7 Reasons You Might Never Become an A-list Blogger

This is a guest post from Onibalusi Bamidele, a young entrepreneur with a free guest blogging guide for more on how to get traffic and build your brand via guest blogging.

There are different types of bloggers with various levels of success. We have the average blogger and the super-successful blogger (often called the A-list blogger).

Many new bloggers think becoming an A-list blogger is all about writing content and promoting your blog. There is more to it than that, and there are reasons why many people will NEVER be more than average. The following are 7 reasons you might never be an A-list blogger.

1. You Don’t Manage Your Time

One thing I noticed from observing many successful bloggers is that they effectively use their time. A-list bloggers don’t spend every minute of their day on Twitter or on doing things that don’t matter.

One major problem I noticed among most new bloggers is that they obsess and waste their time on things that don’t matter. Time is very important and it waits for no man. It doesn’t help spending every minute chatting with friends or checking your stats. It is also of no importance checking how many new comments you’ve gained every minute.

A-list bloggers manage their time wisely and they only focus on what matters. You’ll hardly see A-list bloggers checking their stats 10 times a day or tweeting every now and then, but they rather spend their time on what brings results, such as creating new content, promoting their blog, and developing their own products.

Lesson: Manage your time wisely. Focus on what matters, not on what doesn’t.

2. You’re Not Disciplined and Consistent

Another reason many bloggers will never be an A-list blogger is because of their lack of consistency, they do things anyhow they want. If you take a look at highly successful bloggers from Darren Rowse to Brian Clark to John Chow and others, you’ll notice they have one thing in common and that one thing is consistency.

Being an A-list blogger isn’t as easy as many people think and one reason I so much envy A-list bloggers is because of their high level of discipline and consistency. I was so amazed when I read that Darren has been writing on his blog every single day for more than 5 years. Tell me, how will someone like this not be successful?

Being an A-list blogger is not only about you doing what you want. You sometimes have to do things you don’t want. You have to go out of your comfort zone and maintain a high level of discipline. You might not find it easy writing consistently but you have to do it for the sake of your success.

Lesson: Define your goals and how you will go about it. Always be consistent with it.

3. You’re Always Pissing Off Your Readers

Some people will never be an A-list blogger because of how they treat their readers. A-list bloggers are highly successful because they have a lot of readers, but one thing I noticed about them is how they treat their readers. They treat each and every one of their readers with respect.

Your readers are the building block of your success and you shouldn’t treat them as if they don’t exist. You should treat them as if they are a major part of you. One major way to make sure you don’t piss your readers off is by getting and acting on feedback from them.

Lesson: Listen to your readers, and treat them with respect.

4. You Don’t Have a Specific Niche

A-list bloggers are A-list bloggers because they’re respected in their niche. Some people won’t be an A-list blogger because they lack a niche. We know Darren Rowse as an A-list blogger in the blogging niche, Brian Clark as an A-list blogger in the copywriting niche, and Leo Babuta as an A-list blogger in the personal development niche, but we are yet to see an A-list blogger in all niches.

You can’t be an A-list blogger by being a jack of all trade and master of none. You have to be a master of one trade. Try to find the niche that fits you best, adjust yourself to it and work on making yourself the best in that niche.

Lesson: Focus on being the best in one niche.

5. You’re Not Analytical

A-list bloggers are highly analytical, and when I talk about being analytical I am not talking about being addicted to stats. A-list bloggers easily spot opportunities and make the best of them.

Many new bloggers just visit the blogs of the A-list bloggers and copy and paste everything they see. A-list bloggers don’t use elements on their blogs because every other person uses it – they analyze and test everything to make sure it works for them.

Another great thing about A-list bloggers is that they easily spot and capitalize on traffic sources. I’m not talking about the highest traffic source, but the best. Anytime an A-list blogger notices traffic from a particular source and they see that the traffic is quality traffic, they will work on getting more traffic from that source.

Take a look at ProBlogger, for example. He noticed the importance of building a mailing list (that’s part of being analytical) and he capitalized on it, he’s not just building a list because others are, but because it is working for him.

Lesson: Don’t follow the crowd. Test and use what works for you.

6. You’re Not Focused

Lack of focus is another major reason why many people will never be an A-list blogger. Highly successful bloggers don’t rush things together, but they spend time to find what works and then focus on it. You don’t necessarily need 10 blogs before you can succeed. Instead, you can focus on making one a huge success. Even if you see A-list bloggers having more than one blog, it is usually because they’ve made the earlier ones a success.

A-list bloggers don’t just work on a project for two days and then quit in the name of not getting results. They work and focus on one project until they get results.

