Get Listed: 10 Web Directories that Bring Traffic

Web directories still play a very important role in the online market today. They help classify different websites into different categories and also list them in an alphabetical manner to make it easy for the users to view them. Some directories group these website either by topic or by region which will help the websites get better traffic.

The directories use editors who help to sift through web content and evaluate the quality of a website before grouping it. They then edit the website’s description and title to better gauge which category it fits in.

All this information can be found within these web directories. You can compare a web directory to a database because it contains websites which are all grouped in categories because of their relation. Some directories have search portals to help users browse and search for keywords to help in searching engine optimization.

Relationship of SEO and Directories

By improving your website with quality content and sufficient keywords, you will make search engines to recognize and trust the content on your website. Web directories which have a higher rank will surely improve your chances of getting better traffic. Therefore, the better the web directories your website is listed on, the better your SEO.

Despite all these functions, so many directories have been penalized by search engines such as Google. Others do not have updated listings and are full of spam. This has made it hard for online users to trust web directories which has led to their popularity diminishing. However, some web directories are still credible and they still offer quality services. Here’s what to look for in online directories these days;

  • The best web directories should market themselves using social media or any other strategies and not only the websites listed. If a directory is well marketed many users will use it to search for online businesses like yours. You should research how well a web directory is marketed before deciding to add your website to it.
  • Quality directories do not accept all the suggestions it receives. If a web directory is business-minded it will take it time when approving a web listing. This shows they have quality editorial discretion. These kind of directories employ the use of human editors who are accurate and very competent. Take the directory as a resource where potential customers are looking to find an online solution to their problems.
  • Search Engine Optimization is important but it is not the only way to improve online visibility. If a web directory only offers SEO options then it will not be suitable for you. Google, one of the major search engines, has been penalizing many web directories because they have been considered of low value. In the past, many online directories would boast of having millions of websites as a means of promoting themselves. These kind of tactics are outdated and will put your website in risk of being flagged.

Here are the ten best web directories which are worth your money and are guaranteed to help your online business grow. These directories have been grouped into two categories to help you understand which one suits you. These are;

  • General Web Directories
  • Local Directories

General Web Directories

As the name suggests, these directories serve any website regardless of the service they provide. Whether your online business deals with construction or cooking or learning, one of these directories is a perfect place to start. They include:

Alive Directory

This is one of the highest rated web directories according to most SEO experts. With over a decade’s experience in the business, getting your website listed here will surely boost your online presence. It has about twenty thousand visitors monthly giving your website a chance to get easily noticed. They have a strict editorial control which limits the number of their listings ensuring on the quality websites get a chance to be listed.

All submissions are reviewed manually. They will also, edit your title, description and put your website in the proper category to increase its popularity. They only charge about fifty dollars annually for regular listings and about a hundred dollars annually which comes with featured links

Jasmine Directory

This web directory was founded in 2009 and has gradually become among the top-notch directories found on the internet currently. This is a human-edited directory which provides websites on a topic and regional basis. It is one of the few web directories which provide a review of different websites. If you want a review of your website you will have to pay a small fee which is refundable if the resources of your website are not in line with the guidelines provided by the directory.

The founders have stated that almost all the websites in this directory had been picked manually to attest to their accuracy and competency. Jasmine directory is organized into region and topic into fourteen categories. These main categories are then divided into sub-categories. Each category contains a full description and is accompanied by an image relevant to that specific category.

If you want your website to get listed, click on the category that best suits your website and you can also customize your listing by including your social media pages and contact information. A Google map showing your location will also be generated. SEO experts consider it one of the most credible web directories in the internet.

Aviva Directory

This directory was established in 2005 and has quickly risen to become one of the most trustworthy and popular directories on the internet. Despite being a general directory, it lists websites and blogs on a category basis making it very easy for users to navigate through them. Their traffic has grown steadily to about seventy thousand visitors per month mainly because they regularly update their lists which increases their credibility.

They provide quality articles which have created a lot of buzz online and has attracted a lot of links which makes Aviva stand out. They have a high quality editorial discretion and they charge about fifty dollars annually for a listing per link which also gets your site listed in a specific category and four more link o your detail page.

Best of The World (BOTW)

This is one of the oldest and most trusted web directories still in use. It was launched in1994 and has continued to provide quality services to its customers.

Like Aviva, BOTW, has expanded its business by specializing its listings in form of specific categories. In addition to their general web listings, they have country-specific categories, blog categories and even a locally-based category.


It was founded in 1996 making it one of the oldest directories you will find on the internet. It began as a B2B resource but has grown to become on the leading business directories.

It is a very easy to use directory which will house any website regardless of what service it provides. This web directory will cater for all your needs.

Local-based Directories

These are directories which are centered on the local market. They will help you find any businesses or services around your vicinity. They include:

Directory Journal

This directory is still fresh in the market but it has already started to create a large internet buzz. It has garnered a large following of about eighty thousand visitors per month so you can rest assured your website will be easily noticed. They have an expert viewer discretion which is partly the reason why their popularity has grown is so short a period of time.

They offer these services at about sixty dollars monthly which may seem steep but the service is worth every penny. They list their web listings in categories with the categories on season being listed as top categories. This website also offers the option to buy goods and services from their categories. Strive to get your website listed on one of these top categories as this is where most users will first search for information.

Bing Places

This is a Microsoft-powered directory that enables its users to claim their listings or add their new websites into the directory. Claiming your listing mainly involves an already existing website which had already been added to the directory.

Claim it by adding more information about the website such as adding images or contact information.

Google My Business

Although Google is a global business, they have localized their affairs through this directory. It will not only improve your presence in Google’s search results but also in Google Maps where your location will be specified.

They provide users with your website information, contact information and even your addresses.

This directory is best known for its ratings and reviews about most companies. If you are looking for quality goods and services, Yelp is the best place to start.

Here, you will not only find the highest-rated businesses but also, local businesses in your vicinity which offer what you are looking for. Suggest your website on Yelp for the marketing it provides.

Yellow Pages

This is the most widely known web directory with a large following all over the world. It is also considered to be the oldest directory on the internet. It began as a printed phone directory business and has now grown to be one of the best local business directories.

If your online directory was not listed in this article, that does not mean it is not among the best. From a different approach, it may be as good as the ones above. Any of the mentioned will live up to expectation.

By Kate Summers

Kate Summers is a social media marketer who recently embarked on a freelancing career. Now she is trying to figure out being her own boss and loving it so far!