Is Your Website Secure? Here’s What You Need to Be Doing

Cybersecurity has been a hot topic lately. The rising dependence on technology comes with an increased risk: Anything can be hacked and important private data can be stolen.

According to Aura, a digital security platform, every 10 seconds someone becomes a victim of identity theft or fraud.

Is your site secure? A major malware attack can damage your reputation and result in your site visitors’ information to be stolen. And let’s not forget about your legal responsibilities. There have been thousands of lawsuits against website wonders who failed to protect their users’ privacy.

The risk is real, and here’s what you need to do:

Protect Your Site Users’ Right for Privacy

Since The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) took effect in May 2018 in the EU, brands have been required to build privacy settings into their digital products and websites.

Since most digital brands are global, not just EU business are affected.

What to do?

  • Think twice before emailing your list. Do you really have their consent to send them emails? It has always been a standard practice to grab your whole database of past customers’ emails and include them on your optin list for further deal and product updates. With the new regulations taking effect, you may find yourself risking fines when using your old email lists. Even emailing past customers to encourage them to optin seems to put you in a grey area. So instead of using a questionable list, find other ways to reach those old customers of yours. For example, using that old email database to create a new custom Facebook Audience and putting your brand in front of them through Facebook Ads is a much safer tactic.
  • Finally and obviously, tweak your privacy policy and settings for GDPR compliance. Here’s a nice list of WordPress themes that are GDPR compliant. Here’s also a solid list of lead generation hacks for ecommerce.
  • Finally, if you are using third-party services to manage your list, make sure that email marketing company understands new rules.

Switch to HTTPS (If You Haven’t Already)

In every walk of life, people are ensuring we are kept ‘warm’ by securely dealing with messages. Whether it be a simple technique (such as talking in back slang, if anyone remembers those days), or a highly complex mathematical algorithm for data transfer, there are ways of encrypting our messages.

Look at the address bar in your Internet browser. It should read something like:…

Let’s focus on the first, ‘http’, section.

HTTP, or Hyper Text Transfer Protocol, governs rules surrounding data transfer online.

So, it states how the two computers will connect, what speed to transfer files, as well as a whole host of error-checking techniques. But, something that HTTP does not do is encrypt data.

So, if no-one is encrypting the data that’s exchanged, how do we know someone isn’t reading everything we send? It’s not much of a big deal with most things (e.g., Google searches, and suchlike). But, say if I submitted my banking details and someone was intercepting that. Now, we have an issue.

But, we also have a solution: HTTPs.

The ‘S’ is for “Secure”. HTTPs is, put very simply, a secure version of HTTP. And it’s not the new thing; the majority of websites are now using it to protect you and your data. It encrypts information, thus making it harder for the bad guys to steal!

What to do?

Switch to HTTPs protocols now! It is easier than you may think! In fact, there’s a plugin that makes the switch easy. You are welcome!


Whatever you do, there’s always an increased risk that your site may be hacked. If Facebook cannot fully protect itself from a hack, how can the rest of the world?

The key here is to be able react fast and fix any issues immediately.

Keep and eye on your traffic, outgoing links, social media complaints from users. Always be ready to clean up the site as quickly as possible.

What to do?

Register your site with Google’s Search Console. Google is maintaining an active blacklist of hacked websites and it will notify you immediately once yours seems to be affected. It is the fastest service out there!

Use Finteza to keep an eye on suspicious bot traffic or weird incoming activity. Finteza has a smart algorithm of analyzing your traffic and identifying potentially risky clicks and will notify you of any weird spikes or possible attacks:

bot traffic


The Internet has blessed us with lots of opportunities. These days everyone can start a global business or become a reporter. Thanks to the Internet, everyone has a voice.

Yet, the Internet has also brought some insecurities into our lives. Whenever we register a new account online or publish a new photo, there’s always a risk this information may be released into the world.