Lesson: Having one blog that brings result is better than having 10 blogs that don’t.

7. You‘re Not Patient

If you have all the above traits and you don’t have this one, you’ll never be an A-list blogger. Not only are A-list bloggers wise, they’re also very patient.

Most new bloggers start a blog with the hope of getting rich overnight, then they later quit after months of not seeing results. Some bloggers have been in this space for years, and if there is one thing you can learn from them it is that he is a great example of patience. You shouldn’t quit at every challenge. You should give your blog a lot of time to see if you’re on the right track. Many people quit when they’re almost successful – keep on trying and waiting until you get results.

Lesson: Lack of patience won’t get you anywhere. To be highly successful, you have to be patient.

What Do You Think?

Which of the above mistakes do you think is most common among new bloggers? What do you think about this post? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.

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  1. says

    I think I’m doing quite well actually after reading through this, the only thing I need to do now is carry on writing, sit back and watch the views roll in… lol

    Good tips though, especially about not pissing off readers! I’ve deleted rss feeds from some blogs because of that
    Joe just posted Truck Tuning

  2. says

    Really great post! Moreover it’s written by a 16-year-old entrepreneur.
    Thanks Onibalusi, you just inspired me and motivated as well :)
    7 points above are not simple, but the hard-workers and smart people are able to achieve them.

  3. says

    I may not want to be an A-List Blogger, because then you sort of paint yourself into a corner when it comes to others expectations. People will come to expect that you put out content on certain days, quality of content and so on. You basically made a new “Job” for yourself, and when I start traveling I’d rather not be tied to my keyboard. but rather post when the time calls for it.
    Larry Clark just posted Income Report for August 2010- Niche Profit Course and ReviewAzon

  4. says

    What do I think? I think I congratulate on another spot-on article. Nothing much to add except to become a-list blogger, you need to connect with fellow bloggers in your niche and create a following via social networking sites.

  5. says

    Excellent post :)
    I know I have intentionally done many things to prevent and block my success sometimes we can be our own worst enemies, but I would of rather done that then turn into some fake jerk selling crappy products :)
    Now I can make some adjustments and cash in :)
    Young man you are everywhere :)
    @Kristi You popping that A List right about now :)
    Like the way you styled and presented the Guest post
    To all your success @ All Bloggers :)

  6. says

    really great points , i do believe i the power of managing the time and being so organized cause that will make you later enjoy every single moment while you know already your plan ! the focusing point is interesting for sure as well as giving importance to readers and sharing well and communicating with them !!! well done , great post :)

  7. says

    It seems that patience is the overriding factor on all of the other items. We can test, survey the results and then adapt the blog. But if you don’t wait long enough to validate the change . . .

    Finding a niche takes a lot of discipline. Is it too broad, too narrow, too personal and not marketable? Time will tell. Again, patience.

    Thanks for bringing that into focus Onibalusi.
    Gib just posted Top 10 Places to Have Thanksgiving Dinner

  8. says

    Wow, that’s a very insightful post for a 16-year-old writer! I agree with all the points, but also must say that sometimes spending your time in Twitter is not necessarily wasting your time, if you use Twitter as part of social websites strategy to attract and communicate with your readers. If you have good list of interested followers, you can update them on new posts, and that will drive traffic to your website.
    Stacy just posted Inquiry Essay

    • says

      Yeah! Thanks so much for the compliments.

      Spending time on twitter isn’t bad, at least it still sends the best type of traffic to my blog. What I’m trying to say is that you shouldn’t be on twitter all day, your time can be spent doing something more important.

      I believe everything should have a limit :)
      Onibalusi Bamidele just posted The Constant Battle of Monetizing a Blog

  9. says

    Insightful post here! I think the biggest challenges are definitely #1 and #5. There are so many regurgitated posts out there, it’s frankly quite shocking! The best blogs definitely convey a certain “voice” that appeals to readers. There’s a level of depth and unique thought there. It can also definitely be hard to resist the temptation of checking email and comments compulsively, ha ha, but we must soldier on and set our sights on producing unique and relevant content, don’t we?

  10. says

    I am really missing a lot of things out! I am very far from becoming an A list blogger. Thanks for the above pointers, I think I can use them as my day to day checklist or at least, I will try to follow or incorporate some of it little by little.
    Ron Leyba just posted Video Game Testing Jobs

  11. says

    Time management is the number one, along with patience. From a professional point of view, getting clients and ourselves to put aside and effectively use time for successful blogging is a challenge.

    Then there’s the patience required to know that if you produce quality content on a regular basis it will happen – but it won’t be overnight.

