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How to Get Testimonials for Your Business or Blog Using Twitter for Social Proof

Have you ever wondered what mentions and retweets are worth to your business or blog besides a boost in the Klout score? Tweets can be the perfect source of testimonials. Collecting them is easy, and publishing them is even easier.

Have you ever wondered what mentions and retweets are worth to your business or blog besides a boost in the Klout score? Tweets can be the perfect source of testimonials. Collecting them is easy, and publishing them is even easier.

What You Are Looking For

When collecting tweets as testimonials, watch for tweets from readers, customers, well-known people in your industry, mentors, and role models.

Look for tweets where these people are saying something good about you, your skills, your expertise, your content, your products, or your services.

If a tweet makes you feel like your hard work has been recognized and appreciated, then it should be one you save for future reference. Especially be on the lookout for tweets that share a positive result someone received from working with you, reading your content, or using your products.

How to Curate Your Best Mentions

Curating your best mentions while viewing your Twitter mentions on a daily basis is easy. Just favorite them. It’s a fast process that you can do anywhere. You can favorite a tweet in HootSuite.


You can favorite a tweet in the mobile Twitter app.


And, of course, you can favorite a tweet on Twitter itself.


You can access your favorites anytime on Twitter by logging in to your account and going to your Favorites.


How to Find Your Best Mentions

If you haven’t been doing this all along, you can still find your best mentions on Twitter. Simply use the following links and replace username with your Twitter handle. – Shows you your top mentions. – Shows you mentions from those you follower. – Shows you all of your mentions.

Depending on how long you’ve been on Twitter and how often you are mentioned and retweeted, you may not be able to load every single Twitter mention. You probably won’t have the time to go through them all either. This is where the top mentions link comes in handy – it just pulls the most popular mentions and retweets for your Twitter profile.

How to Use Tweets as Testimonials on Your Website

Once you have a nice collection of flattering tweets, your next goal will be to publish them. First, you will want to create a page that you can call testimonials, reviews, what people are saying on Twitter, etc. On that page, you will embed the tweets you’ve saved from Twitter using the Embed Tweet option on Twitter beneath your tweet of choice.


Then you will copy the embed code.


And paste it on your website. The result will be the following.

You can see what a page full of them looks like on my own What People Are Saying on Twitter page.

Why You Should Collect Your Best Mentions on Twitter

I shouldn’t have to explain to you how valuable social proof can be to your business or blog, or how real testimonials can help you gain blog subscribers and increase your sales. If those are not good enough reasons, maybe these will be.

First off, you might discover someone who tweeted one of your posts or complimented your business that you didn’t notice before. I was pleasantly surprised that Google Analytics actually tweeted one of my posts.

Second, everyone gets a little bummed out from time to time. Maybe you don’t feel confident about your writing. Maybe you don’t feel like your blog is successful enough. Maybe you are not making as many sales as you would like in your business.

Those are the times you need that little ego boost to get you back to where you need to be mentally to pick things back up again. Having these little bits of 140 character support in your back pocket to reference can be a great way to get that boost.

Last, but not least, it will help you see how much progress you have made in your business or blog. While perusing my own top mentions, I noticed I had very few mentions in 2009, some more in 2010, even more in 2011, and lots since then. Who needs a Klout score – that’s the way to tell if you have been doing things right with your business or blog.

What do you think about using tweets as testimonials? Please share in the comments!

By Kristi Hines

Kristi Hines is a freelance writer, professional blogger, and ghostwriter who specializes in business and marketing topics.

75 replies on “How to Get Testimonials for Your Business or Blog Using Twitter for Social Proof”

Awesome Kristi!

This is surely news to me and something I never really knew about!

Yes, we do use Testimonials we receive from our clients and other people on our site or blogs, but I never knew we could use Twitter for the same. 🙂 I enjoyed going through your testimonial page too, and yes, there are many I favorite but never thought of making a page of them like this.

Thanks for sharing with us and letting us know how we can go about it. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

Very interesting about the mentions. I just checked them out by replacing my own user name and it works. Very handy indeed, I will be using it. I like the idea of using them for testimonial purposes.

