Call center services are the backbone of your service reputation

Are you the owner of a brand new business? If so, there are certain factors that you need to keep in mind. One of the most important things that will quickly guarantee the success or failure of your business is your reputation – positive or negative – in the area of customer service. If you […]

Blogging Strategy

70+ resources on how to start a WordPress blog

One question we hear quite a bit is how to start a blog.  Yes, even in this day and age, that question is still asked. But, that is good, isn’t it?!  That means that people are exploring their creative skills and desiring to develop them further.  Yay! First things, first There are quite a few […]

Blogging Marketing

3 tips to recreate your website and drive traffic to your corner of success

You look around and you see that times are different. The soup line has become popular again. You are thankful that you have not had to resort to it personally, but you see that there are those who could benefit from a bit of kindness and some available cash assistance. It seems that regardless of […]

Social Media

Live-Streaming Tools – Which is the Best for Marketers?

When live-streaming first entered our Internet world back in the early-to-mid 2000’s, it was really a tool for individuals’ personal use. Today, live-streaming is a very different tool – one that can be used by marketers in engaging and very effective ways. And being able to record in HD and stream in Wi-Fi or 3G […]


This is Marketing On the Cheap

I started my company on a shoestring and by instituting the simplest, cheapest and most effective marketing campaign in the world. My “Thank You Marketing Campaign” as I have since named it, faithfully served—and still serves me—in the most abundant way. I’ll tell the tale but, know this: Marketing boils down to value. You value […]