    From a personal point of view, having a really tight niche is MAYBE where I let myself down. I focus on a topic, but not a topic within a topic. Maybe I should!

    Good post, thank you very much!
    Ben Greenwood just posted Google Instant Preview – How Does It Affect SEO

  12. says

    Hi Oni,
    I think patience is the one virtue that will help people the most. Most people have short attention spans and want instant results. However, in blogging it can take several months before your blog really takes off and you see results. Many bloggers give up before that time, and may have even been on the cusp of success. The other traits are easier to learn as long as one has the patience and persistence to stick with their blogging adventure.
    Richard just posted How to Make Money on Twitter

  13. says

    Onibalusi, I’m a big fan of yours… The problem with me is I thnk I’m not Disciplined and Consistent, I loved so much things and wants to a blog on all of them.. So, this is really a problem in my blogging career.. I wants to solve it, but don’t know how..
    Arif Nezami just posted Make Your WordPress More Secure

  14. says

    I know two well known blogs by A-list bloggers with tens of thousands of RSS feed subscribers that don’t have their own domain name and template blogs. It’s probably the same basic blog template they set up years ago and when you first see their blog it definitely doesn’t say “warning you are entering the zone of an A-list blogger”. But these two are big exceptions. Every other A-list blogger I’ve come across has their own domain name and a unique blog design which makes them look professional.
    IslamInsideTheHeart just posted Download Islamic Calendar 2010 Based One Ummul Qura System!

  15. says

    It’s really hard I know I have friends who struggle daily with their blogs. It’s sad to see them spend day’s on their site not to see any traffic but most of them don’t get out there and expose their site. Even if you spend 24 hours a day if you don’t work in all other areas you won’t get anywhere gotta spread out your resources! Thanks for the great tips!
    Shala Emmerson just posted Game Tester

  16. says

    Hi Onibalusi thanks for enjoyable reading. I agree on all the seven findings you mentioned.

    And maybe I would add 8th finding: You are not unique enough – Lot of bloggers look up to other successful bloggers so much that they are trying to be like them, they are trying to write the same way and focus on the same topics. This is definitely not the way how to become an A-blogger.

  17. says

    Right on! This is a great read and a solid list of tips for any blogger, no matter how long you’ve been at it.

    I would add that like testing and knowing when to capitalize on traffic are vital to success, making face-to-face connections is also very important too. Get out from behind the screen and meet people. Go to conferences where A-list bloggers hang out, go to where your readers are at and listen to them, talk with them, learn from them. Besides, doing those things, you also have to be willing to fail in order to be A-list blogger. Fight the fears and follow your dream!

    Thanks again for writing this post 😉
    Chris Catania just posted Livestream Event- My Chemical Romance Chats Live with Fans- Talks New Album

  18. says

    Hello…I am here from lawmacs.com. Excellent post. I have learned a lot from your your reasons. I will surely keep it in my mind. Thanks again. Keep writing :)

  19. says

    Great post Onibalusi. After reading your article and some of the comments above, I think that there really should be 8 reasons and not 7. The 8th would be not paying attention to number 1 – 7 :) In particular, there is something you said that might have been overlooked by some and I would like to further enhance its importance and that is “Having one blog that brings result is better than having 10 blogs that don’t.”. Very true. Something like “10% of 100 than 100% of nothing”. Thumbs up.
    DiTesco just posted 4 Tips On How to Blog While You Travel

  20. says

    You are so young but if you wrote this post yourself – my respect! I guess in future you’ll get in A-list if you aren’t here yet.
    I agree with the point about respecting your readers and commentators. I don’t understand blog owners who visit their blogs from time to time and don’t approve the comments. respect other people and people will respect you. And your goal – A-list – will be achieved.

  21. says

    Hi Onibalusi! I think I need more patience to become an A list blogger. Sometimes, we will be easily get frustrated when we do not see any result from our effort. We should give more time to ourselves to see the result. Thanks for your sharing Onibalusi! :)

  22. says

    Actually, I’m not so sure about the pissing off the readers point. Most bloggers I know don’t intentionally go around pissing off their readers.

    As for the A-Listers, the reason they don’t piss off their readers is because they hardly ever interact with them in the comment section.

    Some of them are also pretty arrogant, not so much on their blogs as on some blogs they comment on. Not all mind you, just some.
    Sire just posted Procrastination And How It Can Cost You Money

  23. says

    I think #2 applies to most new bloggers; lack of discipline and consistency. Newbies are full of enthusiasm when they start, then get diverted onto other money-making projects, when that doesn’t work they try something else. Eventually they may get back to blogging, but realise that they need to stick at it for everything to work out.
    John McNally just posted What are STARS