Hey Kristi – one more awesome post! I ignore Twitter for the most part – I don’t ignore it altogether but you know, I don’t pay much attention to it as I do with Facebook. Yet, Twitter manages to stay one among the top 5 referrals for my traffic.

And using Twitter mentions as testimonials is a cool idea. I’ve done that before but I was soon after lost in the process of going after those nice mentions. You’ve given some cool tricks to filter out the nicer mentions 🙂 Thanks much Kristi!

Thanks Jane! Another great reason to do this is it forces you to dig into Twitter more. The more you force yourself to love it, the more results you’ll get from it! 🙂

Kristi, I love this topic, and I love tweetermonials (as I like to call them)!

I do favorite some, but I never have time to look back through those… 😉

So I like to immediately screenshot them and then give them a useful name that reminds me what it’s a testimonial for and who gave it. Then when I’m ready to create a sales page or update the About page of my blog or whatever, I can take a quick look in my tweetermonial file on my desktop and pop in a few fresh testimonials.

I have to say this is my favorite way to get a testimonial now. It solves several problems at once —
It gives you a mini-head shot of your client built in, which is proven to increase conversions,
It shows they are a real person as their Twitter handle is displayed,
So people could go check them out and even contact them…
But you DON’T have to give them a live link, which is something to avoid on a sales page, anything that leads off the page.

Asking for testimonials via Twitter also keeps these brief and tends to make them concise and powerful. I even love the hashtags people will throw on them like #inspired.

At this point, I actively encourage people to tweet me any praise they’ve got vs giving me a LinkedIn recommendation or sending an email.

Great topic and post!

Thanks Carol! 🙂

You know, I did think about the live link part. I have been running into a lot of fake testimonials – one site even had my picture next to one with along with a fake name. This site faked everything – testimonials, purchased tweets / likes, using logos from brands that I’m sure would not buy from a company that promises writing services but can’t even write the testimonials in proper English. On the surface, it looks like an awesome company, but if you dig in just a little, you can tell everything is just wrong.

As far as the screenshots of tweets, apparently there is a tool you can use to fake them. Ray Hiltz ( shared this post and added a link to another ( that exposes a tool you can use to pull any Twitter account info and fill in a tweet of your choosing. The example is a tweet supposedly from Ellen DeGeneres saying to follow some random person.

So that in conjunction with my own fake testimonial experience has led me to want to use testimonials that people can easily verify on their own. I also copy my LinkedIn Recommendations and link back to my profile so people can verify they are, in fact, live and real.


Thanks so much for this post, this is such a good idea. I get hundreds of mentions a month and have really been missing s trick here.

Will definitely be implementing this soon.

Thanks for sharing!

I never thought about curating tweets, that’s a real nifty idea. Would it be a better idea to throw them in a sidebar grouped together or sporadically throughout a salespage (my fiance is at work and I’m the least design literate person I know)?

I’ve seen some people integrate them into sales pages, others who just create separate pages for them. The sidebar might be a bit difficult as you can’t resize them, so it would really depend on the width of your theme. You could probably do smaller screenshots for the sidebar and then link those to the page with the live tweets on them. 🙂

Hi Kristi,

I loved the idea of collecting testimonials via twitter. They are just amazing and are always legit for our visitors; our visitor can confirm them anytime they wish.

I think we should have a separate section on our blog too, where we can post our social testimonials. Loved this Idea.

Nice! I know there used to be a widget that would pull those onto your website, but one comment author mentioned that it didn’t work anymore. Do you share yours on your website or just refer people to your Twitter profile?

Cool, the way I’ve seen this used is to showcase the value of your email list. It’s pretty effective to provide social proof and increase conversion rates.

I would have never thought of getting review through twitter Kristi 🙂

Actually, the way you brought to light this option sounds very incredible indeed.

Thanks for explaining how to find your reviews!

The best part is you don’t even have to ask… people are much more liberal about offering positive comments about your work in a tweet than they are a LinkedIn recommendation or feedback form.

Very cool idea! Not only will I implement this for myself, but it will go in my “cool tips” for clients, too. This serves as a good reminder that we all need to be more proactive in giving tweeter-monials (as Carol said above) so that others can reap the benefits, as well!

