How to Crush Writer’s Block and Rise Up Yet Again

how to crush writer's blockWriting is habit before an art. It’s hard to create something that’s artful without first building the muscle.” – Ann Handly.

Almost every writer has gone through this one phase when he can no longer write. The creativity in the head of the writer just gets blocked and he keeps staring at the blank screen or just sits holding the pen.

This one condition is called writer’s block.

Writer’s Block, a dread condition amongst writers. It’s a lockdown to their creative juices. If you are a blogger, the situation is even worse. You got to stick with a strict schedule and one instance of writer’s block will kill the appetite of your readers.

If you are suffering of writer’s block here are some simple exercises to crush writer’s block.

Causes of writer’s block

Before I write about the solutions that help you to crush writer’s block, let me explain some of the causes of writer’s block. Getting to know what actually has triggered the blockage of writing juice in you would actually help you to better fight it.

1) You are not prepared to write:

Mostly, bloggers (especially the ones that blog about current trends), have to write as and when news happen. This can be good when you write a short news article. But if you are writing your view on an event you need to be calm and composed. This is when you are prone to suffer from a writer’s block.

2) Fear of rejection:

Fear of not being able to make it up is worse than the improper writing itself. It makes you succumb to writers block. Bloggers fear about not being like their favorite writers and thus kill their own unique writing qualities.

Fear of getting rejection or non-acceptance from the readers makes the writer to stop trying even once. This further leads to not being able to write anything on the topic.

Overcoming writer’s block – Simple exercises to tackle writer’s block:

I have been a writer and blogger myself. And let me tell you I also have my share of writer’s block. I was able to overcome writers’ block by following simple exercises. I am going to share those tips with you.

1) Free write:

When I wrote my epic guide on how to start a blog and make money, I did just this. Having to write a strategic writing can make you go sick. Leave all your blog posts. Open a notepad or your text editor and start writing. Write anything you can think about at the moment. It can be what your dog is doing now or how the weather has been today or simply anything lie thanking God for being there. This is called free writing.

Writing something, no matter what, makes your brain feel eased. It will help you overcome the “fear of the blank page”.

2) Trick your brain:

Tricking your brain to becoming more productive can actually help you to write better blog posts. Do something that shifts your immediate focus on writing and rather shifts it to other technical stuff of your blog. You could change your theme to give your blog a new look (check out Elegant themes discount coupons to get new themes).

This can be proofreading your existing draft. You can use this time to check for old images on your blog to find new and appropriate ones. That is what Henneke Duistermat, the expert copywriter did.

When she was facing writer’s block, she started browsing her old photo albums and this act inspired her to come up with a post by comparing her cycling clips. The result was her popular blog post surviving a content marketing journey.

Similarly, I saw my blog’s content archive and came up with this guide to create a unique blogging guide on how to make money with a blog for beginners.

3) Do something completely different:

Go for a walk or simply cuddle your puppy or plant a tree. Many times, there acts of getting close to the nature can bring serenity within you. This is most necessary to help you focused and calm while writing.

I suggest you to simply spend some time with nature before writing a major project I have been practicing it often and I love the results.

4) Give yourself a hobby treat:

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Being an online blogger has a lot of pressures and you simply can’t get new ideas to write. Sometimes, a half completed project gets stalled due to writer’s block. It is at this time you should give your body and mind their much needed break.

Indulge yourself in creative hobbies. Paint a picture. Sing a song or play that guitar. Try baking the cookie that you saw yesterday on the cookery show.

These all are not time spoilers but the needed rejuvenating exercises to tackle writer’s block.

5) Get off your work table:

When you are blogging from the same place for quite a long time, you tend to lose the mojo. Moving off your desk is proven technique to cure writers block. Try out the open garden view or blog from your terrace.

Blogging from places with a common din like parks, cafes can also help you catch up that lost string of writing. As they say too much distraction is no distraction so believe me writing from a cafe with lot of noise can actually help you concentrate on your own blogging goals.

6) Motivate yourself:

Motivating your own self is far more important to online bloggers who are easily prone to online diseases like FOMO (Fear of missing out). This could cause anxiety and prevent you from writing further.

Checking out what other people have published and how your favorite “probloggers” write can sometimes make you feel insecure.

Most newbie writers I know develop a fear of writing saying how they can make it big with so much talent already in the field.

The solution to this serious problem is but an easy one. This exercise to cure writer’s block is really an exercise of the body and mind.

Find some calming music, a noise-free environment and start meditating. In fact, make it a daily ritual. It will help you beat writer’s block.

You can also motivate yourself by reading about someone who inspires you. Just go to Wikipedia and type your idol’s name. You can now get inspired to write.

7) Think different and stop fearing rejection:

Sometimes, the crave for being original (read more on how to avoid plagiarism) can twist your fortune and make you fear rejection. You don’t always need to be original. Sometimes taking inspiration from something that’s already working can make you repeat the success with your writing.

For example, content marketing geniuses like Neil Patel, have suggested time and again on using predefined templates for getting ideas to new headlines.

By using a template that already works make your chances of approval even more. Use this tip when the next time your fear of getting rejected causes writer’s block.

Over to you,

As someone who has overcome writer’s block, I can vouch for the effectiveness of these tips. You can use them when the next time you feel you have nothing to write.

Are there any particular tips you use to fight writer’s block? Share them in the comments section.


By Swadhin Agrawal

Swadhin Agrawal is a professional freelance writer, ghost writer and blogger. He also writes for offline prints and magazines. You can get in touch with him on his Freelance writer website. He talks about social media strategies and brand management for small businesses on and loves to write WordPress Tutorials. Connect with him on Twitter.