the scum by protecting and checking our content on a regular basis.

Hi Claire,

Nice to meet you here 🙂

It is imperative to follow the copyright rules and take permission from the author or blog owner before copying or extracting anything.

One should credit as per the requirements. I’ve to get after many site owners that pull up my blog content but do not enforce the copyright guidelines.

There may be more unwritten rules for ethical blogging. I think this should be a collaborative exercise where all bloggers should contribute to create a comprehensive guide.

You’ll find spoilers everywhere, but that should not deter the one on the right path, isn’t it? You’re right, the onus is on us to make sure that we follow the right path to inspire others.

Thanks for rendering so much value to this post, we appreciate it. 🙂

I think it should all start with being a decent human being. One who knows how to interact well with other people would have no need for an oat for ethical blogging. Do’t get me wrong though, I like that there is a call for something like this. I haven’t been really a part of any blogging community so I have no idea if there is a need for something like this, but I guess it should make sense in any community.

Hi Dave,

Good to meet you 🙂

I guess most of us are decent human beings but still we do need some sort of guidelines to help us not deviate from the righteous path.

It’s not only to be followed in a particular community but in blogging in general. Even if you are a solo blogger, you are a part of the blogosphere and the blogging community in general.

Thanks for your comment, we appreciate it 🙂

Harleena Ma’am,

Glad to see you on this site with a awesome and such valuable post.. It’s a great way to be a ethical blogger. I mostly just want to tell you how inspiring you are. Thanks for the valuable words.

You truly are awesome blogger! Thanks again

Hi Srimanta,

Good to see you here, and glad you like the post. 🙂

Ethical blogging is the way to go. I’m happy to help you with this post- thanks for the compliments.

Thanks for visiting and commenting here, we appreciate it 🙂

Harleena, I love that you have invented an oath for bloggers to take, and have posted it on your website with a link to this post.

Nicely done. 🙂

Smart, too. 😉

It’s great to see you back after your vacation as well!

Keep up the totally awesome work blogging, my friend, and doing your part to make the world (and the internet!) a better place. I’m with you on that mission!

Hi Lorraine,

Thanks for your understanding and support.

I’d be honest here that I did not invent the oath. It is based on an existing oath and I oriented it towards the bloggers. Even the ethical norms that I’ve mentioned here are already practiced by many bloggers and been discussed by plenty since the birth of blogs.

I’m glad you like it and yes, it’s great to be back to blogging!

Thanks for visiting, we do appreciate it 🙂

Hi Kristi,

Thanks for having Harleena here today.

Hi Harleena,

It’s so good to see you here and as usual, it was an insightful post, I learnt a lot.

I like the fact of having an Hippocratic Oath for Bloggers, that would make the blogosphere a lot more sanitized.

I believe it’s a step by step thing, the ethical bloggers did’ just get there overnight, it took constant work and perseverance.

Thanks again for sharing this awesome post.

Keep it coming.



Hi Dan,

Good to see you here, and glad you liked the post. 🙂

Well, honestly, the Hippocratic Oath for bloggers may not help substantially sanitize the blogosphere, but it can certainly help prevent more pollution.

Yes, it’s a gradual process as with time and experience the blogger realizes the importance of the guidelines and adopts them in practice. The more conscientious a person, the better chances of being an ethical blogger.

Thanks for sharing your views, we appreciate it 🙂

Hey Harleena,

Great post. But I did wonder what got you motivated to write a post like this. Did your detailed eye pick up on something. I do believe it is relevant and timely unfortunately.

I read through this with hungry eyes wanting to make sure I was meeting everything. At the end I thought it is all about how we want to represent ourselves. However when money is involved, it brings many people to the table for different reasons.

I am glad you wrote this, but sad that there is a need for it. Can I just say, if I thought I had done harm to anyone, my heart would surely stop. I think every bit of information we pass over, it should be done taking serious responsibility, even if the post is a funny one.

I find we should see it as a great honour in sharing information, so to do so carelessly is just beyond me. I know it happens, but it surprises me that people would let themselves down or don’t think enough about themselves to be flippant about what comes from their pen, computer or mouth.

Because first and foremost we owe it to ourselves to represent ourselves in the best possible light.

Thanks for a wonderful yet needed post.


Hi Rachel,

So good to see you here, and glad you liked the post 🙂

Rachel, I’ve never been a money blogger. All this time, I had just focused on following my passion and helping people. However, with the start of my new blog, I might be getting into the money aspect of blogging. That made me analyse money blogging as I wanted to make sure that I do not do any wrong and know all the right ways of making money through blogging. This is how I got the idea of writing a post on ethical blogging.

I’d never give up my ethics and principles for money, but you are right that some people eventually fall for the trap and mostly it is due to lack of awareness of what is right or wrong. We have to accept that there are all kinds of people with different beliefs, and for some going the wrong way is the right way. So, I guess having some guidelines acts as a deterrent for the new bloggers.

You’re right, responsibility and authenticity are two major elements of blogging that bloggers need to exercise while blogging. Yes, your work is your image and you will be a reputed blogger if you are an ethical blogger.

Thanks for sharing such wonderful thoughts, and we appreciate your visit as well 🙂

Hi Harleena

I Like the Hipocratic oath of bloggers. It would remind every blogger what is most important in blogging.

Blogging Standards are great and helps to level the field. As blogging becomes more popular, eventually there will be standards. However it is great Harleena that you are discussing this issue.

Thanks for sharing and nice to be here in Kristi’s blog

Hi Ikechi,

Good to see you here, and I’m happy that you like the blogger’s oath that I created. I hope it really helps all the bloggers. 🙂

Blogging is on the rise and with time you might need an order to reduce the chaos. Though you do not have to follow any rule to the tee because they would vary as per various factors, guidelines are always helpful, aren’t they?

Thank you for sharing your views and visiting this post, we do appreciate it. 🙂

Hey Harleena,

Really great post here.

It’s really interesting but there’s a real need for this post. And I’m so glad you wrote it.

Giving others credit is something I really agree with that I don’t see a lot of people doing. Whether it’s an image or post idea, it makes sense to do so.

This should be a mandatory post that all new bloggers and experience bloggers should read. Awesome job.

– Andrew

Hi Andrew,

So glad you liked the post and could relate to it. 🙂

Yes, I also felt that it was high time someone wrote about it, though there’s a lot more one can add to it.

True indeed – and I wonder what stops them from giving the due credit to those who deserve it, especially if it’s related to an image or post.

I hope this post helps convey the message to all bloggers, old and new to just remain ethical bloggers, overall.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your views with us, we do appreciate it. 🙂

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