Wonderful post! I’m glad I started doing this recently as per Carol Tice’s recommendation, but I wasn’t sure how to actually embed recommendations on my site. You’ve just made it 100% easier.

I don’t get too much Twitter activity but if I did, this sounds like a great way to get customer testimonials. I think its all on the presentation and if it is done right people can tell that person “X” is real, making the testimonial more legit.

That’s brilliant Kristi. I had no clue you could do this. I look forward to implementing this in the near future. By the way I keep running into very helpful articles that you have posted. Keep up the great work!

Hi Kristi!

I loved your article because it shows people an easy way to gather and share their best testimonials with the World! It’s a great way to build trust.

If you want to see an example of how this strategy looks like in real life you can go to this lading-page that I’ve created (part of a launch sequence) at

I’ll will keep a closer look on your work for sure!

Thank you,
Bruno Coelho

I like that implementation Bruno! I thought about doing a favorites stream like that, but I also favorite things I want to respond to later or read later, so it would be a little odd to see some of those kinds of tweets show up on my testimonials. 🙂

WOW – this was really good information about getting testimonials.

I get a lot of clients leaving me wonderful messages, but never thought to take advantage of them. Thank you!

Amazing Kristi! So simple yet didn’t think about testimonials in this way. I was always too busy with my regular routine to favorite or search for those gold tweets. Thanks again for pointing this out.


Thanks for this really helpful information. I especially like how you have showed us how we can embed these Tweets on your site. I’m going to use that on my clients site as well as mine!

Thanks a bunch.

Great tip Kristi, I have been favoriting many tweets that I save for future blog posts or to boost me when I’m down 🙂 Great idea to use them on a testimonial page. Thanks for sharing these useful tips with us.

Hey Kristi,

We all know the importance of social signals in website ranking, but if we can use these social signals to show our authority and brand. That’s certainly an added advantage. I think nobody would have thought about using twitter mentions as their testimonials. Really great thinking Kristi!!!

Great post Kristi. Although Twitter as well as Pinterest don’t have yet a feature that could enable your clients to leave a review (like LinkedIn) you should
use Twitter to showcase your testimonials. At the end of the day every customer praise counts.

My latest blog post features some of the examples how you can use Pinterest and Twitter to showcase your testimonials.

Hello Kikolani! This is an excellent post. I’ve been in network marketing for awhile, but have just started a blog and was wondering how to harness the power of micro-blogging sites such as Twitter to get my blog exposure. You offer many great tips here and I will be sure to put them to good use. Thanks so much!

Hi Kirsti,

Everything is fine, but I have a doubt whether general people are likely to treat these twitter testimonial at par with general testimonial. What I mean to say is that we are so accustomed with the usual form of testimonials that it might come as a cultural shock to us what you have to say about this?

Wow! mind blowing article you got here Kristi. I didn’t know you could do this on tweeter. I just tweet and tweet what I blog. I’ll try to do this after I wake up in a few hours. Just need to get some zzzs first. ^_^

Really true that, I have never thought of that you can use tweet as your testimonial, by doing this, it can really bring huge trust to people reading it and find out if the testimonial is really is.

What a great (and simple) idea for social media integration. Tweet-testimonials have already begun to pop up in some pretty prominent places, even on TV commercials, major web ads, and even movie previews! With their usage becoming more prevalent, it will become important if not necessary in the future to utilize Twitter in this way (I believe). I think this will help a great many people.

I never thought about embedding a tweet as a testimonial. That’s a great idea. From the looks of it, that makes the embedded tweet shareable from the page it’s on which is even better.

Great resource, it is very useful. Yes, indeed real testimonials helps to gain blog subscribers and increase to sales. Thanks Kristi for this wonderful info and tweeted 🙂

Awesome, awesome post. This is such a great idea. I’m still new to developing my brand on Twitter but once things get going I’ll be sure to do this. Probably better that way since I can add them as they come. Not much for me to sift through yet :-).

Thanks for the great tip!

I have received numerous testimonials on Twitter, as per my niche majorly based on Twitter. A major part of time get used in browsing the twitter and my following list. I have been following the trends over Twitter, and believe me your tips have really made my days.

Keep writing the awesome content! I hope one day I will also get the same reputation. 🙂

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