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How to Use Keywords When Writing a Blog Post

Search engine optimization is easy. All you need to do is use automated software that launches popular keywords, so you can include those words and phrases into your content, right? Wait; it’s not that easy! You need a strategic approach that combines diligent research, audience scanning, and setting specific goals for each piece of content […]

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The secret to creating magnetic, high-traffic blog content

It’s not easy to write a viral post on a blog. And competitors are continually complicating this task with their efforts to promote content and advertise their brand – drowning your content out. You can still become a leader if you avoid copying others and use your creativity. In this article, I’ll share the secret […]


Kinsta managed WordPress hosting review

Every business owner, freelancer and community organization understands the power of a website. You can communicate important information, encourage discussion and engage in e-commerce. And every website needs a home – called a server. Servers can be maintained by an individual with a laptop and an internet connection, or they can be managed by a […]

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5 Questions To Help You Write Better Blog Content

Every author who creates or manages a blog has heard the saying: “Content is king!” That’s probably because every marketer and marketing influencer has regularly repeated the phrase for years. And that’s because in the age of digital marketing, it’s absolutely true. Most bloggers are passionate about creating great content – that’s why they started […]

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70+ resources on how to start a WordPress blog

One question we hear quite a bit is how to start a blog.  Yes, even in this day and age, that question is still asked. But, that is good, isn’t it?!  That means that people are exploring their creative skills and desiring to develop them further.  Yay! First things, first There are quite a few […]

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3 tips to recreate your website and drive traffic to your corner of success

You look around and you see that times are different. The soup line has become popular again. You are thankful that you have not had to resort to it personally, but you see that there are those who could benefit from a bit of kindness and some available cash assistance. It seems that regardless of […]


5 Reasons Why You Should Use A Free Course To Turn Your Blog Subscribers Into Customers

From stranger to email subscriber to loyal customer… It’s an exciting process to nail down, especially if you’re looking for new ways to optimize your blog website and turn it into a more profitable endeavor. But here’s the thing: There are so many ways to start monetizing your blog that it can be frustrating to […]

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7 Ways Your Blog Can Land You A High Paid Job

You probably didn’t start off your blog with the intent to hit it big. You likely put together a blog as a way of getting your thoughts and feelings out to the world. The truth is that often times, blogs may start off small but have the potential to hit it very big in a […]